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Bio Clash
« on: March 18, 2011, 11:08:16 pm »
Ok, here's a little thing I was inspired by when looking at Sagan-4:

We build an army and fight each other with armies of creatures that we have genetically evolved over several turns. You would be able to have a species branch off into several genuses, for example:
         /  \
        /    \
    genus genus
       /\      /\
Or some variation thereof, I don't particularly care. Now, the way this works is as so:
In order to evolve a creatuere, you use a genetics point. You start with 6. ANY CHANGE YOU MAKE, big or small, costs a genetics point. You get one every turn, but later on, you'll be able to create things to get more each turn.
TRAINING POINTS: You use these to make creatures which would go into combat with. Training a creature costs 1 training point. If a creature has been modified less than 6 times, you get 2 of each with one training point. Combat would be carried out like this:
GroxGlitch                   FORUMITE
=2 Creature As= VS =1 Creature B=
5 GP                      6 GP
1 Atk                     2 Atk
1 Def                     2 Def
2 Spd                    1 Spd
MELEE                   MELEE
Attack (ATK): The attack power of a specific creature. If your creature(s) attack stat is higher than the defense stat of the creature you're attacking, you'll kill that creature. Speed decides who attacks first during the turn. Creatures that are created in sets of 2 (such as my creature A's) Act together unless one dies. Which means, together, they have 2 Atk 2 Def, but are still overall counted as 2 Spd.
Any evolution such as sharp teeth for biting, claws, scythes, talons, ect add 1 Atk.
Defense (DEF): The defensive power of a specific creature. A higher defense makes your creature harder to kill. Items such as shells, carapace, ect, add 1 Def.
Speed (Spd): The speed rating of a specific creature. Decides which creature attacks first. Evolutions such as legs, wings, and more developed feet add to the speed rating.
MELEE VS RANGED: Speed decides who attacks first in Melee vs Melee or Ranged vs Ranged, but if you have a creature with only Melee weapons against a creature with at least 1 ranged weapon, the creature with the RANGED stat always attacks first.

I tried to make these stats like a cross between D&D and Warhammer. Probably didn't do so well XD. Ah well.