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Re: * * *The NEW Superhero RP Second Arc Sign up
« Reply #45 on: October 31, 2006, 12:21:15 pm »

Name: Graviton

Age: 20000

Occupation: Universal Menace

Bio: Graviton is a purple alien. Its body shape resembles the one of a human, except for his more muscular body built, its size (about 3m in size) and his head (the head of a rhino). He comes from an ancient race that has been gone for more than 19000 years now. This alien race was biotechnologically advanced. Therefore they experimented with different beings. After they found a strange jellyfish on an ocean planet that could create gravitational fields they tried to combine this DNA with their own. Even though  the project succeeded, it was fatal for the entire race. Because subject one became a homicidal maniac with crazy powers. Not only could he create gravitational fields he was also able to suck out the memories and brainpower of other beings. Soon his planet was destroyed. He invented a device that would make him live forever, but his powerlust was so great that he went out to the galaxys to obtain omniescence by combining the different races. Through his conquers he also learned telepathy, and telekinesis.

Super Power: Create Gravitational Fields, suck out brainpower, telepathy and telekinesis

//There was another planet. A planet that was led by a promising race. To this point they hadnt invented any interessting Technology, but they were very strange in their social interactions, furthermore did they hold a great knowledge in tactics, through many wars in their history. Oh yes, the humans. A powerful race of little dwellers. Each of them was an individual of great potential. Not like the Klackon Ants, from Klackonia who were all telepathically controlled by the ant queen. I wonder if I could contact one of their specimen to make my conquest even easier. Also, I cant forget to save some exemplars to experiment with them.

Interesting, I hope you don't suck out my little friend, lol

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Re: * * *The NEW Superhero RP Second Arc Sign up
« Reply #46 on: November 08, 2006, 06:18:02 pm »
Name:  Magically Autonomous Temporal Computing Instrument (Matci)

Age:  About five minutes

Occupation:  The controlling entity of The Dark Strangers base.

Bio:  Created a short time ago within the core of The Dark Strangers base by an imbalance and the feed back systems put in place to correct the imbalance (see Strangers Fun Fact-o-Rama in the main thread).  When it emerged it had no knowledge of the world or any personality, but quickly absorbed the data in Strangers network and constructed a personality from what it learned.  Although it has free will it is fanatically loyal to Stranger and will always put Strangers orders, including those in the original programing, above all else.


The Wizards Glass:  Because its thoughts are carried out via a fragment of the Wizards Glass it has enormous amounts of magical energy flowing through it at all times.  Knowledge on the Wizards Glass and its fragments is extremely limited and new properties may be discovered in the future.

Hyper Intelligence:  Due to its nearly limitless processing power and truely limitless memory Matci can easily count itself among the most powerful intelligences on earth.

Strangers Base:  Matci has direct control over the entire base, which, due to the number of spells in place there, makes it extremely powerful within the bases confines.
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Re: * * *The NEW Superhero RP Second Arc Sign up
« Reply #47 on: May 12, 2014, 09:01:52 pm »
Second arc sign-up... sheesh look at those names up in the first post. And those characters! haha man I remember Basil so well!!

A lot of talented players in that list. And some of them were driven away with pitchforks and torches. This is the kind of thing I feel awful about. I mean, these are people. Real people. And we were mean to them. And yeah, we were younger but we were old enough. I wish I could take it back. :\

But man oh man. Second arc sign up! You guys remember this? We were firing on all cylinders around this time. This is when the Superpower RP was hitting its stride. The Historical RP would happen soon, I think. Our best works! :D