Author Topic: My new creature, the dasofpapodaugpodvpuaojpaodoapfdhoapvnhaophvpoahvfdzorz  (Read 51804 times)

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There is an in-group, though not necessarily on purpose.

How is Hydro a guru for anything?

Ever heard of a little thing called Obsessive Compulsive Updating?

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How is Hydro a guru for anything?

Also, I find it kind of annoying when old members come here and specifically only ask for other old members, completely dismissing all the newcomers. It feels like there's some sort of in-group and 95% of this forum is by default not in it.

Look through the memberlist sometime. 95% isn't too far off.

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We oldbies/in-group/internet gods had some good times together, hanging around, waiting for Spore.

And then, apparently, new people came.

It's not on purpose, it's just de facto segregation.
"If you put an infinite amount of monkeys in a room with computers, they would code Spore."