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Animal Crossing New Leaf

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Our topic to discuss this game plus post friend codes. I can make a list in in this original post so we have all codes in one place. :)

Friend Code
LadyM - 0576-4375-1498
Patman33 - 4682-8964-3303
Cobra: 2320 6158 8973
Mrs Cobra (Mel's) 5284 1430 6623
Gec - 1805-2197-8512
Celdur - 3625 8383 6432
Martyk - 2423-2767-6761
Inkling - 3995 - 6521 - 6621
Oviraptor - 1048-8894-3622


Get in here!

Here is a link to a face guide if you want to know how to answer the questions to get the face/character you want.

Friend code added above.

The gate is open, I have oranges. I'm thinking about redoing the town, not sure I want to keep it before I get too far into it. What fruit do you have?

Peaches are my native fruits. In a day or so I should have Oranges and Cherries. And tomorrow I'll have access to the Island to get more.


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