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A Voyage Through SPACE!
« on: May 02, 2011, 05:27:32 pm »
A Voyage through SPACE!

"As long as there is man, there will be violence."
"As long as there is violence, there will be war."
"And as long as there is war... we will always have a job."

— Anonymous

Do you seek adventure? Do you seek fame? Do you seek profit? Then welcome aboard the Astral Veil! Why you chose the life of a mercenary is known only to you. You came looking for work, said you could shoot straight and here you are. The galaxy is a rough place my friends, and as long as someone wants something or someone shot, we are never going to be out of a job!

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Re: A Voyage Through SPACE!
« Reply #1 on: May 09, 2011, 11:00:21 am »
Barada-dara's robotic form flew swiftly towards her intended target. As she got closer, the proximity sensors in the front of her torso indicated that she was fast approaching a large wall. As she got closer, it loomed high above her. It was the exterior wall to the D-ri Storage facility. She activated the engines in the bottom of her body and flew up high from the ground. Once she was a good distance from the ground, he flexible, she thrust her tube like appendage into the brick and mortar wall. Tools held within the flexible limb got to work, carving a hole into the exterior. Sirens were going off all around her, the law would soon be right on top of her. She thrust in her other appendage, with other tools at its disposal. With a great pulling motion, a large chunk of the wall fell away, leaving a gap that she could simply fly right into.

And so she did.

Once inside, there was a multitude of pristine glass and steel shelves, all housing medium sized, spiky life forms. She floated on over to the shelf and opened up the D-ri compartments located all around her torso area. So she picked up and deposited as many as she could reach, before the door across the room opened up, and Dususan drones opened fire into the room. She closed up the compartments, and zoomed out of the room the same way that she got in.

All beneath her was what seemed like the entire police force of the city. She extended her limbs and pointed it towards the police. Before she had a chance to begin firing, the police started barraging her with small arms fire. She was knocked around in the air, and started to come down to the ground, where they had officers waiting to apprehend her. But as soon as she was in range, her left arm started to undulate, and our came a round bomb. It landed in the midst of them, and went off, propelling her away and up. And inside her body, new connections were forming as she assimilated the knowledge held within the D-ri that she had stolen.

On the outskirts of the city, a ship was waiting, a transport vessel for anyone traveling off-world. Barada-dara had heard of this earlier in the day, and she planned to be there. The craft was getting ready to lift off as she approached, but was able to board on time.

“Attention Passengers,” spoke up the human made on-board computer, which had a feminine sounding voice, “we will be entering into orbit in just a moment. If this is your first space flight, please be aware it is perfectly safe. Our destination, the oceanic planet of the TMU, is a lovely vacation spt with sparse islands...”

LeNig/FeTe/ZuChu was swimming lazily out in the open waters of the Pe/No/Mo Ocean, just on the outskirts of Pan/Mi/Lan City. He was clad in his typical leather outfit, with a simple impromptu weapon, a plasma torch, on his side. He surfaced briefly, to look across the blueness at the vacationing beach goers. Humans, he thought. They have all sorts of islands and here they are polluting his beautiful beaches with their horrible smell that he could smell even underwater. Disgusting.

He went back under, and swam out and away from Pan/Mi/Lan, towards a remote location on the floor of the shallow ocean. On the bottom of the ocean where ye was headed was a ship, a pell-mell assortment of stolen technology and a little hope to keep her running nicely. It was the Astral Veil, and it was Captain PaNi/LuKa/ShisTan's pride, a small 30 meter long ship with a maximum crew of 55 and the ability to generate wormholes comparable to ones employed by the TMU military. He swam up to the ship, and entered in through the bottom of the ship and into the cargo bay. It was mostly empty, they had not had a job in some time, but the land based crew were doing their best up on the sandy beaches that land dwellers seemed to enjoy so much.

He swam up through the water filled decks up to the crew and paid mercenaries slept and ate. For now, there wasn't anyone there, as the vast majority of the crew were land ones. He looked over the bunks, and was only glad he had a room a couple decks up that was nearly as big as the whole bunk area. He swam straight past the engineering deck, it was all complicated stuff that he couldn't be bothered to follow up on, the only thing that he knew for sure is the human computer was kept on this deck, surrounded by shielding to protect it from the stolen Milika weapons. And so he reached the officer's quarters. He swam down the hall and pushed the buzzer to announce his presence to the captain.

"Yes, come in if you must."

LeNig/FeTe/ZuChu was used to his snide comments, the life they lead meant you had to develops such a personality to cope with it.

The door opened, and he floated inside, when he was greeted with a strange sight, a robotic person, if it was a person, over five feet long and covered it compartments of some unknown sort, and two undulating orange arms.

"So who's this?"

"LeNig/FeTe/ZuChu, this is Barada-dara. And I was in the middle of discussing business with her!"

"Her?! And business? So we have a job?"

"Not for you if you keep yapping."

"Now, now, gentlemen," said Barada-dara is an uncannily smooth, feminine vocalization. "I do not mind is LN/FT/ZC is present."

PaNi/LuKa/ShisTan grumbled a little bit. "All right, but just keep quiet."

"Now, Mister PN/LK/ST, you are aware of the dangers involved in taking in such a dangerous task?"

"Of course I am! The anomalies in that region are only half as dangerous as the people that reside there."

"Yes, not only will the Milika Military be after you, but utterly lawless pirates will possible attack you, ones even worse then yourselves, no offense of course!"

PN/LK/ST just let out a low growl.

"What is this job you want us to do anyways?" asked LN/FT/ZC.

"There's a research facility deep in what some people call the Wishing Well, owned and operated by the Milika. There's research there that I need that I cannot get from my own people, one reason being that I am considered a criminal there for my ideas, it's most tyrannical."

"Sounds easy enough."

"Hopefully it should be, but there's a few people that you may want to look inti adding to your crew, and while you're good, these guys are really unique."

"Go on," said PN/LK/ST.

"One is on Vyku, goes by the name of Riko. He's a stealth specialist, and you will definitely want him.

"The next guy is a Photo, he's experienced, and would be an asset to your group. His judgment is uncanny.

"Another guy you will want is a Vrin. I do not remember his name, and I think he is on some distant outpost. His race is reclusive.

"I noticed your engineering team is inadequate. There's a retired Xonian engineer, and 'it,' or he is you prefer, is always looking for a challenge, and this mission certainly will require his direction in repairs. He's currently on a far outpost of the Xonian Republic, close to the Wishing Well.

"A Child of Light, Xaros. He is a cybernetics expert and would be a valuable addition, and you don't need to go very far, as he can be found in the same place as the Vrin." If she could have sighed she would have just then.

"Okay, I'll see what I can do. Are you going to be coming, to make sure we make good?"

"Of course. I might be discovered hiding here, your ship is safer."

He sighed for real. "I guess we'll have to put up some walls down with the lower ranked crew..."

"I don't mind, I probably won't be there all that often anyways."

LeNig/FeTe/ZuChu left the Captain's room to allow him to finish the negotiations.

A few days later, after the crew had been reassembled from their long vacations, the ship was ready to resume its work.

“So you decided to join us after all?” asked PaNi/LuKa/ShisTan to Barada-dara.

“Yes, I absolutely must insure that the job is completed.”

He growled real low, but it wasn't as audible in the air filled room, as he was only in a tank big enough to hold him in the center of the bridge. “Helm, plot the wormhole trajectories for P‘üyl Station.”

The helmsman, a human by the name of John Smith started punching in a few numbers into his console. The three engines began projecting a spacial disturbance in front of the ship, which, within a few seconds, seemingly exploded in front of them in a large display of swirling blue light. The ship then coasted into the anomaly.

The ship, once in, shot through the warped space that the engines had created, twisting and turning in multiple dimensions not immediately comprehensible to three dimensional life. In a few seconds, the ship felt as if it had “snapped” back into normal shape.

Immediately in front of them, like an exercise barbell, or a two sided mushroom, lay the P‘üyl Station, and two of PaNi/LuKa/ShisTan’s future employees.
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Re: A Voyage Through SPACE!
« Reply #2 on: May 09, 2011, 02:20:58 pm »
P‘üyl Station. An isolated outpost located in one of the loneliest corners of the galaxy, once it was a place of value to its previous owners, but now its use has mostly faded, allowing all sorts of "different" activities, both legal and those rather in question with the law, a miracle that the GPA had not cleared the place out yet, though it was known that several powerful pirate groups made had their business meetings here, and an attack would likely mean fierce retaliation.

Needless to say, Valzoroada had no idea why the gods would guide him here…

The Vrin plodded through the wide halls of the station, his armor making a low but slightly audible thud, mainly because he was not trying to be sneaky. The armor encased warrior stood taller than most of the other species he passed, which gave him a wide birth, not only because of the Vrins rumored psychotic tendencies, but because many of them did not want to be too close to the grizzly trophies the Vrin kept visibly on his armor. One sentient, a human, became pale as he recognized one of the skulls on his armor as the same species.

Valzoroada had been traveling on his pilgrimage for quite a while, passing through countless shady environments, so the rough and tumble P‘üyl Station was hardly anything new to him, it was not too different then being on a Vrin world, where one had to be on alert and ready to challenge anything that got in his way. A few seconds later the Vrin spotted the cantina, a drink would do him good.

The automatic doors opened up, revealing the slightly lively bar, which quickly silenced for a second as the Vrin became visible, various sentient’s arms suddenly disappeared, likely gripping the grips of their blasters in case the Vrin decided to suddenly go on some rampage like they were said to do when confronting a species who did not share their ideology.

Yet the creature did no such thing, instead Valzor slowly stepped through the cantina, seemingly ignoring the other patrons but at the same time daring one of them to test their mettle against him. The bar returned to its livelier state as the Vrin made its way to the counter; the bartender looked up bordly, as if he had dealt with hundreds of psychopaths or strange beings that passed through, which he had.

"What you’ll have?" The alien asked, not even looking up as he cleaned a glass.

"Sargoth Ale."  The Vrin stated plainly.

Without missing a beat, the many tendriled alien shifted a few of his arms and set the drink, all while his others performed task with the hands of an expert. Seconds later the Vrin had for the drink he asked for, and the bartender turned away. The although the sound of drinking could be heard the Vrin’s back was turned, allowing no one to see exactly what the creature inside might have looked like or how it was even drinking in the first place.
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Re: A Voyage Through SPACE!
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Ozzy was currently doing a full diagnostic of all of the Astral Veil's primary, secondary, and support systems. He had been reactivated after the Veil's technicians had fully installed his mainframe approximately three point six-three standard Terran hours before and had finished a full, careful diagnostic of all of his own systems one point two-nine standard Terran hours before for any irregularities caused by his transfer from the cargo hold of the local space station the Astral Veil was docked with before it had jumped to P‘üyl Station.

After thirteen point one two minutes, he had finished his diagnostic. All systems were operating within acceptable boundaries, but he could see that some slight improvements could be made from his experience of being AI of multiple warships, mostly pirate or mercenary owned ships. Checking his chronometer, the AI "frowned" at the time, it had taken him longer than he would have liked to examine the ship's systems, but he was being cautious because there was some things on the Veil that was different than the other starships he operated.

For one, the Astral Veil had a multi racial crew, uncommon, but not unheard of. The next was that there were the ship had equipment that was made by a number of different races. The computer, Ozzy, was human made, though he was somewhat obsolete, the engines was constructed by the TMU, the weapon systems were Milika-made, and the hull was constructed out of Xonian materials.

The most interesting system on board to Ozzy was the Atom Breaker ship-to-ship turrets. He was directly plugged in to them, and after his diagnostic, there was a ninety-eight point seven-nine percent chance that he was going to be responsible for operating the cannons.

After determining that all was operating as it should, he reported to the captain, PaNi/LuKa/ShisTan was his name if his data file was correct.

A small beep came from PN/LK/ST's personal computer, then Ozzy's voice came from it. "Captain, I have completed both self and ship diagnostics. I am fully operational and ready to receive orders."
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Re: A Voyage Through SPACE!
« Reply #4 on: May 09, 2011, 11:30:15 pm »
The sleek humming of a nearby metallic door slowly locking in place echoed across a less traveled corridor in the deeper bowels of the station. A lone figure can be seen exiting into the streets and promptly blending into the varied crowds below.

"Jobless, still...", Xaros sighed in disappointment, his latest quest for employment falling flat on its face before proceeding to mop th floor with it. "One would think finding work would be easy in a place like this..."

Roaming the busy walkways, he made his way to his current place of residence in the outer sections of the station, on the way passing by a number of not-so-legal activities transpiring just partly out of sight in the many dark alleys sprinkled across the older parts of the station.

Passing through an old airlock harking back to the pristine days of P‘üyl, Xaros emerged into the newer parts of the station. Turning into a corner and proceeding down the street, the Child of Light spotted a nearby cantina. With a sigh, he ehaded for the door and made his way in.

While not needing to eat or drink in the traditional sense, the pleasures of "normal" food isn't against his palate either, or his sense of texture to be exact, as his body is alien to the very context of smell and taste. He doesn't know why his body works the way it does, as his kind is said to keep to themselves, making any serious study of their physiology an all but impossible task.

Regardless, he wanted to grab his meal, and no one was going to reason to him otherwise.