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Re: A Hitchhiker's guide to the Insaniverse
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Bump again. Wow, this thing sure died.

Ancient - Present

The Dark (Known as this by the entire galaxy, their real name is not pronounceable by any race besides themselves and the Manly)

The Dark are a deceitful and untrustworthy race. It is common to refer to thieves and rip offs as Dark ones, due to the Dark's long and deceitful reign. They were weak and didn't have any real survival skills besides their ability to sneak and go unseen, however, they were able to impress and seduce other races into trusting them. It was common for them to befriend a race one day, and then in the night, kill them in their sleep, and use their carcasses for heat or to scare of intruders, then eventually leave their stolen nest.

They had an extremely hard time surviving, their planet was a swamp, which challenged the Dark and Manly most, as they were not ideal for moving through swamps and forests.

They eventually met the Manly, an idiotic yet powerful race. They befriended them, and, actually didn't betray them. Since that day, any existing Manly have served as clients to the Dark.

They were a single gendered race, and did not require any stimulation to breed - they bred every five earth years, which were about 20 years of their home planet, during 'mating season.' This was disabled when they reached 100 earth years, during this point they would either die from a side effect of their breeding ability disabled, or live on for another 50 years as elders. Strangely enough, their life spans and breeding disabling dates were exact, they never lived 145 years instead, or maybe 120, or 160, either 100 from their deaths, or 150 as elders.

They were herbivorous, and typically stored herbs and such in the green, gooish part on their bellies.

The Dark are very interesting in how they were designed - they are born with large bellies and shockingly, their stomaches are usually empty, and serve no use except to carry items. The Green spot on his belly is actually goo-like and allows for them to reach into a special storage area, that allows them to store food and items. In modern society, many Dark have their 'Storage Stripes' removed and covered up with their own skin.

The Manly (They call themselves this to make them sound fierce, although this hardly works.)

The Manly are extremely idiotic carnivores, who, however, are agile and strong. They were the first 'friend race' of the Dark who survived their friendship and wasn't betrayed. The Dark noticed that together, their flaws were void, the Manly were powerful idiots, and the Dark were intelligent weaklings.

The Manly have two genders, and, to mate, the female must devour the male, as the... items... needed for reproduction can only be gained by devouring the males. However, one male creates several offspring, so some believe it is a 'fair trade'.

As time went on, the Manly became more and more loyal to the Dark. The Manly were mostly the Dark's body guards, or "Enforcers".

They are Dark's last and first line of defense, when they want quick destruction or when deceit and stealth fails...

They typically live between 30 - 70 earth years.


During the Tribal Stage, the Dark and Manly alliance began organizing squads, their 'Darsassin squads' and 'Enforcer Squads'. The Darsassin squads included all Darks, whereas the Enforcer Squads had mostly all Manlies, with one Dark commanding the unit.

The Darsassin Squads were used mostly against the enemies more powerful than anything they had, or just when their Enforcer Squads were being trained / healed - the Darsassin would either present themselves as friends and then murder everyone in the night, or kill off tribe members far away, one at a time.

The Enforcer squads were for when the Dark wanted things done with no failures. The Manly were mostly the prime attack force, who pretty much got things done near perfectly.

The Dark started creating a system for the Manly, that only allowed the weakest and least intelligent / most clumsy / most useless breed. The male's genes didn't matter, only the females'. It worked pretty well, as the weak ones died, while the strongest ended up fighting and dying for the Dark.

--City Stage--

The City stage was a breeze for the Dark. The Manly were too stupid to rebel, and even when other Darks of influence rebelled and tried to make their own nations, the Manly were loyal to their original factions. The Capital Empire, as it was called, was quite easy.

Noticeable during this time is the Arborus Rampages, in which tree like monsters began to start to appear, and would typically pop out of forests at random, killing thousands of Manlies and Darks, alike, who had become weaker due to the ease of technology. They were extremely fast, and amazingly vicious - It was easy for them to hide within forests.

A typical arborus Male. The Females usually hid as trees and were never actually seen, possibly, the Arborus were an all male race.

The Dark found this to be a significant problem. They started genetically modifying the Arborus' prime prey creatures, turning them more powerful, to starve the Arborus.

This did not work, and all it did was cause a massive balance problem - Many of the planet's lowest food chain creatures were now large and destructive, and many creatures had no source of food, which caused bigger creatures to die from their prey starving.

The Dark were not stupid. They knew they had little time left to either find a new planet or fix the balance of nature. They were near the stage of being able to travel to space, but were a bit out of reach. They, did, however, have a broadcasting device. They sent an SOS signal out of their planet, saying they were a rich Diamond colony under attack by vicious monsters. An Oraman ship, blinded by possible riches, landed. The Manly Enforcers seized the vessel and executed each of the Oraman. Including, an Oraman general.

The Oraman, however, were busy in their war against the Humans, they payed little attention to an Oraman ship dissapearing in an uncharted part of the galaxy.

In a few earth years, they had completed their first ship. After a few more years, they began calling mass evacuations, and so began, the space Stage...

-- Wanderer Stage (SPACE STAGE PART ONE) --

The Dark and Manly lived in a rather unkown part of space. The Dark and Manly star ships had been drifting for a hundred earth years so far, and the newest generation mostly forgot how life on planets was.

The last remaining Elders were starting to get annoyed. They demanded action, and the Top Darklings (Who were replaced every fifty years, in a competition which tested intelligence, deceit, and strategy) agreed. They started activating their engines for the first time in a century, when the old council, which was recently replaced, started becoming paranoid and inactive.

They eventually stumbled into a small military race. They realized an excellent chance at a new planet, and began improving relations. After another 25 years, they captured the planet. They assassinated most of the political leaders, and mostly everyone of importance, and then sent in their Enforcers.

They found the planet was better than their older planet, it was easy to navigate, and it was lush in plant and animal life. Ultimately, the military race was physically advanced and many scholars believe they could have contributed greatly to the Galaxy.

A Soklarr Warrior, as reconstructed from various pictures, logs, and skeletal remains.

Ultimately, the Soklarr's death was unknown untill several thousand years later.

The Dark began building and advancing their technologies, it was during this era of rebuilding that the most significant cultural changes happened. The Dark, plotting to build a massive empire, started devising plans and how to make themselves look good on first impression, for an easy first victory. Their current clothing mostly involved scraps and or nudity.

A Typical Dark representative, they put themselves off as a cultural race, friendly and timid, who used Manly for protection and interpreted the Manly.

The Manly, by the Dark's orders, do not speak. They and the dark attempt to make them look like a proud Military Race, but unable to pronounce any language except that which they and the Dark use.

They managed to get diplomatic relations with several races, and used riches obtained from the conquest of the Soklarr planet to 'enchance' relations.

After a while, they ran into the Herdavian empire, which was a relatively weak and new race.

A typical Herdavian diplomat / representative.

The Dark befriended them, and eventually started sending 'diplomacy squads' down on their planet. They all started visiting the important politicians at the same time, which ended up in them murdering almost everyone of importance.

They had their bombers start attacking Power plants over the planet, which were usually full of an extremely explosive substance known to Herdavians as Lofakk'tar.

Nearly everyone on the entire planet had died, and the Dark left the planet after plundering everything that's worth anything, however, one of the Herdavians managed to sneak on board...

-- The Fall and Wandering of the Dark (SPACE STAGE PART TWO)--

When they visited another planet of their 'allies', the Herdavian sneaked off-board and attempted to report the Dark's treachery.

The local race immediately realized that this made sense. The Dark had been planting soldiers on their planet, and there were reports of the Dark establishing Small spice colonies.

A local, which was a bit of a devil like creature.

The Gomblins immediately started attacking the Dark ships, and flew bombers to the Dark planet.

The Dark defense system managed to kill a few of them, though the Gomblins over powered the Darks.

The Dark fleet was ordered to destroy the Gomblin planet right before the Bombers managed to attack, ultimately, the Communications were knocked out, so the Dark Fleet completely ignored their Planet's destruction. They sent their Manly troopers onto the planet, who were able to maintain a ratio of one Manly killed for every ten hostiles. (They used a combination of cybernetics and massive weapons)

Ultimately, the Gomblins were destroyed, and the Dark were without a planet, their old one was covered in radiation and craters.

They eventually stumbled upon a new planet, however, they simply used it to rebuild their fleet. They started creating advanced star ships that emulated life back home.

The Dark became a fleet - based race, though some of them stayed on a few planets, the majority stayed in their fleet, which consisted of hundreds of ships, and grew every time they visited their old planets (The older planets are all on orders to build more star ships and assist the fleet on it's return).

The Dark still build their Fleet. They have a deadly reputation for betrayal, and over the thousands of years since the Gomblin wars, the Dark have become a truly ancient race... their fleet consists of hundreds of thousands of ships at present day, it is said that even the Grox fear the Dark Fleet, which has been nicknamed as some "The Shadows of the Sun", as survivors have reported that when they attacked, their thousands of ships blocked out the very sun.

The Dark have hundreds of planets, and their fleet is their main attack force, they all stay in one massive group, combining their shields for even stronger protection...

The Dark are still deceitful, however, they still manage to ally and betray hundreds of races, and their trades usually always involve the Dark killing the other and taking everything.

The Dark have so far been trying to enchance the entire Manly population, many of the Manly are subject to cybernetic enhancements to allow them to function as well as a typical Dark.
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Re: A Hitchhiker's guide to the Insaniverse
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A recreation of the LOXUS are next, featuring a lot of forms (the Loxus' evolutionary path has branched out and created several different Loxus races.)