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Re: Anagrameriffic
« Reply #30 on: January 26, 2006, 09:46:33 pm »
Anagrams for William R Wright 

magill whirr wit  grail twirl whim  grill whim raw it  grill whim war it  grill mawr wit hi 
grill warm wit hi  grill raw wit him  grill war wit him  twig whirl rim al  twig whirr am ill 
twig mawr hi rill  twig warm hi rill  twig raw him rill  twig war him rill  twig raw rim hill 
twig war rim hill  gram writ will hi  grim whirl wit al  grim whirl awl it  grim whirl law it 
grim twirl awl hi  grim twirl law hi  grim twill raw hi  grim twill war hi  grim whit raw ill 
grim with raw ill  grim with war ill  grim whit war ill  grim wart will hi  grim writ wall hi 
grim writ will ah  grim writ will ha  grim will raw hit  grim will war hit  grim raw wit hill 
grim war wit hill  girt wilma whirl  grit wilma whirl  girt whim raw ill  grit whim raw ill 
grit whim war ill  girt whim war ill  girt mawr will hi  grit mawr will hi  grit warm will hi 
girt warm will hi  girt will raw him  grit will raw him  grit will war him  girt will war him 
girl whirl wit am  girl whim writ al  girl whim raw lit  girl whim war lit  girl mawr wilt hi 
girl warm wilt hi  girl whit awl rim  girl with awl rim  girl with law rim  girl whit law rim 
girl wahl wit rim  girl writ awl him  girl writ law him  girl wilt raw him  girl wilt war him 
gilt wilma whirr  gill whirr wit am  gill mawr writ hi  gill warm writ hi  gill whit raw rim 
gill with raw rim  gill with war rim  gill whit war rim  gill writ raw him  gill writ war him 
wag whirl rim lit  wag whirr mill it  wag whirr tim ill  wag whit rim rill  wag with rim rill 
wag writ him rill  wag writ rim hill  wig wrath rim ill  wig whirl trim al  wig whirl arm lit 
wig whirl ram lit  wig whirr mall it  wig whirr mill at  wig whirr mat ill  wig whirr tim all 
wig whirr am till  wig twirl rim hal  wig whim rill art  wig whim rill rat  wig whim rill tar 
wig mawr hit rill  wig warm hit rill  wig mawr hi trill  wig warm hi trill  wig thaw rim rill 
wig what rim rill  wig whit arm rill  wig with arm rill  wig with ram rill  wig whit ram rill 
wig wart him rill  wig wart rim hill  wig writ harm ill  wig writ ham rill  wig writ arm hill 
wig writ ram hill  wig writ rim hall  wig will rim hart  wig raw mirth ill  wig war mirth ill 
wig raw trim hill  wig war trim hill  wig raw him trill  wig war him trill  wig wit harm rill 
hag writ will rim  rag whim writ ill  rag whim wit rill  rag whit will rim  rag with will rim 
rag writ will him  rig whirl wilt am  rig whirl awl tim  rig whirl law tim  rig twirl whim al 
rig twirl awl him  rig twirl law him  rig twill mawr hi  rig twill warm hi  rig twill raw him 
rig twill war him  rig whim wart ill  rig whim writ all  rig whim will art  rig whim will rat 
rig whim will tar  rig whim raw till  rig whim war till  rig mawr whit ill  rig warm whit ill 
rig warm with ill  rig mawr with ill  rig mawr will hit  rig warm will hit  rig mawr wit hill 
rig warm wit hill  rig thaw will rim  rig what will rim  rig whit wall rim  rig with wall rim 
rig whit will arm  rig with will arm  rig with will ram  rig whit will ram  rig whit raw mill 
rig with raw mill  rig with war mill  rig whit war mill  rig wahl wilt rim  rig wart will him 
rig writ wall him  rig writ will ham  rig will wit harm  lag whirl wit rim  gil whirl mawr it 
gil whirl warm it  gil whirl writ am  gil whirl raw tim  gil whirl war tim  gil whirl wit arm 
gil whirl wit ram  gil whirr wilt am  gil whirr awl tim  gil whirr law tim  gil twirl mawr hi 
gil twirl warm hi  gil twirl raw him  gil twirl war him  gil wahl writ rim 

Any one know what the R stands for? Robert? Richard?

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Re: Anagrameriffic
« Reply #31 on: January 26, 2006, 09:48:14 pm »
I thought I heard it was for Ralph. I could be wrong though.

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Re: Anagrameriffic
« Reply #32 on: January 28, 2006, 02:20:09 pm »
Really awesome
Vivec, you're the best forum member ever.