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[RG] The Society of Talas
« on: October 05, 2011, 10:11:00 am »
"Who in their correct, non-racist, mind would make a primarily galapolitical database, yet name it after a species?  [ ]

Galapolitics is complicated [REDACTED] you know."

- SAL-190112 "Salitas", Central Archivist AI of the Societal Historical Institute

A visitor from the "Internet?"

Interesting...  [─  ─]

It appears you've wondered into this thread at the wrong time, though.  [ ]

Sorry, but the Society's Database still hasn't finished setting up shop, so you might want to come back at a later time.

Oh, but before you leave.

I'm SAL-190112, commonly known as "Salitas", the Central Archivist AI of the Societal Historical Archive of Nilas, Tahan.

Once everything's in order, you're free to come back. But for now, try and bother some other AI, like "Lora".  [ ]

I'm certain you'll bump into him soon enough.

Until then.  [─  ─]