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Working on a new podcast ... feedback requested

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Gaming Steve:
For various reasons I stopped the podcast, mostly due to time and effort (on average it would take me around 20+ hours a week to do a single podcast) and although I loved doing it, it was a huge time-sink.

However, with various changes in technology and such I am going to try to do it again as I believe I can get the timing down significantly per week, perhaps just a few hours at most. Even if I can do a 30 minute show once a week would be better than nothing I would expect...

However with that being said the video game landscape has changed significantly. It's both somehow larger than ever before, but yet smaller if that makes any sense. More people are talking about gaming and doing gaming with YouTube and Twitch and such, but yet the number of games fragmented into so many different areas that it's hard to focus on anything specific. And I don't want my podcast to turn into something like "all Minecraft or all DOTA all the time". I am noticing that most of the most popular shows are extremely focused on just one game or one topic, which I find extremely limiting and boring personally.

With that being said I want to perhaps have the podcast not just focus on video games but ALL "nerdy-type" games in general. My knowledge and experience with boardgames, Magic, RPGs, and just everything and anything relating to gaming is fairly deep, nearly as deep as my video game knowledge. Plus I know people in that industry as well (not as many as video games, but still more than your average person).

I am thinking of bringing back the podcast but rather than doing 100% video games all the time I want to mix it up a bit and talk about a wider range of topics relating to gaming. For example, the new version of D&D is out and I might talk about that as well as anything in the world of video games. I'm still figuring out the format a bit, but I might just talk about a wide variety of games in the news segment depending upon what's going on that week. I would try to cover all topics and game types to give equal weight to a variety of topics.

My experience is that most people who are hardcore into video games also do other types of gaming. It's rare to be focused on just one thing and even people who are not "into" something like RPGs doesn't mean they wouldn't enjoy playing them. I sort of came up with idea recently as I finally managed to get some of my video game playing friends to play some D&D after pestering them for years to play ... and they loved it. In fact they are loving it so much that they are playing a weekly game now after it took me years to get them to just try it. I am finding that many of my friends who "just play Magic" or "just play LOL" I am finally getting them to branch out a bit and, surprise!, they actually love trying something new and want more of it.

So my question/request for feedback is as follows:

What do you guys think of this different type of format? The show would basically be the same as before, just a slightly different scope. It would be a true "gaming" show where I discuss all things gaming... The advantage of this type of format is that it opens up more people to the show. The disadvantage is that by focusing on several items rather than just one the show doesn't seems as centered and focused and might lose people who are looking for "just video games" and nothing but video games.

So does the advantage outweigh the disadvantage? What do you guys think of this new format? Let me know what you think...


Yes. I love the new format idea.


Yes, please!

I am in favor of this idea!

Of course, I'm in favor of any idea that makes more podcasts happen.
But this one certainly sounds good!

My take on the idea:



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