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Does anyone remember NovaSpore?

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I google-searched the above with quotations surrounding NovaSpore and stumbled upon this little corner of the internet. Does anyone remember NovaSpore, or perhaps know if they've moved somewhere? The vote-based Evolution games they would do were always really fun, and I miss them. I recently started coding a utility to help run evolution games more easily, and was curious if there was still an audience for that kind of thing. :(


Was it another forum or a game mod or something?  If it was a forum or fan site I suspect it's long gone.

It was indeed a forum and... is indeed long gone, regardless of how much I wish that it wasn't. There are a few links scattered throughout google that lead to where it used to be, but all of them are now dead. I cannot even access some of the old topics, to go over the old days and perform research for the program that I'm writing now.

That information would be very useful... but I've resolved to continue making the utility regardless. The games that I'm referring to are present to some degree on this forum. Like this: http://www.gamingsteve.com/blab/index.php?topic=16897.0 but a bit more complicated and with... more participation and less pictures. But LIKE that.

You may be able to find some archived bits of the site using the Wayback Machine, but I wouldn't expect them to have much on a small site like a game forum.


And whoever is left at the Sagan 4 stuff might have some idea.  It's kind of similar to what you're talking about, but a more group effort and further progressed.


Or maybe someone else on this site remembers the forum you're talking about and can help you.  Far stranger things have happened around here.

Tried wayback machine and there doesn't seem to be any sign or breadcrumbs of the website. :( Thanks, though.

As for the utility I'm making, it's designed to keep track of a huge number of variables on a planetwide scale, including climate, weather, species, temperature, winds, etc. It's very basic right now, but I'm developing it more and more each day. It's supposed to make running the forum games for evolution easier on the one hosting it, and allow for easy modifications. It's text based.

Do you think anyone here would have any interest in that? :s I've been trying to find potential testers.


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