Author Topic: The Rise of the Dazkians  (Read 9277 times)

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Re: The Rise of the Dazkians
« Reply #30 on: March 16, 2006, 10:03:59 pm »
Thought I'd whip up a little ecology. Sorry I cant illustrate it better but thats as best as I can do a pitch black ocean.

Top most: The Brilliant Kalgite is a tuber that grows along the thermal vents feeding on microscopic organisms. Like most creatures on the Dazkian homeworld, it's self defense is a brilliant display of light.These are farmed by the Dazkians in feilds of pipes carrying thermal heat.

Middle: Kamikaze shells are muscle-like creatures along the thermal vents. They have a devastating flash grenade like effect if harmed or surprised.

Bottom: The Scavenger Naglk is a crab-like thing growing small anenome spikes glowing with their bio-lumunescence. They are considered a delicacy of the Dazkians.
So uh....what happens when your creature won't stop jumping off cliffs like crazed lemmings?