Author Topic: [KSM] A Darkness Amongst the Stars  (Read 2335 times)

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[KSM] A Darkness Amongst the Stars
« on: August 27, 2011, 09:37:45 pm »

Charlon was a world located on the furthermost sectors of the Source’s territory. Near, no, past the borders of civilized space. Considered isolated and remote-not because it was a backwater, rather, it was a lush paradise. Charlon was a world of faith, a great temple dedicated to the Source, a bastion and beacon of hope for the otherwise bleak and savage existence of wild space. It was considered by many the first step in finally enlightening the many uncivilized races that dwelled past civilized space-poor souls who had not yet witnessed the Source's glorious light, potential beings that could yet repent and finally join the chain of progress that guided the Sources’ teachings.

Charlon was littered with temple cities dedicated towards conversion and enlightenment, so full of faith was this world that other nations would have thought it a bit excessive. But to the Source’s higher powers it was just what was needed. Charlon sent out missionaries to every unenlightened sector it could, and results were seen quickly, thousands upon thousands of converts flocked to the world to learn the Source’s ways, and they quickly moved deeper inspace, increasing the religion’s following and thus the Source’s power.

This cycle of glorious conversion had continued for several years since the temple’s founding.

Until now…

At least one standard galactic month ago, Charlon had ceased sending transmissions, and the almost unending stream of converts moving into Source space from the planet had ended. Many have attempted to contact friends, relatives, and acquaintances on the planet but they receive only silence. It was as if the entire planet had suddenly been abandoned…

Wild Space: Temple World Charlon

Charlon laid naturally in its orbit, but the once lush world seemed changed somehow. On spots of the surface, an unnatural ice age seemingly took the grip of several continents. A strange and unholy glow occasionally showed its self in the atmosphere, yet conventional scanners could not determine what was causing it. The entire world just seemed to give an eerie feeling. The world few artificial satellites remained in their orbit, yet they were completely silent and transmissions to the surface where met with mere static…

But amongst this silence one signal broke through...

A distress beacon...

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