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The Switch is looking to be a home run, the handheld seems to be winding down, and the sky's the limit for Pokemon hopefully.

Anyway. They released more info on Splatoon 2, seems like it'll be a solid franchise from Nintendo so that's neat

Still hoping for Pokemon


this is also shaping up to look like an interesting IP

I've got a lot of interest in the Switch but I've been really hesitant after the rocky launch, what with messed up screens and the docks scratching up the screen, and so on. Plus the current roster of games doesn't interest me much (aside Breath of the Wild but I've got that on my Wii U already).

For the price, my girlfriend and I decided on a pair of those new 2DS XLs; price ends up being the same but a lot more games are available and at lower cost as well. Plus we both get a console, which is a major win for us.

I still want a Switch but I'm thinking of waiting until next year to pick one up, that way the content selection will be greater and any hardware kinks will (hopefully) be worked out. I dunno, maybe I'm buying into hyperbole around the consoles issues or something.


--- Quote from: GroxGlitch on May 28, 2017, 05:41:13 pm ---messed up screens and the docks scratching up the screen,

--- End quote ---

eh. that kind of stuff happens on every new product launch and in the end it turns out it happened to like, a very small vocal minority of buyers. (cf the iphone 6 bendgate or the samsung galaxy notes overheating)

i know it's anecdotal, but neither i nor the 3 other people i know with switches have had any such problems.

that didnt stop gamestop from trying to sell me screen protectors to stop the 'inevitable' scratching, though.

Hell, I'd believe gamestop planting the story just to sell screen protectors.


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