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Age of Empires II HD - Coming to Steam 4-9-13

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One of my favorite games growing up is coming to Steam Age of Empires II! Who else is jumping in?

Also in other news it looks like MS is abandoning GFWL.

I would love to! This is a great game and great news!


Hell yes!

Krakow Sam:
Man I played the hell out of this as a kid but I recently played it again over Christmas and I didn't like it so much :(

Based on my memories of the game I had always assumed that the strategy my friends and I had used as kids of turtleing and gathering resources until the Imperial age and then building a huge blob of whatever units to trample the entire enemy base was flawed and we only did it because we were kids, and that the more viable thing to do would be to raid enemy resource gathering etc.

Turns out I was wrong. The only way to play the game is to turtle, which made the first twenty minutes of every game I played pretty tedious since it was entirely spent building endless villagers and trying to make sure they were all busy gathering stuff because their AI is too primitive to do anything other than stand there like idiots once whatever they were gathering is exhausted.

Guess I've just been spoiled by today's more fast-paced RTS games and control point resource gathering mechanics a la Company of Heroes.

Maybe it has an AI update in there?


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