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Bardic's Evo Game
« on: March 18, 2011, 02:18:09 pm »
Hello! I trust that those who would check out this topic would be the ones who were frequenting my former topic, Before My Hopes and Dreams are Dashed... For those who didn't, here is my goal: to see if it is still possible to get an evolution-based game which is not wholly DM driven off the ground here. (And one started by a guy who reference SAGAN 4 *oh horror of horrors* in his FIRST POST!)

Anyway, on to the game. As of now, I have not yet decided on a name, but, I assure you, it will not be *insert famous scientist here-insert numeral here*, but a perfectly normal planet name. I'm taking suggestions. For now, the game shall be called Bardic's Evo Game, for want of a better title.

The game will work thus: players can begin with a single proto-creature, writhing about in the primordial ooze, and a proto-plant as well, both cobbled together from a list of adaptations. These first species are microscopic. I have compiled a pointy-buy system for this starting point, with each player receiving 10 'evo-points' to spend on traits for both their flora and fauna.

Fauna Adaptation              Cost
Flagellum                          1
Cilia                                  1
Pseudopod                        1
Spike                                2
Tough Cell Wall                  4
Multicellularity                   1 point per cell

Any suggestions for other cell traits can be submitted to me and I will judge their cost. As a note: the point-buy system will only be used until this gets to macro (if it ever does). Following the first wave of entries, all further species can be evolved within the following limits:
1). No creature can grow more than one size category (i.e. a small microscopic creature cannot advance to tiny). The categories are
Microscopic: Less than 1 cm.
Fine: 1-5 cm.
Tiny: 6-15 cm.
Small: 16-50 cm.
Medium: 51-100 cm.
Large: 101-250 cm.
From large on, a creature can't get more than twice its former size. Also, creatures can't become macroscopic until they are in the 5th generation.

The submission format will be pretty basic:

Species Name:
Scientific Name (optional):
Size: - cm. (size category here)
Cell Traits: trait (cost), trait (cost)

As I know that not everyone has terrific drawing skills, I am giving people the option of commissioning me to draw the pictures of their organisms for them. Players can ask other players, as well, but as I am not master of their fates they can, of course, decline.

So! Anyone want to give this a try?

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