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Planetary Dawn Project: Construction of Worlds

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Right, so I'm kind of interested in going back into this. Been looking through the threads and talking with some people.

You guys even remember that the last PCP ended up going to a DoW-like phase? We had a forum too: which I'll post when it won't mark this message as spam.

Totally forgot about all of this. But we have what appears to be the outline of a combination of these two games (Dawn of War and Planetary Construction Project) that seemed to work. We could start a new one at the PCP phase, or do a DoW game on an existing/classic map, or whatever else you can think of.

Any of you have an interest? Just looking for ideas at the moment.

I'd be in favor of creating a new map just because it sounds fun :)

Anyway, a game like this sounds really interesting - especially in a medieval/high fantasy setting or whatever.

I would like this a lot. :) Feel free cannibalize anything from my last attempt (which I think had potential, but then I disappeared (sorry about that)). We should definitely come at this from a long-term perspective. So we can come back to it and keep it going without having to worry that "it's been too long."

Also, I exist, apparently.

Hey Ovi! Glad to see you!

Yeah I agree on the game needing to be long-term. That was my original intent with PCP4 (or 3?), which is why we made that forum. I'd get that team back together if I knew how to contact them all, but I don't. But yeah, check the cartography topic and look for any threads named Dawn of Worlds (DoW) or Planetary Construction Project (PCP). We did three or four editions of each game, so there's a ton of content out there already for us.

However I also have no problem starting from scratch. Though I'd need to get my Photoshop situation resolved.

Because I'm me: PCP 1, PCP 2, PCP 3.


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