Author Topic: Another article about independent game development and the Xbox Live Arcade  (Read 1666 times)

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I know Steve's been focused on this subject for a few weeks now. Edge magazine in the U.K. has a well-written (imo) article about the Xbox 360 Live Arcade, and how the smaller, independent developers are reacting positively to Live Arcade.

I especially like this quote from Jeff Minter (one of my favorite game developers of all time):

“Live Arcade is pretty much the natural home for the likes of Llamasoft,” declares Jeff Minter, maker of Xbox 360’s music visualiser Neon and now at work on an unannounced Live Arcade project, who cites the quality of the online infrastructure, the comfortable development environment of 360 and the flexibility of the financial model as the main advantages of the platform.

Hmmm, Tempest 360 anyone???  :)

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You know... I'm starting to think that Microsoft might be purposely not releasing any new games for the 360 at the moment so that this Live Arcade games can make more money... =P
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I wouldn't put it past Microsoft.