Author Topic: My new Creature(s) - Burrow & Worrub  (Read 3281 times)

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My new Creature(s) - Burrow & Worrub
« on: March 07, 2006, 10:22:43 pm »
The Burrow and the Worrub

   Two races.  A forced alliance.

      The Worrub, a large, fur covered mammal.  Large, strong arms, heavy around the midsection, great muscled arms, sharp, keen eyes.  Long, sharp fangs.  A brain, slightly smarter than a box of rocks (Mind you, this box of rocks isn’t sentient.)

   The Burrow, a small, insect type animal.  Light brown spots often speckle its soft exoskeleton.  Small, insignificant eyes, tiny wiggling legs, two large pincers adorn its head.  It’s small brain, vast and powerful.

   Two animals, completely different, yet, they depend on each other for survival.  Okay, so one of the two isn’t really doing their part willingly.

It all began back in the primordial ooze of Signia 2, a mist covered world, large, leafy plants all about, mud and ooze in swamps everywhere, no oceans, just ooze and swamps.  Signia 2 is the second planet in a large solarsystem.  Twelve planets in total orbit around Dagoka, the sun.  Two other planets being habitable, other than Signia 2, and the others are either desolate rocky worlds, or large gas giants.

   As the mist cleared one day, on a particular patch of ooze and a dark brown grass type of plant, a small insect type creature emerged. (Or the cellular counter part).  And coincidently, only two ooze patches and one leafy plant away, a large bulbous and strong creature crept out slowly (again, or the cellular counter part).

   As time passed, and the Burrow began to search its surroundings, it happened across the Worrub.  It studied it from afar, as it bounded deftly toward a small stone, flipped it neatly to the side and dug beneath it, and shoved something into its mouth, the Burrow had a strange connection right then and there.  Of course, the Worrub knew nothing of this as it chewed thoughtfully on a bit of dirt and pebbles and continued on its merry way.

   Maybe, if not for the Burrow, the Worrub would have become a great creature, the mental part, catching up to its physical side.  But, alas it was not to happen, as the Burrow quickly scampered up through the Worrub’s thick fur and expertly dug itself into the Worrub’s skull.

And thus, the Burrow-Worrub Alliance was born.

The two creature’s relationship is a strange one, Burrow scientists have studied the effects of the ‘enlightened’ Worrub and shown that it actually enjoys it. Having no sense or emotion, the Burrow’s bring great joy and strange new feelings to the Worrub’s, as they are still slightly smarter than a box of un-sentient rocks.

Basically, the Burrow is a parasite, but more than just a "Hey, look at all this gooey stuff in your stomach" parasite, a brain parasite, it can litterally, take over the Worrub's insignificant brain and control it.  When the Worrub has been 'infected', or 'possessed' the Burrow's call it... 'Enlightening the creatures', thus most adult Worrubs are 'enlightened'.

  Immature Worrub’s cannot be ‘enlightened’, so they are off into a nursery, enjoying their days, prancing about the small nursery ecosystem, eating small lizards and rocks.  Two consenting adult Burrow’s go to the nursery to pick out a new Worrub for their newly hatched baby.
(to be continued... later)

Comments, anyone?  Also, if anyone would like to illustrate their idea of the creatures, more realistically (or better at all) then please, go ahead, I urge you to, based off the (weak) descriptions, story and my quickly drawn pictures.


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Re: My new Creature(s) - Burrow & Worrub
« Reply #1 on: March 07, 2006, 10:35:11 pm »
I like your style. It's cartoony but you get your point across well. As for the Burrows and the Worrubs, I like the idea. Did you know there actually are parasites like that on Earth? It's scary. then of course, we have the Yeerk.  :)

Anyway, keep it up. I'd love to see more.

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Re: My new Creature(s) - Burrow & Worrub
« Reply #2 on: March 08, 2006, 02:42:30 pm »
Varsity don't forget to post these on Spore Planet. I want to make sure everyone who has posted on these and other forums is represented on my Spore Art Gallery Website.

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Re: My new Creature(s) - Burrow & Worrub
« Reply #3 on: March 11, 2006, 11:07:44 am »

After the first enlightening, B&W’s began to populate the world.  The world, not being covered in any oceans, but by large, oozing swamps, was completely traversable by the tough and well suited Worrub.  Although, many swamps were easily navigated, there are some that were so tough, so deep, and so dangerous that many areas were not investigated until later years of the B&W history.

B&W life – 100 DRAE’s (Dagoka Rotations After Enlightenment)

Many different tribes of B&W’s took hold of sections of Dry Signia and the swamps that surrounded them.  Between the three main tribes, there were smaller ones, which would never prosper as much as the others, but these smaller tribes were essential to The Three, for certain trading opportunities.

The Rierglick

This tribe was situated along the northeast swamp line, the giant swamps were valuable sources of game and other food, yet dangerous as many different, large and dangerous creatures lurked and swam through the swamps.

Life for the Rierglick was tough. They were an even mix of being peaceful and being aggressive.  Trading quietly and foraging for food in the nearby swamps, and then raiding a nearby tribe of their resources.

(Rierglick B&W stalking through a swamp)

Their attire was simple, armbands and moccasin type shoes.  The moccasins were designed specifically for each Worrub, because each Worrub’s claws are different.  They wore a bony protector over their head, a carved piece of animal bone that covered the spot where the Burrow made home in the Worrubs brain.  A deft blow to an unprotected Burrow spot, would cause major damage to both the Burrow and the Worrub.

The Three, were the three main tribes of Signia 2, later on in their history, there would be many a bloody battle and sabotage between the B&W's.  Ranging from full on attacks and something new to the Burrows... 'Enlightening' other species...