Author Topic: Civ Era: 100% Vehicular War? Tribe Era: War, at all?  (Read 9669 times)

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Re: Civ Era: 100% Vehicular War? Tribe Era: War, at all?
« Reply #15 on: April 12, 2005, 07:42:30 pm »
I thought I recall reading somewhere that Will Wright thought that cities would interact with each other primarily through vehicles.  Why not infantry?  Here are a few (small) reasons:
1. Frame rate
2. Not necessary/Perhaps you already went through the "infantry" phase during tribal warfare/may distract player from really focusing on creating their vehicles -i.e. if infantry are useful, then it would only take away from people using the creative editor of Spore, which I doubt WW would want (?).
3. Zooming out, cities and tanks still visible but again infantry not seen (that I can tell of).
4. Speed issues - infantry would naturally move much slower than tanks/other vehicles, and the "world" shots in picture are not to scale (or at least the cities, if I remember Steve's podcast correctly).

But then again, who knows... these are just my reasonings against infantry during civ stage of game.