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Help!!! Spore not saving at all!!! (Yes, I did give up and uninstall)

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Okay, so I was finally done. I let go all of my data, sobbing all the way, And 100% restarted Spore. So, The first 2 times I played it, I was crying of happiness, cause after 8 months, it worked again. The 3rd time, seemed normal, and I went into my file in the creature stage and made it all the way to space stage! (In my previous version, i could never get past the tribal stage, cuz it did not let me. It crashed on the loading screen for the whateveryoucalit stage, I DONT CARE ABOUT NAMES!!! So, after I made my spaceship, Well, no duh, i began playing... But there was something really odd... Where it is supposed to display a photo of your spaceship in the corner, It showed a white box with a red "X" across it. So, then, After getting past the first 2 segments of the space stage, I decided to save again. (Last save was in the WHATDOYOUCALLIT stage, I ALWAYS FORGET ITS NAME!) And then, When I clicked save, It said; "There was an error saving. Spore will now restart and revive your previous save state." So I was like "Okay... I hope this doen't take too long... I mean... Its only in the end of last stage that I saved, Right?" Well... WRONG!!! My planet... GONE! In tears, I looked at my creations, and all the creations from that one but 1 were normal... My spaceship. My spaceship icon was the white with red x! while upset, I then created a new world. So, then, When I was in cell stage, I looked at the corner box, and it was the red x white box... So.. Something is fishy... So, I then saved, Cuz I had made it to the creature stage. IT TOLD ME THE SAME THING. I was so mad---- Please help! I already have issues!!!!!! :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( :'( (This better?)

Hey how much free hard drive space do you have?

hey listen,please don't post in green like that,it puts people off responding


--- Quote from: PatMan33 on December 17, 2016, 09:22:35 am ---Hey how much free hard drive space do you have?

--- End quote ---
Uh I downloaded it on our E drive, Which is almost empty, But our C drive is almost full, so cuz of the overload, I put it on E. Most games and stuff go on E. Our C drive was very small.

This is probably your issue.

While the game is installed on your E drive, the save location is most-likely on your C drive, which is desperately short on space. You're going to need to free up space on your C drive, it should solve some of your issues. I've just looked into it and it seems as if Spore is hardcoded to route saves to the C drive, specifically your AppData region. You won't be able to undo this without some serious work in the registry, and I don't want you tinkering around in there. :P

Try to keep two to five gigs of free space on your C drive.


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