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Noctis - My brand-spanking-new creature
« on: March 23, 2006, 06:12:41 pm »
Well, I'm really very good and drawing but I haven't sat down and drawn in years so I'm somewhat out of practice. I've created a new creature "Noctis." Here's the (bad) pic and this is what they'll look like by the tribal/civ stage. I'm practicing so hopefully it'll start to look better soon(BTW, sorry for the crappy quality, my scanner's messed up)

Name: Noctis (The Noctis)

Physical Disposition

Reptilian Humanoid
Binocular vision in larger eye
Ifrared vision in demi-ocular located below large eye(Can be turned on for hunting prey and off when not)
Smooth serpentine body making it very agile
Breathes a mixture of Nitrogen and Oxygen, filtering the substances out of the air via an "Air Gill"
the "Air Gill" is its Neck Flap, the cells of which possess Chloroplast-like organelles enabling it to perform such resperation
Has ability to switch heart rate control from the Medula to the Cerebrum, allowing it to speed up the heart for an extra boost or to slow down the heart to go into Anarobic respiration
It unfortunately has thin skin, making it vulnerable to formidable enemies


Frighteningly cunning and resourcefull, necessary to hunt the elusive prey of its home planet
Usually hunts coordinated packs, bringing prey down with lightening fast precision
May resort to treachery to ensure the success of their people but will be extremely loyal to true allies
Their will to learn may get them into dangerous predicaments, being carried away with their research
Their Intellectual society is always hungry for knowledge and intelligence tests must be passed before citizens are permitted to vote

The Lux(Loox) System
(Diagram compressed to fit paper. Again, sorry for quality)

small system consisting of 3 planets listed in order from closest to farthest from the sun: Tartarus, Nox, and Hortus Hostis
Nox, the home planet of the Noctis and only hospitable planet in the system, has 1 moon, Diēs (DEE-ACE). Dies has an orbit drifting far away from Nox, annually colliding with Tartarus and spending the next year orbiting the main sun Iovis(YO-VIS). However, the minor sun Eris strangely remains fixed in one position above Iovis, slowly being pulled into the larger sun.
While orbitting Iovis, Dies passes through the Minor Sun Eris. This sun is directly in the path of Dies, thus forcing Dies to pass through it. This results in a brightly flaming moon for the next year in which it orbits Nox. Tartarus, the planet closest to the sun, is a bleak and sterile world. The half of the planet facing the sun is a burning field of magma due to the collision with Nox's moon each year. It orbits the major sun, rotating in synchronization so that the same side always faces the major sun. The opposite side is not as threatening but the environment is still too hot to set foot on. Hortus Hostis, Garden of the Enemy for those non-latin speakers ;) , is surrounded by a ring of silicon and nickel asteroids. The Noctis regard it as such an evil place because it's entirely covered with water. Not a single ripple breaks the surface, leading them to suspect an unknown menace beneath the clandestine sea.

Nox's Geography
(I haven't drawn out the map yet but will do it soon)
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Re: Noctis - My brand-spanking-new creature
« Reply #1 on: March 23, 2006, 07:01:48 pm »
i like the creature pic it has a certian quality with its simplesty

Leave me some comments would you?

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Re: Noctis - My brand-spanking-new creature
« Reply #2 on: March 24, 2006, 12:36:17 am »
nice picture there mate,
 it seems that so many people have trouble with their scanners.:)
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