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Sonic had a 25th anniversary party at SDCC and announced a couple new games, one I'm more interested in is this.

Looks good.

Did it really take them this long?

I wonder why it's not on Wii U. Seems like a good fit for the console.

Krakow Sam:
Because Sega always make absolutely terrible decisions about Sonic because they don't actually care about the franchise.

I wish they'd just hand Blonic over to Miyamoto or someone so they can actually fix the core gameplay and make it genuinely no fooling fun.


--- Quote from: Gec on July 22, 2016, 10:03:42 pm ---Sonic had a 25th anniversary party at SDCC

--- End quote ---

That whole livestream was a miracle of nature. You should have been there. Jun Senoue banished the bees with guitar licks so sick they gave me liver failure. And then Sonic x Hello Kitty.

Mania has potential sine it's NOT being done by Sonic Team, but rather the Australian nerd who reverse-engineered Sonic 1, 2 and CD. He should know what he's doing. And that animation of Sonic on the title screen really fills me with hope, it's beautiful. Watch it again.

They also had this (???????)

Edit: Yeah look at this gif.



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