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Revolution! - Muskets, Turn Based Strategy and MS Paint
« on: November 01, 2011, 03:29:27 pm »
You were dragged out of bed by your fellow townsfolk, shouting that the Elves were coming to arrest those that spoke out against their occupation, and suppress you. You are startled, less so because of the shock of waking or the fact that butchers were coming to probably ransack your home town, but by the cold icy grip of the farmer's musket they press into your hand.

It's been a long time.


You shortly arrive on a cornfield outside the town, by the stream. The bridge had been smashed into shards, in the hope of delaying the hated Greenshirts. Organisation is poor and there is no real leadership amongst the armed rabble. However, someone eventually manages to shout over the anxious crowd that you are the only one here with real leadership experience. You are flattered, and with no-one else to turn to, the defenders turn to you.

You order the game hunters - the best shots in the town - to take our best rifled muskets and take refuge in the wooded hill, and have a vantage point over the elves.

The elves arrive shortly afterwards.

The armed rabble fire first, with little order.

Defender Turn

Rabble 1 (30) fires at Elf Militia 1 (40)
Roll 1: 19
Roll 2: 13
Hits for 13 FP Damage!

Rabble 2 (30) fires at Elf Militia 2 (40)
Roll 1: 14
Roll 2: 7
Hits for 7 FP Damage!

Irregular Sharpshooters (30) fire at Elf Militia 1 (27)
Roll: 8
Hits for 8 FP Damage!

Attacker Turn

Attacker Turn

Elf Militia 1 (19) fires at Rabble 1 (30)
Roll 1: 8
Roll 2: 5
Hits for 5 FP Damage!

Elf Militia 2 (33) fires at Rabble 2 (30)
Roll 1: 26
Roll 2: 2
Hits for 2!

Your men shot well, theirs did not. On the face of it, we appear to have the upper hand.

Round 2

Rabble 1 (25) fires at Elven Militia 1(19)
Roll 1: 18
Roll 2: 11
Hits for 11!

Rabble 2 (28) fires at Elven Militia 2 (33)
Roll 1: 5
Roll 2: 5
Hits for 5!

Irregular Sharpshooters (30) fire at Elven Militia 1 (8.)
Roll 1: 3
Hits for 3!

Attacker Turn

Elven Militia 1 (5) fires at Rabble 1 (25)
Roll 1: 5
Roll 2: 0

Elven Militia 2 (28) fires at Rabble 2 (28)
Roll 1: 28
Roll 2: 4
Hits for 4!

Your God! It appears that one of the Elven units is wavering! Your men are fire as if possessed!

Round 3

Defender Turn

Rabble 1 (25) fires at Elven Militia 1(5)
Roll 1: 1
Roll 2: 0
Miss! (RNG is a bastard D:)

Rabble 2 (24) fires at Elven Militia 2 (28)
Roll 1: 24
Roll 2: 14
Hits for 14!

Irregular Sharpshooters (30) fire at Elven Militia 2(10)
Roll 1: 11
Hits for 11!
Elven Militia 2 is Broken!

In a volley that will go down in the history books, you manage to rout a unit, the other isn't far off either!

The other unit is stubborn, however, and doesn't follow it's comrade's example. You are the De Facto leader, though it may not seem like it, and you could give the order to drive them off.

Do you:

A) Stay in your place, breaking them easily in the next volley.
B) Launch a charge across the stream to drive them off.

After all, you'd need to have the leadership and descision making skills that would be natural to a former:

1) Cavalry Commander, famed for daring flanking attacks.
2) Captain of a Regiment of Infantry-of-the-Line, known for inspiring the men to fight on against torrents of fire.
3) Leader of a Group of Light Infantry, commended for behind-enemy-lines activities.

Get posting!

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Re: Revolution! - Muskets, Turn Based Strategy and MS Paint
« Reply #1 on: November 01, 2011, 03:42:15 pm »
*flashes back to Oregon Trail*


Or 1. The dumbass that marches his men across that shooting gallery of a creek is the one that loses.

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Re: Revolution! - Muskets, Turn Based Strategy and MS Paint
« Reply #2 on: November 01, 2011, 06:32:23 pm »

That is my votes.
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Re: Revolution! - Muskets, Turn Based Strategy and MS Paint
« Reply #3 on: November 05, 2011, 04:02:19 pm »
You choose to stand your ground.

A wise move, as the enemy was close to breaking. After a few pot shots out of poor discipline later and the enemy retreat.

"Your" men barely believe their eyes. They wait for an hour, to see if they return, but neither sight nor word of Elves come. They return back to town to the cheers of your people, followed by respect for those who had fallen. But secretly, you worry about the coming retribution.

But for days, nothing. In fact, for some time, life continued as normal.

Then villagers from the nearby area came to you. They told you that your stand for basic freedoms inspired the rebirth for Human nationalism, and revolts were happening all over the land. They asked for you, as the leader of the original uprising, to lead the local people into the war against the Elven Empire.

You accept.

History Lesson

The Revalian Peninsula, historically was split into Four factions, ruled from the four Great Nations, which in 1828, on the eve of the new Century, was invaded and engulfed into the Greater Elven Empire, by orders of Emporer Llyliém.

  • The in the West was Éstane, which in 1784 donned the Tricolour of Republicanism, after a Revolution ousted it's Duke from power.
  • In Central and Southern Reval, The King of Stattemburg ruled over a confederation of Trading States, which was planned to be unified into one unitarian nation in 1829. It also frequently warred with Éstane over a disputed area of land, which led to tensions blocking any unification of the whole peninsula.
  • In the East, the Achenover Federation, the strongest militarily, frequently proposed merging with Stattemburg to form one Dual Monarchy, however this concept had little support in areas other than the "Border Provinces".
  • Finally, in the North was the Duchy of Sardany, which was the industrial powerhouse of the peninsula and also the richest.

After the "War of Revalian Subjugation", the Nations became protectorates of the Elven Empire, though each with different rights.

  • All lands not under control of a particular Protectorate were assimilated into the "Revalian Free State", which was essentially an Imperial Puppet.
  • Éstane was reduced to a city state, and the Republic was replaced with a Republican Dictatorship, under the control of a Pro-Elven council.
  • The King of Stattumburg was forced to abdicate, and was replaced with his infant Nephew. As well as this all lands not directly ruled by the Kingdom were added to the Free State, even if they recognised the King as their sovereign ruler.
  • The Federation of Achenover was powerful enough to repulse Imperial attacks in the east for some time, and was the last to surrender in 1805. Because of this, the terms of Peace that it had to abide by were more lenient, as they had a better position to argue from than other nations, allowing it to keep half of it's mainland and army, and simply became a client instead of a protectorate. The rest of the states under it's control was added to the Free State.
  • Finally Sardany was completely eradicated, and it's entire ruling line was declared illegitimate and exiled. It was added to the Free State.

And now, in the Autumn of '43, the first War of Liberation began, trigged by a small revolt.

Turn 1 - Beginning the War

(Dots show historical ownerships of the provinces. Civilian marks the provinces current owner, Troop holding Flag indicates an Army in the province, which owns that province by default.

Grey: Achenover
White and Blue: Stattumburg
Green and Red: Revalian Free State
Green: Elven Empire
Blue, White, and Green: Éstane
White: Revolting Peasants)

By winter, the Free State will have Mobilized it's reserves, and the Imperial army will be ready for war. This means you have 3 turns until the end of the season to begin the opening moves of the '43 campaign.

You must pick your opinions, and you may choose as many as you want:

Revolutionary Actions

Begin a Propaganda Campaign in a Neighbouring Province (Name Which) - 20 RP
Incite Peasant Revolt in a Neighbouring Province (Name Which) - 150 RP
Raise Support for the Cause in a Protectorate (Name Which) - 30 RP
Begin a mutiny in a Free State Army (Name which Province) - 200 RP
Send Guerillas into a Neighbouring Province, which temporarily prevents Enemy armies from moving there (Name Which) - 50 RP
Unify your Forces with a Protectorate and Lead their Armies - 80 RP, also needs good relations with the chosen Protectorate

Military Actions

Upgrade an Army's Equipment and Training (Name which Province Army) - 70 Gold
Begin an Offensive into a region (Name which and from where) -  100 Gold
Fortify an Army to defend from an attack (Name which) - 30 Gold (doubles for each fortification level)
Train a New Army (name which province) - 200 Gold
Send out men to look for a General for an army - Free at first, cost varies for different generals.

Begin your campaign, Leader

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