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Re: Rules
« Reply #15 on: January 05, 2006, 02:20:39 pm »
10 bucks says scopion (I know i spelled it srong somehow) is the first moderator.

I think you owe someone $10  ;)
First was Jayce, but if you'll look he hasn't been on in a while, and his moderator rank has been removed if you check his profile. Now brings the Reign of LadyM! Sound the Golden Trumpets!

"We're out of Golden Trumpets."

The Silver Trombones?

"None of those either."

The Bronze Saxaphones?

"Um, funny story there, see my Cousin has a Jazz band that..."

Do we have anything?!

*5 minutes later....

Sound the Platinum Kazoos!
5 minutes, and you end up with platinum? Give 'em cadmium and put a "JOBS WANTED" sign in the window.
"Fine. Don't believe me. I'm not lying. all your laziness which you mistake for something funney is driving me insane, quit fooling around!  dude this is just wrong, very wrong. reality does not consist of constrained language. go lock this thread malt. I love the payment."4MOD