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My new creature: The Loloom
« on: March 26, 2006, 10:38:42 am »
i was eventually succumb into doing this anyway

Physiology: The Loloom are warm-blooded marine/avian vertebrae weighing in at an average of 12 pounds. Their bodies, including their tail, are about 4' long, and they have a wingspan of about 8 feet. They have four tentacles, three eyes and a small mouth with dull, bovine teeth.  The Loloom worked their way into being an extremely evasive herbivore, simply switching biomes when they're attacked: if they're hunted by a fish, they start flying, if they're hunted by a bird, they go underwater.

Psychology & Society: The Loloom are a very perceptive species. They are constantly looking out for what they deem to be injustice or corruption in their government, but they don't even bother to tell all the townsfolk because they all know, as well. In Loloomic history, several groups tried to establish dictatorships, but they all failed, because they were completely unable to hide their secrets from their 'citizens'. Eventually the closest thing to a worldwide government the Loloom ever reached, a federation of communistic city-states, was achieved. For the most part, the city-states remained separate, unless collaberating on scientific projects or the Code of Laws. With this, they quickly became a spacefaring species and joined the other sentient species, where they became known as paranoid moral zealots.

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Re: My new creature: The Loloom
« Reply #1 on: March 26, 2006, 11:06:34 am »
Nice. Great personality  ;D

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Re: My new creature: The Loloom
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2006, 11:49:06 am »
where they became known as paranoid moral zealots.

what a great label... :D
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Re: My new creature: The Loloom
« Reply #3 on: April 08, 2006, 05:28:14 pm »

Rloosa is a cold planet, with two massive continents covering the globe. A muddy valley stretching across the middle of the planet bears some early plants, but for the most part all the life is located underseas.

Loloomic Timeline

-9,600Y First signs of usage of tools other than blades.
-3,000Y First farm.
-900Y First city, Narroyol, established.
-800Y Narroyoli culture spreads everywhere inhabited by Loloom.
-500Y Narroyol destroys itself in the chaos surrounding a scandal involving a blood cult. This evens out the balance of power and leads to the rise of other cities.
-400Y Aerial heating techniques increase the insulation and quality of leather clothing and allow the Loloom to settle deeper into the sea.
-200Y Rafts invented. These use inflating plants to carry a leather sheet up to the surface, allowing a Loloom to carry more than itself across the sea.
-50Y First war between cities. Fought over a stretch of land containing precious stones, this conflict leads to dozens of innovations in combat.
0Y An astronomer, named Yho, discovers the exact amount of seconds in a day, and the number of days in a year. Time begins to be recorded at this date.
43Y Further innovations in clothing allow leather to be compressed, making the clothing warmer and allowing civilization to spread deeper into the sea.
50Y Access to thermal vents allows the Loloom to work iron.
109Y The city states Mney and Ixeley form an alliance that later becomes the Global Federation.
262Y Great Library built in Felorimene. The Loloom are self-taught and usually very practical, but some would seek information about the higher sciences.
401Y The Millship, invented on this year, uses wind power to move, albiet slowly, across land.
406Y Fire invented(only one Loloom escaped the blazing Millship).
699Y The first terrestrial city, Emerly, is established around a salt lake.
845Y Steel invented in the furnaces of Emerly.
1105Y An explosive chemical is found spread throughout the icesheets. This, as you all know, leads to more destructive weapons.
1107Y Age of Fire begins with a war between the Mney-Ixeley alliance and Narroyol.
1479Y Age of Fire ends with the entire world under one federation.
1690Y Printing press invented.
1742Y Electricity discovered by some young, scholarly Loloom 'experimenting' with copper during a storm.
1789Y Electric generators invented by the same Loloom.
1874Y Submarines invented.
1906Y First computer ever.
1917Y Atomic power invented.
1927Y Astronauts reach outer space.
1941Y The Singularity is calculated to be only a year away. The Loloom await in anticipation.
1942Y It doesn't come.
1945Y The radiation from a far-off supernova reaches Rloosa and destroys nearly all life on it. Of all the Loloom on the planet, only the ones that dwell in the deep sea survive.
3832Y After a long period of repopulation, the Loloom once again reach spaceflight.
3891Y Nanotechnology is invented, and with it, the warp drive. What happens next is left to fate.