Author Topic: A Compalation of answers we have recieved from will wright ( Via Email) Updated!  (Read 27143 times)

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cool at least now we know that an editor will come out
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well it would be cool if they released the editor early but i doubt it. Also that idea Hyrdro had was pretty cool.(storyline material->) It would be like each player having there own galaxy in one big universe and they could have one galaxy called something sweet like the ....... eternal....... rune...... portal.......Alarion...... Nexus galaxy or something where you have RT battles against other players on one planet and UFO's are obseleted. That would be cool. It would sorta be like Battlenet. Envision this..... You load up Spore you click on "multiplayer" and this bulkhead door closes across the screen.... this sweet metallic voice states: "You are now entering Eternalruneportalalarionnexus galaxy space"........ And ya log in. I can see it all ready. :D
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cool at least now we know that an editor will come out

I'm pretty sure we've "known" that for a while.  It seemed logical given Maxis's past history.  I wonder how long before the game goes gold it will give out the editor though.  I am thinking 2 months.  It gives everyone a chance to play around without losing interest.
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