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E3 2017

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Which discord we in for this one?

Also ea blew it's load anyone like what they saw?

Battlewars 4 seems better than 3 so that's nice

Uhhh they had a coop game too that seemed like a cool concept I'd like to see more of, hope it's a switch game too haha

So I'm not going to get it because I doubt my computer can handle it and I don't own any consoles (and because I would wait for reviews first), but Battlefront 2 actually looks fun based on the trailer. Surprisingly, the prequels work when they're put into video games. That's probably about the only time.

I didn't really see much else to be honest. There's some new Bioware IP that I'm not that interested in.

Play tabletop RPGs and board games, screw videogaming. :p


--- Quote from: Gungnir on June 11, 2017, 04:14:41 am ---Battlefront 2 actually looks fun based on the trailer.
--- End quote ---

Yeah looks great.

Shame about that Battlefield clone with the Star Wars skin on it.

Well that was s​hit.

Dwarf Minecraft /lurk! $499!


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