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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #165 on: August 29, 2011, 03:37:11 am »

Into the Night

     Captain's Log.

          This is Captain Ceramoleious of the TSS Illumination reporting.

          It has been approximately 13 Standard Days after the first wave of Nameless were detected in Galactic Space. The Nameless presence continues its push across the galaxy using momentum gathered from the initial attacks.

          Utilizing data gathered from our engagements with the enemy, we have divided their forces into four distinct categories...

          The Slave Fleets, which are the most varied of the four, seem to be a mishmash of multiple coerced and subjugated races. The weakest and most numerous of the four, these fleets are where the majority of our power have been focused, primarily due to the endless string of attacks these forces have been directing at civilian and strategic centers in the Local Sector.

          The forces nicknamed the "Corrupted" are similar to the Slave Fleets, but appear to be composed of locally commandeered military assets and personnel. Despite this, they have displayed an unusually high proficiency with programming, as displayed by the weapon deployed on Olosis. We have encountered eleven "Corrupted" scouting parties thus far, but have yet to engage any major forces.

          The True Nameless appear to be our primary concern with regards to TIER's overall operations. While the Illumination has yet to engage them, four Luminary Assault Carriers have been detected in the galaxy, thus far, any of which could strike without a moment's notice.

          The fourth, and perhaps most unexpected category, would be the Atomna themselves. These "Awakened" Atomna have thus exemplified a level of programming on the same level as a Terran, if not more so. The illumination has so far engaged and eliminated a single team of three Atomna, though more encounters are to be expected.

          The TSS Illumination was recently tasked to reinforce the defensive forces stationed around the Talsenreave Station. However, by the time of our arrival, any and all traces of the station, its defenders, as well as its attackers, have apparently, for lack of a better word, utterly vanished. The system which contained the station seems to have vanished as well, as comparisons between our skymaps and the galactic coordinate system clearly indicate.

          Likewise, the Luminary Assault Carrier previously headed for the station appears to have vanished as well, shortly before the Talsenreave. Scouts are continuing to probe both real and alternate spaces to confirm the enemy vessel's disappearance.

          The same phenomenon occurred on Verog, where we've received word that a massive Photos fleet, as well as the Orealyianis First Fleet, commanded by Acting Commander Ryo'lis and King Folizi, respectively, were conducting a planetary siege operation against the "Awakened" Atomna.

          If these phenomena continue to arise here and elsewhere, we may be staring at a new Nameless superweapon.

          May it not be so.

     A mild sense of disorientation hovered over Shanara's mind as he slowly pushed himself off the floor. Looking around him, he saw everyone doing the same. Activating his communicator, he quickly opened a channel to the rest of the Orealyianis fleet.

     "Status report!", Shanara called into his communicator, before promptly being answered by a deluge of reports from the fleet's different task forces. One particular report stuck him more than the others.

     Dusting himself off, Harous cleared his throat before inquiring about the enthusiastic expression painted on Shanara. "What is it, Shanara?"

     "The Vara.", Shanara replied, a pair of mild smirks on his arms.

     "We've found it."

     Turning around, Shanara then inquired about the other third of the combined fleets. "Kae'shaz?"

     "Ugh...", Kiyavi woke up inside his armor after apparently losing consciousness. "What, just, happened?"

     Opening his communicator, he quickly contacted the garrison.

     "Garrison, this is Admiral Kiyavi.",  "What's the status out there?"

     However, before he could receive an answer, an ominous sign entered the edge of his sight.

     "A... Dronel?"


     A refreshing sight enjoyed every morning by the GPA personnel stationed on the small, barren rock of Aum, the sole planet of the relatively obscure Hemnael star system.

     They weren't able to enjoy that particular event today, however, as everyone was busy repacking the lone outpost and shipping it off system.

     Above the skies of Aum lay another, different sight. This one, however, was filled with the aura of war.

     The bridge of the CFIS Airuno glowed a pale cyan shade as the circular chamber was additionally lit by multiple rings of sonic monitors. The Chivi officers manning the array of controls simply lay in their chairs, controlling the entire system merely through their thoughts.

     "How is the evacuation proceeding?", a centrally seated Chivi clad in smaller than usual armor inquired of one of her subordinates.

     "Ninety-two percent complete, Captain.", one of them answered, a sonographic projection of the lone garrison appeared before the Captain.

     "Excellent!", the Chivi Captain smiled before inquiring of another development. "What of the recently procured 'equipment?'"

     "Recalibration proceeding normally, mam.", another officer answered.

     "Splendid!", her smile widened, transforming into a grin. "Contact the other fleets!"

     "Those Nameless lackeys will never know what hit them!"

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #166 on: August 29, 2011, 04:43:01 pm »
"The sensors are going berserk," Kae'shaz responded. "Can't get a vocational reading. My guess is too much feedback. " The fleet, while intact, was disoriented and cut off. "We're going to try to get our bearings and get our eyes and ears back on-line. We can go from there." He added.
"Same here." Chimed in Ryo'lis. "Sensors offline, but otherwise we're ok, just shaken up. Whatever the Nameless have, it's beyond us."

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #167 on: August 30, 2011, 07:02:12 am »
"Agreed.", Shanara nodded to Kae'shaz.

"Nice to hear everyone's safe.", Shanara replied to Ryo'lis before turning towards the Vara. "Vara, this is Command. Regroup with the rest of the fleet, stand by for further orders." Switching channels, he then called for the rest of the First Fleet to reorganize as well.

Another line opened up in Shanara's communicator, this time from the task forces nearest Verog. Several files were then sent by the task force to Shanara's necklace as holographic images began to project from it.

"It appears Verog got transported elsewhere.", Shanara remarked at the planet's sudden absence. "Same case for its star."

Shanara's communicator began to ring as the device showed the Vara send an urgent transmission.

"You found what?"

"The enemy managed to breach my location!", Kiyavi called out to the garrison as he made short work of the Dronel, only to see dozens more take its place all around him. Taking them out as well, the Admiral saw dozens more replacing each one. On his communicator, the sound of gunfire began to ring out. "Garrison, respond! What's happening out there?!"

Kiyavi took to the air as he unleashed salve after salvo of MLMs, taking great care to minimize the damage to the station's internal structure. Zipping back and forth to avoid the enemies' barrage of particle beams, several figures caught the very edge of his sight. Sneaking a glance, he quickly realized they were scientists from the bunker. They were currently being swarmed by the horde of attack drones, the advance  barely being delayed by a rifle one of the scientists happened to have chanced upon. Kiyavi turned towards the survivors, sweeping the threats around them aside with a salvo of MLMs before promptly swooping in and lifting them into the cockpit.

"You guys okay back there?", Kiyavi asked, to which they merely nodded. "Don't worry, you're safe now."

Slowly, the enemy's presence began to recede, eventually reduced to a trickle as Kiyavi took the time to contact the garrison once more.

Composing himself, the Luzonian within the group began to speak. "Sir, if it's not against orders, can you fill us in on the current situation?"

"Been getting to that, actually.", Kiyavi replied, still waiting for the other end of the line. "I've been trying to contact the garrison for some time now, but it seems they've been breached as we-"

Words finally came through the communicator as the sound of weapons fire finally died down, prompting everyone to tune in.

//Admiral.//, it said. //It seems we're suffering multiple breaches all across the station. We've only detected minor forces, but it seems their starting to reorganize into larger groups at select locations across the structure. Sending the data now.//

Several images flashed inside the cockpit, showing the areas where the enemy were beginning to pool in. The VIP block, the Compressors Units and the Generator Blocks all showed signs of high enemy activity.

"Concentrate forces on those locations, coordinate with the other internal units if you can.", Kiyavi ordered as he ran through the images again. "Perform strict identification procedures on any forces you might come across. I repeat, perform strict identification procedures on any forces you might come across."


"Good. What about the outside?", Kiyavi added. "Any info from the fleets?"

//All signs of the enemy fleet are gone, sir.//, the garrison answered, a sense of relief apparent in his words. //However, it seems that spatial disturbance transported us into an alternate location, completely off of any known chart. We're still trying to contact headquarters as we speak.//

Apparently, they've pulled a complete retreat..., Kiyavi thought. "Have our scouts establish and observe the outer perimeter. Hold and inspect any vessel that attempt to approach it, from either side."

Kiyavi's armor touched down near the bunker's entrance, the cockpit opened up and Kiyavi jumped onto the platform below. He made his way through the passage once again as the bunker proper slowly came to his sight.

"Lazura...", Kiyavi hurriedly went to the unconscious Lazura's side, promptly checking him for any major injuries, of which thankfully there were none. Promptly lifting him up, Kiyavi ran back to the outside and climbed into his armor. He quickly placed Lazura in the other scientists' care before resuming control of the armor.

Kiyavi's communicator began to ring as he received a sudden transmission from the garrison.

"It really is the Talsenreave.", Shanara told to Kae'shaz and the rest. "It looks like we're not the only ones."

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #168 on: August 30, 2011, 02:32:23 pm »
Meanwhile, in orbit around Kuuruk...

"I'm bored. Anybody got that new board game from last week?" A young Pentekonterus groaned.
"Ok, seriously, Belvik?" Mlirku, captain of the Heavy Heart, bellowed. "This is no time for games. The universe is literally at stake here!"
"Alright, Captain, we're ready!" another crew member buzzed.
"Finally," sighed Mlirku. "We can rendezvous with the fleet."
When they arrived at the staging ground near Kiivck, the various ships in the fleet under Admiral Hirgolths were brimming with concerned soldiers and crew. The fleet was supposed to head for the spacelanes leading to Beyon. However, many who had witnessed the Nameless assault earlier were utterly terrified. However, they knew they would have help. And so, the fleet set off towards a battle the results of which would be yet unknown.
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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #169 on: October 05, 2011, 06:26:53 am »
Suddenly, a massive burst of energy rocked the space surrounding the fleet.

In the bridge, people were knocked off their posts as a powerful wave emanating from the blast slammed the vessel's hull, hitting it with near rending force.

It was then that Mlirku was hurled off his station before hearing a loud explosion, a sudden thud to the head following soon after.

Amidst the madness currently ruling the bridge, Mlirku struggles to collect himself and find order through the chaos blanketing his senses.

Blackness... His sight yet to recover from the sudden blow, he is left to grope the floor in search of his path.

Yet the Captain is undeterred...

Heat... With searing agony he moves every inch of his muscle, crawling across the now smoldering deck.

The Captain is undeterred.

Oblivion... As the last of the bridge's hull surrenders to the multitude punishments sustained from the event, the soulless vacuum of the beyond sweeps the room of air, numbering the Captain's last breath.

The Captain is UNDETERRED!

With the last of his breath, a surge of energy burst forth from his core, replenishing his strength, enough to at last hold on to his station.

Exhausted, he lays on his post, weakened, ready to surrender to what is soon to come.

He stays his heart, undeterred, living the final moments of his and his vessel's life.

Standing in the precipice of oblivion, his eyes open to reveal...


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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #170 on: October 05, 2011, 06:50:28 am »

Dimikos Talin stared with an intense rage at his screen.

"So first they turn against me, and now this ridiculousness? Did the game designers put this in deliberately for me?"

The new galactic simulation game was promised to be able to "revolutionize the way we look at war," but the entire thing had been building up in a steady stream of silliness, culminating in that damn cartoon.

"They're making fun of me, I just know it! Those damned designers are purposefully insulting me! And to think I could take some time off from my books to have some fun - But no, they never give it a rest even here! I'm the laughingstock of the whole galaxy, and they've made me into a meme! A joke!"

He went to bed feeling sour.


A week later, the offending programmers received a friendly bowl of moldy casserole.

"What an uptight jerk. No wonder the GPA invaded."
I came, I saw, I went back to bed.

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #171 on: October 07, 2011, 08:29:56 am »
Nice wrap!

We were in IRC wondering what happened here. Anyone wanna dish?