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Hack n' Slay RPG
« on: December 26, 2010, 03:39:51 pm »
Attack 9
Defense 9
Damage: 1d4
Armor: 0
Generic Hack n' Slay Roleplaying [Insert Name]
An ancient wizard caught you sniffing in his treasures, so he brought you to a labyrinth of gigantic scale. Filled with horrors beyond believes, the maze measure more than 20 square miles. Will you manage to escape the Dangers of the terrible maze.

You must insert a name, then you get to spend 6 points.
Attack is rolled against a d20, if your roll is lower than your attack score the enemy rolls a defense roll
Defense is rolled against a d20. If your roll is lower than your attack score you block
Damage: The damage you make when you hit the target
Armor: The amount of damage you absorb when you are hit. If you chose this at the beginning, you get natural armor. (costs 2)
Health: The amount of damage you can intake before you die. If you fall under 1/3 you get penalized with -1 on attack, when under 1/6 you lose -2 on attack

All stats are raisable ingame by magical items and potions, you can gain mutations, there is no xp. When you die you can restart with the same character or create new. You begin close to where the last character died.

Based on the name and stats you pick, I will create a character, note that we will not play a wizard or ranger, just hand to hand fighters of all ranges and races. There is magic in this world, I just wanted to go a gruesome way.

So pick your destiny.

Also two people should become dungeon masters. I will mostly make the actual writing myself, but I will take suggestions from the dungeon masters very serious (about monsters and treasures and traps) The guys submitting for dungeon masters will get a character that runs around the dungeon. They will eventually meet and fight. If the Dungeon master dies he's dead and a new Dungeon Master is chosen. The DM will get to decide on the stats of his character. Just as the protagonist, I will create the monstrosity.
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OK, both of you die and let us know what happens.