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Yes I know, iphone and android games are terrible, they're full of microtransactions, and playing them makes you a filthy casual.

But let's be honest, it's a lot easier to play a game on your phone when you're bored in public than it is to whip out your 3ds.  So let's talk about phone games we actually like and would recommend.


My current games folder. I mostly play hearthstone, words with friends, and orbits.

I got Card Wars a few weeks ago when it was free, I think it normally costs four bucks.  It's a surprisingly detailed card game and definitely captures the style of Adventure Time.

I haven't actually looked into Hearthstone, but since I like card wars maybe I should check it out.

Do they have Bejeweled 3 on phones? It's excellent and I can highly recommend it. Actually a lot of Pop-Cap's pre-EA merger games are great. But surprise surprise, EA ruined them.

Krakow Sam:
It annoys me that Words With Friends is popular instead of a proper licensed Scrabble game. Sure it's basically the same game but the bonus tiles are in different places and the letters score different amounts.

Also it's just sort of sad that whoever makes Scrabble couldn't get their **** together. Should have been easy.

Nightmare Mode: Words with Friends, Boardgame edition.


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