Author Topic: They Who Cannot Be Named - War of Attrition  (Read 1613 times)

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They Who Cannot Be Named - War of Attrition
« on: October 22, 2010, 08:05:31 pm »
Ry'olis couldn't quite take in all that was occurring in such a chain so fast. Planets across the galaxy were detecting Nameless ships appearing. First a traitor in his own ship, now this! Luckily, the traitor was confirmed not to be a Photos; it would appear the Nameless overlooked those who would potentially be their greatest adversaries. There was a confirmed group of three assault nodes above and ahead of them. With his fleet, it should be even.
"All ships...combat formations, fifty percent auxiliary power to weapons, fifty to shields! Prepare to have some of the hottest combat you've ever seen!" Ry'olis announced over the fleet channel, the entire fleet moving to carry out his orders. His own ship, the Leviathan, did so as well. They did a split-second warp and were right in the face of the newly arrived Nameless vessels.
"OPEN FIRE!" Ry'olis ordered. A maelstrom of Plasma blasts, accompanied by a fusillade of Antimatter bolts arced across the space inbetween the two groups of ships. Their initial damage was greater than Ry'olis had expected: By concentrating fire, they had managed to do respectable damage to one of the Assault Nodes in relatively short order.

The literal army housed inside the Leviathan's hull was on full alert, looking for the traitor amidst their ship. They weren't playing games, either; These guys were packing heat, including Rotary Plasma Rifles, a new variety; These could be carried by infantry not in Stealth Armour or in Shock Armour. These were fresh out of prototyping, and were not fun to be on the bad side of; they were only a little bigger than a Carbine; and considering the differences between the weapons, that's quite impressive no matter HOW you look at it. That, and the ship was in total lock down; Plasma fields coat the space every 30 feet in open hallways and in all doorways, plus the vent openings; there was nowhere that swine could run...