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Steam's a place to buy games, what have you bought recently and do you enjoy it? Etc

Lately I've been doing research on the way Steam treats some of its customers, and on digital ownership in general. And I have to say, I do not like the idea of digital ownership unless I can download what I bought and physically store it. But where else am I going to get PC games? GOG?

Yeah that's been in a he back of my mind for quite some time

I mean, it sure doesn't seem like the digital is going to leave or that the physical media will come back so I'm always supportive of those who want to offer more stores.

I'm sure Amazon/twitch will get in on that game, gog, humble store,even Origin and uplay,  I think the competition is there to where it's not something to truly worry about unless we see consolidation in the future as the larger ones push their weight

I guess I'm just gonna cling to physical copies of stuff until I die. I just don't like the idea of paying full price to rent something indefinitely. If I wanna play Dragon Quest on the NES I always can no matter where I live or what NES or NES ripoff console I have until the hardware itself breaks down, and even then I could make a backup of it with the right hardware. But if I get a new computer, or move to somewhere with (hypothetically) no internet, I can't take any of my games with me. I also can't choose to play them without installing and going through Steam.

Just seems like a raw deal. I guess the fact that I get most of them on sale makes them worth the cheap price, but still, it sucks not owning something you spent money on.

I just don't care anymore so I spend money on dumb entertainment garbage.
But usually after I'm really bored because it feels like I have nothing to do. :u


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