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Superheroes and Supervillians
« on: June 24, 2011, 09:55:33 am »
2 hero spots left. 1 villian spot left.

I know Mutants and Masterminds exists, but I found that a bit to in depth and serious. So I am starting this RP.

It takes place in Los Salvadores, California. This city is a playground for villiany and heroism, and is just waiting to be conquered/protected. So let's go.

How to apply. Fill out this form, although there can only be two heroes and two villians at a time.
Secret Identity:
Character I am most like: For example, if you picked "Iron Man" you would have the personality and motives of Tony Stark. If there is no matching, preexisting character, just explain your character.
Weaknesses: You must have at least one.
Additional Info: This includes NPCs you have such as companions, if you are another hero's sidekick, etc.
How to play. PM me your actions. DO NOT POST YOUR ACTIONS. I will post what happens. I will also handle NPCs.
My application:

Name: Crocodile
Secret Identity: Paul Bolton
Character I am most like: The Penguin form the original Batman movie, with a touch of Lex Luthor.
Powers: Powerful grip, technological genius, and clothes that resist harmful substances or weapons such as bullets or sulfurc acid.
Weaknesses: Is mortal.
Additional Info: Always wears green out of superstition, and has a dream of destroying Los Salvadores with a real-life Godzilla.

Okay, let's get going. Start applying, it's first  come first serve!