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Welcome to the Gaming Steve Nomic! A nomic (from the Greek for "law") is a special kind of game, which is created by being played. In other words, we make up the rules as we go. We begin with a bare-bones constitution, which I've set out below. The constitution is the sum of all rules, and any "move" is legal as long as it operates within the current rules. Part of the fun is trying to exploit loopholes. Everyone is welcome to play, and it's hella fun. Without further ado...

NOTE - There is nothing sacred in this game. Every aspect of it can be changed.


1. Every member of the Gaming Steve Forum (heretofore the GSF) is a Potential Player of the Gaming Steve Nomic. (heretofore the GSN). Every Potential Player who participates in the GSN at any point then becomes a Player.

2. All Players must always abide by all the Rules then in effect, in the form in which they are then in effect. A Rule is defined as any of the points listed in the Constitution. Primary Rules are listed as numbers, Amendments as alphabetic characters.

3. At any point, any Player may introduce a Rule-Change, which will then either be Passed or Defeated. A Rule-Change is any of the following: the Enactment, Repeal, or Amendment of a rule.
          a. An Enactment is the creation of a new rule, numbered subsequent to the highest numbered rule.
          b. A Repeal is the destruction of a current Rule. The Rule will be removed from the Constitution and all subsequent rules will change their numbering appropriately.
          c. An Amendment is a change to a current Rule, and upon passing, the then-current Rule will change to reflect the new amendment.
          d. All potential Rule-Changes are referred to as Motions and must be proposed in the following format, in bold italic type. "I make a Motion to..." Additionally, Motions must end with "For the purposes of voting, this motion shall be referred to as [username]'s motion to...", followed by a summary of the motion's actions, with "[username]" replaced by the Motion-Maker's username. Note that any Motion not proposed in this exact format is invalid.

4. The Passing or Failure of a Motion is predicated upon the first 3 agreeing Votes of 3 unique Players. (That is to say, each Player may only Vote once on each Rule-Change.) All Votes must appear in the format, in bold italic type, "I vote yes/no on [username]'s motion to..." Note that any Vote not raised in this exact format is invalid. A successful Motion becomes a Rule-Change and immediately affects the Constitution, even if it has not yet been added to this post.
           a. A Motion is Defeated if two Players Vote no on it. A Defeated Motion may not be proposed again, unto perpetuity, though an amended version may be proposed.
           b. Introducing a Motion automatically counts as a Vote for that motion by the Player introducing it.

5. The first Player to 100 Flargles Wins.
          a. In the event a Winner arises, the game continues, and only ends on the emergence of a Victor.
          b. The winner will have their GSF nickname changed to "Danny Stinkfist" through abuse of moderator powers.
          c. Flargles are freely tradeable between Players.  One Player may gift Flargles to another by posting "I transfer [amount] flargles to [username]" in bold italic type, wherein [amount] is replaced by the number of Flargles being traded and [username] is the username of the Player receiving the Flargles.  This Transaction occurs instantaneously upon posting.  All Players begin with 10 Flargles, and at the time of writing, 4/6/2014, 00.53 GMT, all current Players have 10 Flargles.

6. All Rules save Rule 6 may not be retroactive, that is to say they only apply to posts, excepting the Constitution, which follow the introduction of the rule chronologically.

7. Mods cannot use their powers to interfere in any way with normal gameplay. This includes editing or deleting others' posts.

8. Players cannot edit their posts.
          a. Except Tesla with this post.

9. Krakow Sam cannot use articles or pronouns in anything he says, and must end every sentence with an exclamation point. This does not include policy.

10. Regardless of any other conditions, the GSN may not be won by anyone until 00:00 GMT on June 5th 2014.

11. Every 96 hours, an election is held for a Prime Minister. Each Player is allowed one vote in this election. This Voting Period lasts 24 hours, the last of the then Prime Minister's Term. The first Voting Period takes place on the 24 hours following enactment of this Rule. The Prime Minister is allowed to veto one Passed Motion during their 96-hour Term.


2/6/2014 - Neoadept's Motion to Render Flargles Irrelevant is passed. "Flargles" are heretofore known as "flargles."
2/6/2014 - Neoadept's Causality Motion is passed. See rule 6.
2/6/2014 - Tesla's **** Krakow Sam Motion is passed. See rule 7.
2/6/2014 - Krakow Sam's Motion Defeating Motion is passed. See rule 4, amendment a.
2/6/2014 - Krakow Sam's Motion to There Tesla Are You Happy? is passed. See rule 8.
3/6/2014 - Tesla's No Self-Voting Motion is defeated.
3/6/2014 - Tesla's Motion to Fix The ****ing Game is Passed. See rule 8, amendment a.
3/6/2014 - Krakow Sam's Motion to extend the game is passed. See rule 5, amendment a.
3/6/2014 - Krakow Sam's Motion to change Neoadept's nickname to something silly is passed. Neoadept now has 99 flargles and 1 flargle.
3/6/2014 - Krakow Sam's Motion to ruin winning for everyone is passed. See rule 5, amendment b.
3/6/2014 - Kenotai's Motion to Establish a Victory Condition is defeated.
3/6/2014 - Slinky's Motion to Make Sam Sound Mentally Challenged is passed. See rule 9.
3/6/2014 - Slinky's Motion to Make Slinky Stop Triple Posting is defeated.
3/6/2014 - Tesla's Motion to make the game a bit more interesting is defeated.
3/6/2014 - Slinky's Motion to Make Self-Promotion More Efficient is passed. See rule 4, amendment b.
3/6/2014 - Tesla's Motion to Establish Numerical Perfection is defeated!
3/6/2014 - Krakow Sam's Stability Motion is passed. See rule 10.
4/6/2014 - Neoadept's Motion for Having an Economy is defeated.
4/6/2014 - Tesla's Motion for Having an Economy, But Without Neoadept's Machiavellian Schemes is passed. See rule 5, amendment c.
4/6/2014 - Martyk's Motion to Install Fair and Just Leadership is passed. See rule 11.

Krakow Sam:
I make a motion to Enact a rule stating that 100 points be awarded to Krakow Sam effective immediately on the passage of the rule, causing Krakow Sam to win the game. For the purposes of voting, this motion shall be referred to as Krakow Sam's motion to get dosh.

I vote no on Krakow Sam's motion to get dosh.

Krakow Sam:
I vote no on YOU tesla.

I vote no on Krakow Sam's motion to get dosh as well.


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