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Author Topic: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR  (Read 16029 times)

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Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« on: March 11, 2006, 02:09:51 am »
Sorry, but I had to change the thread for two reasons:

Below are the 20 questions, which you can vote for your top 3 in the poll above.  Every few days I shall pick out the top ten questions, which Tonjevic will send to Will Wright.  These questions will be replaced by ten more questions, which will be added to the previous ten that didn’t get in the previous poll.  The poll will reset and you can vote again.  When (IF) we get a reply from Will Wright I shall update the questions with some answers. (If they were answered of coarse).  :D

If you have a question then please post it and I will update the list ASAP.

Here Are The Current Poll Questions:
1. Will the game be easily moddable? Similar to CIv4?

2. I know you can edit the UFO, but can you make little space tanks?

3. How much will the T score vary beyond water/land?

4. Will some species be bad for our species to eat?

5. Can you design your own government?

6. Does the creature's body have to be suspended in the air; can it be dragged on the ground?

7. Can creatures have special features like spider silk or chameleon skin?

8. Did Will or anyone on the team spot a marketing phrase they liked in our marketing thread?

9. Is there a monthly fee?

10. Can you control one creature all the way through all the stages?

11. Can you give individual creatures names?
12. Can you cheat?

13. What happens when you die?

14. Will there be space stations?

15. Will there be Fleets or One Ship?

16. Will it be available on Apple Mac?

17. What system the devs are putting in place to handle obscene content?

18. Do you have any concerns over players recreating creatures from copyrighted sources, like movies and other games?

19. Can creatures have tusks, saber teeth or beaver teeth?

20. Can you get photosynthetic creatures (animals that gather solar energy to make food like plants)?

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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #1 on: March 11, 2006, 02:10:08 am »
Questions Included In The Next Polls:

Can you grow crops in tribal or city age?

Can vehicles do more than one thing? Such as an airplane that can land in the water (or go underwater) or cars that can take flight?

Will there be mining? lumber chopping? or other such gathering natural resources during tribal or civ age?
Can you trade goods with other civs on your planet or other planets?
Will there be tarpits?

Can you use the same base species to make a tree of different species from it? Such as from a common amphibian ancestor created reptiles like crocodiles, turtles, lizards and snakes as well as dinosaurs to birds or mammal-like reptiles to mammals?

Is there a limit to how many time you alter your animal before saving up for a brain? Or if you do not save for a brain you may never archive sentience?

Sorry to us another game as an example, but can the creatures learn like the dogs in nintendogs? (except with items and using the items)

How will your planets' and colonies' defense be established in Spore?

Will it be possible to find alien ruins on your exploration through space?
-Is it possible for a civilisation to crash?

Will there be expansion packs giving us new parts, or will we be able to make our own parts? Or an expansion pack with new editors, like a world editor where we can design our own planets (Discworlds, ringworlds, anti-sphere worlds) ? Or new types of organisms, like a parasite that can live in a creatures body and spread to other creatures, or a virus?

Will there would be any variance between individual members of a species?  Perhaps small changes in colouring, size, or specific markings?

Are the items customizable? Can you actually go into their properties, or is it just their appearance that can be changed?  How well could the game handle the animations of animals interacting with your custom made objects?

How do you change from microscope mode to creature mode? How do creatures get bigger?

How did you make the Octopus during the interview with Gaming Steve?

How do balance ecosystems work?

How many types of creature are on a planet?

What sort of biological niches are there?

How dose procedural behavior work?

How creating technology will work? For instance do you set attributes or follow a pre-determined teach tree.

How will underwater civilizations work?

How will the Plant Editor work?

Will there be a  Planet Editor? and how will it work?
-Can we Create/Move/Customize Planets beyond the tools in the UFO,(or as part of a tool within the UFO)

Are there any plan to allow "more natural" star system formation influence besides space-time manipulation (whether or not that is in).  I'm thinking along the lines of volcanoes vs. genesis device for atmosphere creation.  Perhaps some method of compressing a part of a nebula to begin star formation.

Can we make very large cities?
How Large?

Can you have traffic and vehicles within the cities?

Will there be opportunities to influence how the animation is done?
-with the idle animation of the creature, it was noticed that it was very stiff.

Will we be able to add/remove digits from hands/feet

Will we be able to make our own body parts in the editor

Will the upper size limit ,for creatures, be for all the game or will it be removed in the UFO stage

Will we be able to build structures in space, if so how advanced will they go?
-Small space-stations or full blown stellar engines, like dyson spheres or ring worlds, maybe even planets?

Will we be able to create virus?

Will there be anti orbital guns (you know encase you have pissed off someones A.I Friend)

Will satellites around your planet be able to be equipped with guns, like a defense network?

Who will own my creature?

Will civilisations interfere with your creatures early on in the game?

Will it be possible to compete with other sapient species on our planet?(Humns vs Neanderthals)

Is there a limit to how many times you can alter your animal before saving up for a brain? Can you just keep evolving and never achieve sentience?

Will I be able to "start a new race" from scratch without starting over, meaning, go back to the ooze? As opposed to just making a new creature.

If you can make more than one race. Will they all be seperate main races you can switch between, or will you be stuck as your main race "using" other races?

Another quick question about the UFO. Does it cost money to do something every time, or do you buy the tool and then whatever you do is free? For example, with the genesis device, would you pay 2,000 units of money for the device, and then use it as much as you wish for free; would you pay 200 units each time you use it; or would you pay 1,000 units for the device and pay 100 units each time you use it?

Will there be robots?

As my creature gradually evolves (and not necessarily from one entire stage to another), do any of the previous less-evolved version(s) of my kind remain or are all the remaining survivors of the previous version "uplifted" or replaced with the next generation?

Will a creature have to have feathers to fly, or will bat's wings work too?

Will it fly with any wing size or do the wings have to be proportional to the body weight?

Will there be filtering for how taxing a creature is on your sytem?
-Slower system = Simpler models downloaded

Will creatures sleep?
-Is there a day/night cycle?

What about tongues?

Will male and female look different?

Will you be able to have your creature use other senses to process their environment?  Say instead of eyes, your creature can have heat sensors or echolocation or touch as the primary sense?

Will it be possible to have more than one sun in a solar system?

Will Creatures have a weird, obsucre filename, like .cre, or will it just be a .txt file

Can we make carnivorous, and even sentient plants?

Will there be a viewer for browsing content without having to start spore?

Will Spore ship with any modification making tools or an SDK?

How many creatures do you expect the engine be able to render in the game world at once without suffering any performance detioration?

Will there be level loading points when exploring the game world or will the engine be dynamic?

How will the individual user be able to sort through all the user made content that we are promised or will it be included en masse in the hard drive of every member of the community and will the updates be obilgatory or optional?

will the content be available entirely in one universe or will multiple universes/profiles exist to accommodate the new creature creations?
-Different categories of galaxy/universe

Will there be limits to the type of creature customisation available or will there be a near infinite amount of potential options to make every gamers creatures completely unique?

Will Spore be distributed in a manner similar to Valve's steam platform which would make content updates more efficient as well?

Will Spore generate statistics that can be tabulated for discussion in game forums etc. - we all know how much pc users love statistics

How wiil the evolution of your creature work - will you be forced to evolve towards sentience or could you for instance reach a level where further evolution is pointless (similar to the way scorpions are unchanged after 100s of millions of years)?

Will the gamer be able to control the evolution of the creature by altering its dna or physical attributes directly or will its natural environment/predators etc. play the more decisive role?

Will the creature be under your direct control or will the gamer play as a godlike being only capable of influencing the creature to the extent where it might reject the player's control or become independent?

How long will a typical game last?

Are there going to be difficulty levels or does the game adapt to the player? If the difficulty can be set, how does that work out with the different stages in the game

Tell us how people react when they first play the game.

Will there be multiple save files?

Will a multiplayer component ever be considered for the game?

Will it possible to evolve into a human?

Since evolution has winners and losers (RIP the Neanderthaler, the Sumatra midget, Bigfoot etc): can the game end prematurely?

When we abduct other user-created creatures, will we have the ability to crossbreed them with other creature types or even our own?

How will the creature naming process work? Will there be a set nomenclature system or will it be user-created as well?

Could users attach messages or other items to their creatures for other players to discover upon interacting with them?

What's to stop malicious files from being uploaded into the master server?

Will it be possible to make the animal in such a way that the system wont recognize it (wont animate it)?

Will you be able to make a species that can live in outer space?

Will you be able to make multiple sentient beings and control them all at once?

Will you be able to make a creature that can live in multiple places (underwater, on ground, in the air)?

What happens if your creature/tribe/civilization dies?

If i were uploading from the net various species while my creature has only recently entered the 3D world, will the computer download species that have space flight and sutff like that?

Will you ever be able to "finish" the game?

Dying in the game, how does it work, do you respawn with less resources?  Ideas?  Go back a generation?  Start over?

Will the size of a vehicle be dictated by the size of the species(f you have a whale sized creature will he still use the same sized vehicles as, say, the wilosaurus? Or will it be properly scaled.

How will the automatic creature downloads be dealt with and what level of control will we have over them?

How many tanks can one UFO carry? Also this gose for other objects.(how many objects can it carry?)

Will we be able to put dead animals on/in/near our buildings?
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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #2 on: March 11, 2006, 02:10:22 am »
Questions Sent/Sending To Will Wright:

Email 1:
1. Will land creatures be able to move if you don't give them legs?

2. In the video from last year's GDC you made note of underwater colonies, along with many different types of vehicles(ground, aerial, water, underwater) will we be able to make any colonies underground ala various insects? What about underground vehicles?

3. Will we be able to go back into the body of a single creature during the UFO age, and see how it fares?

4. Have other developers at EA approached you or the Spore team as a whole about using your procedural methods in their projects?

5. How will creature sounds work? Is it procedural or a library of creature sounds or add your own?

6. Will you be able to define organs?

7. Will it run on vista and Xp and what video card i will need?

8. How customizable are the "tools" - graspers, mouths etc. - the body design is amazingly flexible, but the only alterations of the functional body parts we saw was a sort of resizing of the Willosaur's "beak"

9. What kind of limitations will our species have? I would feel very disappointed if we couldn't have a specie's with feet so it could walk on land, and fins that would allow it to swim in the water when it felt like.

10. Will certain species be poisonous?

Email 2:

1. Will there be expansion packs for this game or are there to many restrictions set on it in order to make the game evolve on its own?

2. Will the gravity tools be included in the final game?

3. And will we be able to place limbs, etc. asymmetrically?

4. Will we be allowed to have infantry?

5. Will there would be any variance between individual members of a species?  Perhaps small changes in colouring, size, or specific markings?

6. Are the items customizable? Can you actually go into their properties, or is it just their appearance that can be changed?  How well could the game handle the animations of animals interacting with your custom made objects?

7. In the video I say that the amoeba, sea monster and willosaurus all laid eggs. Can you have live young like most mammals and some sharks or snakes?

8. I saw in the video the small one legged rabbit creatures hopped. Can you get other two legged creatures or more to hop? Say i make a kangaroo with two legs. Will it hop or will it walk with one foot and then the other like a human?

9. Can creatures evolve back to the water after having come up on land like whales did?

10. In the video where they are with the sea monster there are little shrimp creatures swimming around. It looked like they had lights on them.  Is it bio-luminescent or is it just telling the sea monster these creatures are edible?

Email 3:
1. Will the creature be able to locomote using arms only?

2. Also, in Steve's interview you comfirmed that aerial creatures will be available, any news on if we'll be able to create a creature with burrowing capabilities for the 'first person eater' mode in order to escape from predators/ect.?

3. Will creatures be limited to one genetic type like most animals on earth are or could we make animals told in fairytales that have for example Phoenix heads with feathers and normal horses mane as the body?

4. I want to know if we can create the other creatures on our planet before UFO stage.

5. Will a hivetype social setup be available?

6. Will we be able to determine the type of planet our creature will evolve on? - Climate, water, etc. (oceans/desert/swamp/permafrost etc.

7. Could some of the creatures (from this board) be shown in the next demo (like in the background and stuff) if there will be a new demo/video/screenshots/whatever anytime in the near future?

8. Is there any chance that Spore will have a universal release?  And will it be released on the same day everywhere?

9. What are the system requirements (minimum and recommended)?

10. Can you save your game and how does it work?
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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2006, 02:10:31 am »
Q: Will other forms of intelligent life (and therefore alliances/war in space) be ONLY limited to outside your solar system (meaning can you do "everything" before you get the intersteller drive)?

Q: Will you be able to build vehicles that aren't for interacting with other cities (as in, can you have vehicles in the city stage).

Q: So life in your solar system is simply for colonizing lifeless planets to make money to expand right?
A: Yes.

Q: Is there non-intelligent life in your solar system?
A: There is a probablity of it, yes.

Q: Can you choose the creatures that are downloaded to your computer?
A: In some ways yes.

Q: Slavery: Yes or no?
A: Sort of, if you capture another races space colony.

Q: Are you going to have bacterial infections and robots in the game?
A: I don't think we are going to deal with things like bacterial infections in Spore. On the other hand I do want robots. The current plan is to unlock robotic creature parts once you reach the UFO stage and then allow the player to create robots in the creature editor which can populate an environment just like creatures.

Q: Also, when does the procedural decompression occur? After download, so each creature is stored on my hard drive as a 5 meg file? Will there be a "populating worlds" loading screen everytime i start up? Does it populate only when I'm focused on it? Given the size and price of hard drives today, I can see storing it as a 5 meg file being the cheapest option (slow game, small footprint vs fast game, large footprint. Hard drives are cheap, CPUs are expensive) but I'm curious to hear your thoughts.
A: We're currently planning to do most of the reconstituting of downloaded content while the player is in the editors (where we have a surplus of CPU).

Q: How are you going to deal with copywrite issues? Givin the ultimate freedom to create what they want, many players will recreate their favorite universes to play in, much to the chagrin of the people who own that universe. The same goes for mature content as well, I wouldn't want to be that unsuspecting parent just as Johnny lands on planet Cocknballs.
A: As for the copywrite issues, we've had to deal with that already with all the content for The Sims. It basically comes down to giving anyone the ability to flag content they think is inappropriate for any reason.

Q: Will there be population dynamics such as predator/prey population cycles?
A: Yes.

Q: Will there be procedural evolution in addition to drawing from the central databases?
A: Probably not, but we're going to give it a shot to see how far we get.

Q: Will there be any sort of gameplay in space along the lines of Space Empires or Master of Orion?
A: Yes, federation, empire and alliance building.

Q: Will there be an option to design space stations, ringworlds, and/or Dysons spheres?
A: No.

Q: Will there be interstellar vehicles other than UFOs?
A: Not sure.

Q: Will every game have the same universe, or will every game have a random distribution of stars?
A: Every player's galaxy is different and tailored to how they're playing.

Q: In the editor, how extensive will the library of primitive shapes be?
A: Depends on the editor, about 200 shapes per editor.

Q: Will it be possible to add third party primitives to the editors library, or would it be too difficult to work in with the central databases?
A: Probably not, they are quite complicated.

Q: If third party primitives arent tenable, will additional primitives be added via patches at Maxis's discretion?
A: Probably.

Q: Will the cellular world have any impact on the macroscopic world?
A: Only in terms of changing your starting point when you enter the macroscopic evolution game.

Q: Will there be any means to remove species from the game, short of genocide?
A: It seems like removing them is the definition of genocide.

Q: Is there likelyhood of Spore being available for the Apple Mac?
A: Hopefully we can talk Aspyer into it.

Q:While discussing your future game on some Internet forum, I had an idea about how to introduce limited multiplayer capabilities to your game. Well, it's not really multiplayer, more like a common sandbox.

The idea is to have the game being able to synchronize with a server, be it a master server hosted by Maxis/EA or a player run one. Latter option would be a plus, to allow private communities.

Since the whole Spore galaxy is very likely also just a procedural product, the server should generate a fix set of parameters, that'll be sent down to the client, should a player create a server-supported game. This implies that every client/game runs the same galaxy. The server also assigns each player a planet or star system he starts out with. Progress in the game session should be synced with the server on regular intervals.

If the player now gets to the interstellar level, the game requests the necessary information when flying around. Means if someone scrolls out, the server sends down the necessary information, not before. For instance on star region level, it sends information down which of the planets/stars in the region are player controlled (and any delta information, should a player have terraformed things), and basic information so the game can i.e. generate the SETI signal chatter like you've shown on the GDC demo. The same should apply when scrolling out to the galactic level, though it'll likely require less information, just enough to hint the player where to zoom in and look for other life. Optionally, there should be a server-side option, if turned on, just clearly marks player controlled planets, on both regional and galactic level, to ease finding people.

Now, if a player zooms into a player system, the server sends down the necessary info to generate the system, just as the other player sees it or formed it. More and more necessary info gets sent the more a player zooms in, like city info on planetary level, creature info when going down to the civ level, and so on.

The game would still run async, the player's client would just start generating planetary activity based on the parameters for visual reasons, it wouldn't affect the player's planet or reflect its real state in any way. A player controlled system would be in sort of a read-only mode to other players except the owner, as such just allowing things like watching it, and abducting species to create a copy of it. Optionally, as a server-side option, people could be allowed to drop their own species on another player's planet. When the owner continues his game, he'll be notified that player so-and-so dropped an alien species on his planet, and the game takes this in consideration.

Also, if a player terraforms a planet and/or drops objects or species of his on it, it'll automatically be marked as player-controlled and will be synchronized between the client and server.

A plus would be a small chat system for all active players.

Those were the ideas I had, to allow players to play on a common ground and watch what everyone else does without needing to actively search and install content. Yet it would likely be easy to implement, since it's all about exchanging and synchronizing information on an as-needed basis, most just difference data based on a master galaxy based on procedural generation.

I'm not sure whether this is feasible to the deadline, or if it requires an expansion to implement all this, or if something like this is already being implemented, but it'd be great if you'd consider any of these ideas.

A: That's close to what we're planning to do in some ways. But if we do exactly that we lose several huge gameplay advantages.

-the ability to customize each players galaxy to how they like to play (conquest, diplomacy, colonization) -the ability to let each player be the "hero" (destroying everything in their path) -the ability to let time flow be relative to the player (how fast does everything develop)

You will be interacting with player designed worlds (though under NPC control). And your region of space will be downloaded on an as needed basis.

Q: How Mod-able is spore? and *Their also might be another question he asked, due to the four things he brought up, but idk*

A: How mod-able Spore is will very much depend on the particular content involved. One thing that is crucial however is that every piece of content needs to be representable with a very compact genome. This implies that any enumerated parts (such as creature parts) that resolve into tokens in the genome need to carry a proxy solution if they are to be expandable at a later date.

For specific things you brought up:

Gravity - undetermined at this point, probably not.
Solar system layout - hopefully so (creating a system out of the initial proto-planetary disk)
Shape of Planets - Yes, there will be many geologic tools for this.
Manual creation of creatures - Yes, much more than we have shown so far.

All these functions will be available to the end-user.


Q:  My world, in Spore, only has one creature that I created; every other creature will presumably be created by some other player. What will prevent me from travelling into space, visiting a planet created by another player, and discovering the same species that populated my world? The same buildings? What if that player downloaded my creature as a low level species and there are hundreds of them on this world? It would be kind of a letdown to finally get to travel into space and the first creature you encounter are the same creatures you've already seen on your own planet. This is further complicated by your procedural feedback system; the more popular an object; the more it shows up in peoples buy window; therefore it becomes more popular. If someone creates the absolute best monolith, and everyone uses it because its the best, theres a significantly higher chance that I'm going to travel halfway across the galaxy to discover the same monolith that I myself used.
I assume the database will be large enough to make this occurance a statistical anomaly (if i visited 100 planets and each of them had 1000 objects, that would still only be a fraction of the total database) but it would be nice to have some overlap protection (I will only download items that do not already exist in my galaxy, etc etc).
A: Since we control the injection of creatures into your ecosystem as well as the injection of planets into your local space we can easily prevent the "content collision" problem.
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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #4 on: March 11, 2006, 07:34:09 am »
Questions seven and seventeen are asking the same thing. 
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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #5 on: March 11, 2006, 08:05:34 am »
Woops, failed to notice that.  I've changed number 7 as it had 0 votes anyway.

Thanks a lot Slife

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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #6 on: March 11, 2006, 08:50:58 am »
Yeah maybe every week or two weeks.

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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #7 on: March 11, 2006, 08:58:53 am »
I'd say whenever WW answered the previous one::)
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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #8 on: March 11, 2006, 09:00:16 am »
I'd say whenever WW answered the previous one. ::)

Yeah that's much better.
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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #9 on: March 11, 2006, 12:12:47 pm »
Yeah I agree, you've sent him how many now? Three and he hasn't answered any?  Might be best to wait until one email is answered before sending off the next.

Ug, I got a stupid pink unicorn, hope next is better.

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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #11 on: March 11, 2006, 06:57:39 pm »
Yeah I agree, you've sent him how many now? Three and he hasn't answered any?  Might be best to wait until one email is answered before sending off the next.

Yeah. It's a Good idea, but Until he's responded to the ones he already has it's probably a sign we should hold off on anymore emails for now.
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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #12 on: March 11, 2006, 07:51:05 pm »
He isn't going to respond until people stop emailing him.
Please, please spread the word to other places within the spore community, ask them to come here.

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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #13 on: March 11, 2006, 11:32:03 pm »
Oh so he hasnt answered this "organized mail" yet ? If it turns out he doesnt reply at all, I think we will all know the reason.

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Re: Questions For Will Wright - POLL FOUR
« Reply #14 on: March 11, 2006, 11:34:21 pm »
Oh so he hasnt answered this "organized mail" yet ? If it turns out he doesnt reply at all, I think we will all know the reason.

Yes i have a feeling thats what will happen.