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Re: Movie Quotes
« Reply #30 on: January 28, 2006, 04:23:32 pm »
I wanted to see that movie, but didn't get around to do it.

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Re: Movie Quotes
« Reply #31 on: February 04, 2006, 11:24:16 pm »
Ok, this isnt really a movie quote, but I just have to quote it:

"You're gonna be doin' a lot of doobie rollin', when you're livin' in a van down by the river!"

-Chris Farley, SNL

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Re: Movie Quotes
« Reply #32 on: February 05, 2006, 05:12:18 pm »
Ok, back to the game.  This one could be a bit hard you younger folks

"Chef:  I used to think if I died in an evil place then my soul wouldn't make it to heaven. Well, *edit*. I don't care where it goes as long it ain't here."

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Re: Movie Quotes
« Reply #33 on: February 07, 2006, 10:43:14 pm »
Yay Apocalypse now! Kick-ass movie. OK, my turn.

"The master wouldn't approve!"
"Whatever you're don't doing go don't do it someplace else!"

This is a very obscure movie, so I'll give you a clue: The title is long and it has hands in it at two places. I'm sorry if this is too obscure. Give it a try!

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Re: Movie Quotes
« Reply #34 on: February 08, 2006, 04:36:48 pm »
Manos, the Hands of Faith

Voted worst movie ever by IMDB coincidently.
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