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Infinity: Battlescape
« on: November 11, 2015, 05:20:19 pm »
Waaay back around 2008 or so, I was following the development of a game by one guy (Flavien Brebion) with an idea for a space MMO called Infinity: The Quest for Earth. He was working on building an engine capable of procedural generation of a to-scale galaxy and seamless planet-to-space transitions.

Well, the MMO was just too ambitious of a goal for one person in his spare time, so he focused on just building the engine. In 2010 he and another guy founded I-Novae Studios and built up a small team of people (still working in their spare time) that were able to build up the engine further. They dialed back their goal a bit and are now working on releasing an actual game called Infinity: Battlescape. A Kickstarter began a few weeks ago. If it succeeds, they'll be able to work on releasing this game full time.

Basically it's a space game set in a single solar system where factions fight for control of points of interest ("Battlescapes") both in space and on the ground. The points of interest and NPC ships generate resources that players allocate to new, bigger ships or defenses.

Another "epic space game" Kickstarter? What makes this one special?
  • Seamless planet landing is something promised by many but delivered by almost none. The closest in a modern game is that soon you can land on rocky planets in Elite: Dangerous. Even in the I-Novae engine prototype, this is already working. For any celestial body. There are lots of videos showing it off.
  • Rather than a wide open sandbox, this game will be more goal-oriented. Think of it like a large arena shooter, where factions fight for control of bases and resources. Probably more similar to Planetside than EVE Online.

The Battlescape website

The Kickstarter page

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Re: Infinity: Battlescape
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2015, 09:53:12 am »
This looks kinda neat!