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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #150 on: October 06, 2010, 03:35:05 pm »
On Arkenese I, Val'ones' Nameless units and the Photos soldiers that were trying to stop them had come up pretty much equal so far. Val'ones grew impacient, and was angered that the battle in orbit wasn't exactly going his way. On the ground, the advanced technology of the slave units under his command may have given them an advantage against the Photos infantry, something unseen for a long time, but in orbit, the antimatter weaponry of the Photos far outpowered the slave fleet's. In fact, they were so unmatched, it was almost onesided.

"What is this? I expected results, not this pathetic excuse for an attack!" Val'ones snapped. While his ground troops were on the verge of breaking the Photos, things in space weren't going nearly as clean and quick as Val'ones would have liked.
"Sir, we're doing the best we can, but...but our best abilities lie in ground battle, we are not very good at space battles...sir....." The slave fleet commander said, puttering out for lack of any better answer.
"Graah..." Val'ones groaned, pulling up the assault node on the channel.
"Lakism this hasn't gone my way in orbit, any odds of coming in for support?" Val'ones asked.
"We ourselves can't come, the Assault Node is pretty shot up after that conflict with the Photos worldship, but we can send another slave fleet that specializes in orbital combat to support you." Lakis answered him.
"Perfect." Val'ones acknowledged.
"Consider it done." Lakis cut the channel, dispatching the rienforcements. Within a minute, another fleet had dropped into the system to support Val'ones' dwindling numbers.

"Damnit, they called in rienforcements. And these guys look more powerful, exponentially so." Ry'olis commented as the new fleet already destroyed two of the dreadnoughts he had. "I think we aught to call some more in too." Ry'olis said, pressing a button on the command console. A few minutes later, a repaired P.S. Leviathan warped into the system. The massive ship singlehandedly decimated even the new fleet. Within seconds, Val'ones' command ship was all that remained of the fleet.
Without the Photos ships seeing, Val'ones recalled his ground troops.
"No ships left to hide behind, Val'ones. Time to die." Ry'olis said.
"Not today, my little friend." Val'ones quipped, his ship vanishing out of nowhere.
"What the-where the flying frack did he go?"
"Localized teleport, sir. He teleported from the system." The sensor operator told Ry'olis, who's only response was to slam his fist down on the command console.

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #151 on: October 06, 2010, 04:03:02 pm »
”OH No You Don’t!”

Verys summoned what was left of his spirit and punched the crumbling entity with his burning hand. 

The Atomna was halted long enough for the battered knight to tear off the raged remains of his chest plates.

The Zero Point Core glowed brightly as he pulled it from its place. The bluish white flames that had engulfed Verys since the beginning of the battle died out.

//Commander, what are you doing? Withdraw, withdraw! You can’t fight in that condition. This is an order! // Garezz’s voice crackled on the com-line.

Verys allowed himself a microsecond’s glance at the Core that had served him so well. It couldn’t help him anymore anyway; the strain of the power levels had reduced most of his high powered devises, to little more than molten slag… but there where others that could use its power.

“Get this to the Photos. Ty'cen will know what to do with it!” He called as he threw the glowing core to his rescuer.

//Verys! //

//Lord Garezz, forgive me, but...
There is no choice!
We are who we are, we do what we do!
With all the might his backup power generator could muster, the Wexxian Knight tackled the Atomna and plunged them towards the heavens and the falling pieces of the moon.

“You, my enemy... my brother in arms!  You fight without knowing why… that’s why you will lose!”

The howling winds silenced, as the struggling pair broke out of the atmosphere.

“I fight... because I choose to! Because I have people I want to protect! “

Fighting tooth and nail the two combatants hurled towards the broken pieces of the moon.

“For the future of my wife and daughter, I CANNOT allow myself to lose to you!”

The sky was alive with silent fire as the Allied Fleets gave their opinion on the matter.

“This is the answer, the reason we fight! Because… THERE’S NO FREAKING WAY WERE LOSING!”
The battered knight roared into both subspace and the empty void as the two battered and broken demons collided with a large moon fragment.

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #152 on: October 12, 2010, 05:55:26 pm »
Even after the increase in alert status, there were still pockets of fighting errupting throughout the galaxy, and there was little the Photos could do to stop it. As large and powerful as they were, they were still just one empire, and all the other empires were in disarray. Indeed, even the Photos were in disarray to some extent, dispite their organized and methodical-appearing response. The High Council was up to it's neck in big decisions needing immidiate responses, and the situation was, overall, quite dire. And what happened to Val'ones was quite disturbing, and they had their empire's best neuralmechanists on it, trying to figure out how to bypass or otherwise disable the nanites.

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #153 on: October 14, 2010, 08:01:29 am »
"VERYS!", Sekira yelled as he tried in vain to dash towards the blinding explosion only to be swept back by the massive wave of distorted space produced by the clashing of energies. Cast asunder by the, the Orealyianis struggled to maneuver his armor to the safety of a nearby ship, which was itself starting to get swept away by the exceedingly powerful blast.


... a beam of icteric light raced across the chamber as the echo of frantic footsteps rang through the dark field of haze. The flash of actinic lances gave an intermittent glow which revealed the faint silhouettes of the beings behind the fracas.

"Watch your back!", the largest figure hurriedly conjured a web of crimson symbols as he leaped across the hall and landed just behind another, far smaller cloaked persona. Unleashing the program's true form, several rays of energy fanned across the blackness, seemingly hitting nothing until a small string of explosions quickly came to view.

"One of them...", the other robed persona whispered to his companion while casting a luminous barrier of particles which covered their forms. Hopping onto the other's back, the two began to summon an increasingly ornate, disc-like projection on the larger one's hands as a massive shadow began to loom above them. "... has fallen."

"The one on Olosis?", the larger one added, as he tilted his stem-like arms toward the above presence.


A large pillar of light bellowed forth from the glowing disc as a large, obsidian spherical briefly became visible before disintegrating amidst the intensity of the great light.

"Well, that's several dronels down!", the large one remarked as he began to weave a portal, while the other gave cover.

"We must make haste...", the small one answered back, jumping into the air before swiftly spiraling downwards while brandishing a pair of long, actinic blades, cutting down a pack of dronels which frantically tried to swarm them.

"Got it!", the other one pushed against the newly formed gateway, the two f them vanishing in a brief flash of light.

Elsewhere in the chamber, the other cloaked entities were in their own respective engagements, all of them staving off the almost literal sea of dronels as they each made their way deeper into the expansive hall.

On the other side of the chamber, an infinitesimally faint glimmer of light began to announce its presence.

The crew of the Vara Orealyianis gave a synchronous salute as Shanara once again set foot on the vessel's bridge. This time, however, he had in his company another, far more important figure than he himself...

//Greetings, your majesty...//, the Vara's AI greeted the Orealyianis Monarch to which it replied with a slight nod before marching towards the captain's seat. Following after him, Shanara took a station just behind the King himself.

Elsewhere aboard the vessel, and in the Orealyianis First Fleet as a whole, the comms network quickly came alive as an announcement from the Vara Orealyianis' bridge echoed across the fleet.

//Attention all units!

This is Nine Star Admiral Shanara Kazamadariya speaking.

I hereby transfer command of OMS Vara Orealyianis to His Majesty Foriza Kazamadariya under standard protocol under CODE GREY.//

//This is King Foriza Kazamadariya speaking.

As everyone knows by this time, the Orealyianis Monarchy has officially entered CODE GREY mere hours ago following a galaxy-spanning chain of attacks perpetrated by what seems to be none other than the Atomna Semi-Singularity and several rogue GPA fleets.

As such, I hereby command the Orealyianis Stellar Navy First Fleet to conduct a full-scale assault on the Atomna homeworld of Verog...//

The Monarch carried on with his speech as ships upon ships began to launch from their ports and swiftly fly into their respective formations within the fleet.

The King knew that if something far more sinister was hidden behind the Atomna's actions, that the only way to unravel it was to head for Verog itself.

Back on Olosis...

The light has finally died down as fleets returned to formation and scans poured in from the epicenter of the massive blast.

Several successive readings showed an absence of energy signals that would entail of the demon's presence.

And as more and more scanners recovered from the blinding explosion, a reassuring image slowly came to view.

A colossal tattered husk, completely devoid any movement or light.

The Awakened Atomna, has finally been vanquished...

Yet it seems, it wasn't the only one that had fallen...

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #154 on: October 15, 2010, 08:27:32 pm »
Drukl was finally at peace. He had come to terms with the fact that he was most likely going to die within the next galactic standard hour. The last member of the Baluvar continget, however, was restless.
"We really should get back to Kuuruk. Who knows what's going to happen if we stay out here?"
"We have no ships here yet. We must rely on the charity of our allies."
"You... you aren't yourself."
"Hehehe... You noticed..."
With that, the soldier darted away down the hall to send a transmission back home.
//What is it, soldier?//
//It's Drukl. I think he's dead! The Nameless have replaced him with someone!//
//This is certainly troubling. ...You know, we never did find the High Priest of Nirbalu's body...//
//Of course! The Nameless recruited him! It's got to be! Send a message to-//
//Respond! Soldier? RESPOND!//
//Oh, don't worry about him. He won't be needing this communicator anymore...//
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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #155 on: October 15, 2010, 08:47:16 pm »
"Commander Ry'olis, unauthorized burst communication from inside the ship. To Kurruk. Appears to have been interrupted forcefully from our camera feed." The Levithan's comms officer said. Ry'olis had just transfered onto the ship from the Devastator.
"Greeaat. Emergency lockdown protocol 2541-19A." Ry'olis commanded. With the press of a few buttons, the bridge and other sensitive sections of the ship were locked down with 4 1/2 inch titanium alloy blast doors, and the auto-turret defense grid was brought online, ready to get a command. Whoever this little traitor was, they weren't going anywhere. A clean-up squad was mobilized to search the ship, and keep an eye out for anyone suspicious. When they got to the Communications Node the signal came from, they found one unconscious Pentekonterus and the interrupted comms feed. The leader played it back, revealing what happened.
"Commander, we have our traitors. Set the grid to kill Drukl and that High Priest of Nirbalu person. Uploading our evidence now." The captain said, transferring the files to the bridge. "Alright, that Pentekonterus couldn't have gotten far, let's hunt him down." The captain said.

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #156 on: October 16, 2010, 06:38:18 am »
"Enemy unit destroyed supreme commander! Victory is ours!"

"…" Scourge could not really count this as any sort of victory, at least not a glorious one, what had they done? Get ambushed by what was obviously a vanguard to the Nameless invasion? Let an entire galaxy get disorganized by said ambush? Fight with everything they had on hand to put down one target that was was not even a true Nameless?

"Have all units scan the wreckage, and salvage what can be repurposed and assimilated into our arsenal. Make sure there’s no enemy survivors…"

Scourge opened up a new channel on the hive network as he made a call to a certain high warlord fighting on another front of the galaxy…

High Warlord Ragaran was in command of another Combine battlefleet, one of many who were travelling the galaxy, eliminating any presence of rogue GPA ships systematically, yet it seemed whenever they drove off or destroyed one rogue fleet, another soon appeared, it was like trying to kill a Voka-roach infestation, whenever you think you kill the little bastards they suddenly just pop out again. His thoughts were interrupted by a notification of a transmission from the supreme commander, something you do not ignore.

"High Warlord Ragaran reporting supreme commander. What’s the status on the battle of Olosis?"

"Victory was ours in the end." The supreme commander replied without the usual enthusiasm that followed a victory. "The rogue fleet was destroyed and the Nameless agent exterminated. What of your assignment on destroying the rogue fleets spawning in the galaxy?"

"Well enough, we have been hunting down and systematically eliminating each one, though were are essentially dealing with a galaxy under siege…"

"Then continue, and show no quarter high warlord, if anything gets in your way, friend or foe….exterminate it." The supreme commander closed the channel, leaving Ragaran to his duties
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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #157 on: October 16, 2010, 07:50:17 am »
Cheering filled the Titan's bridge with the Atomna's defeat. They didn't think they be able to kill, yet they did!

"Quiet down! All of you!" Turov yelled. The bridge quieted down. "This is only the beginning! The Nameless will be coming here in force soon and we still have rogue GPA fleets prowling the galaxy. We have received new orders from Command that when we defeat the Atomna, we are to begin search and destroy operations to prevent the rogue fleets from damaging our future supply lines once the location of the main Nameless invasion force is confirmed.

Task Force Delta and once completed, Task Force Omega will assist us in this mission. But, before we do anything. Olosis must be fully evacuated. Call back all gunships and have them refitted for search and rescue, destroyers will assist in the search."

His orders were quickly followed, all the fleet's remaining gunships returned to their carriers and within thirty galactic standard minutes, all of them were speeding to Olosis with destroyers right behind them.
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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #158 on: October 18, 2010, 10:25:36 am »
The Lord of the Infinite’s bridge was deadly silent as the crew gazed upon the final result of the fighting.

“Knights, Stand Firm!” the growling voice of old captain Garezz barked.

“We no carry our fallen brother in our hearts and on our backs. He gave his life, so we could carry on his legacy!

Regroup the fleet, eradicate the remaining enemy forces and prepare for coordinated hyperspace jump.
Burn these bastards off every world spinning. Tear the trespassers from our skies“

”Sir, we also lost the Destroyers ‘Dauntless’ and ‘Leviticus’. The captains survived but, combined with the loss of our First Knight… our estimated combat strength is now at 65 %!” His Executive Officer reported.

“That changes nothing, we have our orders. Deliver Vengeance on the nameless and those who follow them… And we will!”

“There is also the matter of Verys’ Zero Point Core. It appears that he passed it on to the Photos. Military Protocol prohibits the distribution of artifacts above Tech 3, 5… as such I would deem it prudent to retrieve the Core from the Photos quickly!” the XO continued.

“These are extreme circumstances; The Photos might be able to use that Core better than we can. I will not regain on the last whish of my First Knight. The Photos will keep the Core for now… and we survive this, then they will have earned the right to it!”

“Sir, protocol requires…”
“My Decision Is Final!” Garezz turned on the spot and walked to the black obsidian monolith at the far back of the bridge. The Memory of Fallen Knights.

As the crew carried out his orders, the Lord of Vengeance carved the remembrance of his knight into the black volcanic glass.

1’Th Knight; Commander Verys Deleros-Enerva-02-3

‘I fight because I choose to. Because I have people I want to protect ‘

Garezz looked at the inscription he had wrought.

"I will take your dreams and hopes… and carry them with me into tomorrow and beyond. This I swear!

You will pay for the lives you have stolen Nameless, this is still only the Beginning!”

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #159 on: October 18, 2010, 03:36:28 pm »
Dispite what Garezz had said, the Photos had every intent of giving the Zero-Point Core back. Ty'cen borded a shuttle, which already had the Zero-Point Core loaded on. It launched and docked with the Lord of the Infinite. Ty'cen went to the bridge, and announced when he arrived;
"I am very sorry for your loss, great Wexxian. I have come to return Verys' Zero-Point Energy Core; we have no need for it. We were going to use it to propel the moon fragment, but as that situation handled itself, the point for it is pretty much nil now. Again, sorry for your loss, Verys was one heck of a fighter." Ty'cen thought for a moment.
"I have noticed your fleet is astoundingly small. Where are the rest of your people?" Ty'cen asked Garezz.

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #160 on: October 18, 2010, 04:44:35 pm »
Garezz accepted the Core from Ty’cen. The golden glow from it reflected in his graying scales.

“This is what remains of the 47’th Rapid Response Fleet.  Our ships can go toe to toe with the best of the Nameless Slaves, but our numbers are… as you said, few.

Things where not supposed to have gone this way!

We where only here as a show of the Wexxian Empires patronage of Origin. If the Nameless attacked then a fully equipped, Galactic Defense Fleet would have been dispatched to deal with it. But we can’t contact them anymore and the last thing we heard was that our Capital had fallen.”

The grizzled Soahc looked earnestly at the Photos.

“I will not give up hope on Meridian, but I will not lie to you… we should assume that there are no reinforcements coming from either the Tri-Wexxian Empire or the Terran Resistance. But I do promise you one thing! “

The Lord of Vengeance held out his clawed hand at Ty’cen.

“We won’t give up!

We’ll keep shooting them till our ships are wrecked and our guns broken.

Then we’ll stab and slice them till our blades are sundered.

Then we’ll punch and kick till our arms and legs are gone.

Then we’ll bite their ugly faces of.

And we will laugh like madmen as we do it!

That’s who the **** we are. And we are with you until the end!”

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #161 on: October 19, 2010, 02:48:21 am »
The echo of frantic steps reverberated across the hall as a group of hooded figures broke the thin sheet of ice that coated the obsidian surface. A thick icteric mist sprang from the personas' wake, mixing with the seemingly impenetrable haze which had likewise consumed the chamber amidst a dimly cast shower of light.

"He had already went forth! We must make haste!", one of the smallest ones called out to his equally hurried companions.

The group's swift advance to the end of the dark tunnel was momentarily hindered as a brilliant flash of light obscured the path beyond. As the light died down, several smaller sparks ran across the horizon as a preview to the coming encounter revealed itself to the hooded warriors.

"Typical of him to charge alone like that!", the second largest figure staggered for a moment due to the flash, but soon regained his pace.

"... quite similar to a certain other someone that I know of.", another figure, one of the smaller ones, added somewhat cheerfully. "Truthfully, however, I did enjoy that little speech of yours back then."

"Speech?", the other asked in response.

"The one from the Milika-Suparan War, of course.", the small one answered back before a powerful crimson glow began to emanate from the sleeves of his cloaked form. "Let's hope we get to last long enough for you to do another one.", a slight smile appeared on his shadowed face as he look straight towards the battle beyond the passage.

"Let's finish this...", the largest one solemnly whispered as he slowly took the lead and an equally, if not more powerful crimson aura radiated from within his robed appearance.

As the beings sprang past the dark tunnel's threshold, a comforting lack of fog dominated their senses as the image of the chamber beyond completely came into view.

Not everything was to their liking...


Soaked in vivid, actinic ichor, and strewn across the dark floor, in different corners of the expansive chamber's eerily silent horizons, were what seemed to be the remains of a robed Terran-Ixian warrior.

"Kanenatsu!", a small grey cloak flew into the windless void as the figure within it leaped across the dark and lustrous surface, his true appearance reflected vividly upon the floor. Placing his hands on Kanenatsu's barely sustaining core, a ring of red light formed around the mosquito-like figure before a quick and sudden flash transported the two beings to behind a wall-like defensive formation created by the other figures.

"Then I guess, we'll leave Kanenatsu to you, Hiraoto!", the second largest of the remaining figures remarked with renewed vigor before turning back his attention to the other members of the group.

Nodding in unison, all the hooded figures grasped onto their cloaks as they synchronously tossed them aside, revealing their true nature...

Minister Kurefa of the Marakiri!

Overlord Ragansa of the Choro Deidalus!

King Harous of the Luzonians!

Crown Prince Folizi of the Orealyianis!

"SHOW YOURSELF!", Folizi's call echoed across the seemingly infinite void.

Suddenly, a slight and continuous tremor shook the ground beneath the warriors' feet as a lone, and seemingly distant light appeared above the distant horizon. Before anyone could properly react, an ominous voice invaded the group's collective senses.

It's tone, insidious, it's form, utterly corrupted...

A single being alone, in all of the Nameless Empire, could harbor an aura so twisted that even the Nameless themselves are moved by its very presence...

The Violator...


"Your majesty!", came a frantic call by one of Vara Orealyianis' operators. "You'll have to see this..."

"Put it on screen.", Foriza promptly ordered as the entire bridge looked at the figures projected in the center of the ship's bridge.

"Virtually ALL of our outposts are picking up an insane amount of signals from above the galactic disk!"

"What is this I don't even-", a bridge operator on one of TIER's Athanatsu-Class warships blathered out as energy a hail of high-intensity signatures bombarded the craft's myriad sensors.

"What in the name of...", another one reacted in a similar manner, gaping in utter shock at what he had just witnessed before him.

"What is it?", a Choro Deidalus sitting on what appeared to be the captain's chair called out to the stunned TIER officer.

"Captain, we're getting MASSIVE energy readings from four distinct points across the galaxy!", another one pointed out before the first one could answer.

"Please elaborate.", the captain

"We're running secondary checks on it right now, captain, but if what we're gettting is true...", the officer carried on after a slight pause, still trying to let it sink in himself. "... then the gravitational fluctuations within the affected regions really are pointing out to objects the size of which, we have never encountered before..."

"Yes?", the captain raised his head slightly, waiting for the officer's ultimate supposition.

"A full-scale star system, captain...", the officer answered back, dread showing vividly in his small pair of clearly mortal eyes.

A full-scale star system...

Colossal rifts in the fabric of existence itself, the scale of which rivaled even the worlds themselves, dotted the war-torn horizon of Origin as a seemingly endless menagerie of various alien forms bellowed forth from the great portals, raining down from the heavens itself, drowning the ocean of stars in an ominous fabric of exceedingly corrupted light.

Scattered amongst the vast cloud of distorted steel and flesh which defined the dark army, were four thresholds of ruin which hovered above the celestial firmament of Origin itself. Massive rings of icteric light open their gaping mouths across the endless void, the cacophony of burning souls ceaselessly singing in unison as the malevolent manifestations' disturbingly spasmodic surfaces began to give birth to the twisted cosmic horrors that will soon come to be.

Just as it has on Meridian, now upon Origin, the multitude gates of hell have opened their gaping passage as the cradle, Origin, finally begins its greatest struggle yet for victory...

... and survival.

Torpalian Space

A slight change in the distant cosmic horizon soon became apparent through the numerous sensors stationed on Cardotyrannus IV, among other instruments positioned across Torpalian space. A small obsidian dot, obscuring the field of stars which previously laid behind it. Soon, however, this seemingly harmless point in the great sphere of heaven revealed its true and sinister nature...

Swiftly, several allied signals vanished from existence, all of which conveniently placed along the dark manifestation's vastly ominous trajectory.

Deep within the bowels of the massive obsidian structure, the workings of a great and catastrophic battle was slowly, but surely coming to fruition.

A large, obsidian figure sat wearily on his shadowed throne, a terrifying, burning aura emanating from his icterically glowing form.

Free Union Space

The relative peace of Free Union space was shattered with great intensity by the new, mammoth presence which reared its malevolent head against the united nations.

As forces in the Free Union swiftly began to engage, the colossal spherical structure limbered along its path to a very certain planet.

Vii Deux

Talsenreave Station

Another Luminary sprang from beyond the void as sensors around Talsenreave quickly announced its presence, just several systems away from the famed station itself.

Local Sector

Tanariadne, Aguilaria, and all other nations within the Local Sector quickly gained knowledge of the sudden emergence of yet another Luminary Assault Carrier.

Olosis was no exception.

But perhaps, the one world which is most aware of the great structure's presence is none other than Verog itself. All across its surface, massive and wildly shifting gears of corrupted, yellow light raced across its pitch black surface as the entirety of the planet itself began to converge with the Nameless' capital vessel.

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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #162 on: October 19, 2010, 07:11:17 am »
 "Admiral! We're getting reports that a gigantic object has appeared in the sector!" A crewman reported.

"What do you mean?" Turov responded, hoping to his ancestors that what he is thinking about is wrong.

"A object the size of a standard star system has appeared using a unknown method of FTL."

"Can we get a image it?"

"Yes, a survey probe from one of the local empires is near the object. I am now downloading information from the probe." The Titan's AI told him.

A image appeared on one of the primary view screens. Turov's blood then ran cold. No distinguishing features on it's surface, or anywhere else. All it is was a massive dark orb with a seemingly golden glow. But the sheer size of it sparked fear and he knew that what he was looking at was one of the Nameless' Luminary Assault Carriers.

"Send a general signal out to any Wexxian and Orealyians vessel in the quadrant, tell them a Nameless vessel has appeared in the local sector. And tell the rescue teams on the surface to get back up into the fleet. Have the wormhole drive warmed up, we may need to get out of here real quick."
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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
« Reply #163 on: October 19, 2010, 07:31:14 pm »
The Senatorial fleet had regrouped in friendly territory. though friendly territory was less a sign of safe refuge and more a priority target at this point. the ships carried eight million indiviuals, totaled; every experienced (800 or more) fighter they had was there.

"improbable. improbable to exist."
said Duealies (physicist), aboard the vessel fourth symphony of the Ascetic

"But not completely impossible. The scale of it is unnatural. The resources and cycles to have made such a thing-"

"I don't care Duealies, I want to know how to break it"  interrupted said Keataus, from the bridge of his capital ship.

"Nothing short of a spacial singularity could end such a craft, from what I can calculate, and even then, I do not know"

Keataus showed no sign of distress

"So, two hundred thousand of their years learning to counter any threat, and it is valued null.
The choices are various, but few are euphonic. Our world should be safe for a time.  its location is not know. barring unforseen circumstances, they should be able to leave the 'galaxy' before discovery."

he paused, his voice turning guttural.

" as for us, we gather amongst with the other peoples. We wil make an insignificant and failed effort protect them until we cannot. then we end."
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Re: They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin
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Kiyavi could not believe the myriad vivid truths which clearly stood before him. Everywhere he looked within the vessel's frantic bridge, from the many holographic readings flying about the chamber to all the varied images flowing in from nearby allies.

All told the exact, dark revelation.

That the Talsenreave Station, possibly one of the galaxy's most prized technological marvels, was one of the Imperial Luminary Assault Carrier's primary targets.

Clenching his nippers, he stared at the large blankness of space which vastly lay in front of him, struggling to endure the locked up tension spurring from within his soul.

I'm coming for you...

I promise!

"Detecting medium-scale energy signals from within fifty light years of our current galactic coordinates, sir.", came a warning from one of the few military officers permanently stationed within the massive Talsenreave's perimeter.

The officer's superior could only but grunt slightly at his subordinate's report. There was nothing they could do but wait for reinforcements, if there ever were any, considering the situation.

Elsewhere in the ship, Lazora, along with a small group of colleagues, were moved to one of many safe bunkers within the colossal structure, hoping for the best for the coming siege ahead.

Grasping onto a small fold necklace hanging around his neck, Lazora looks up to a small screen which showed the events unfolding outside. Closing her eye, he drifts into a light sleep, thinking, believing, that help would soon come for the deeply endangered station.


"Your majesty!", called one of the Vara's navigators. "Approaching short-distance warp range of Atomna homeworld Verog!"

"Brother...", Shanara's eye pinned itself to the monarch, who was then deep in thought, in fact, more than ever.

There was a short bout of silence as everyone waited for the Orealyianis Monarch's orders.

"Deploy advance recons units at highest level of precaution.", Foriza finally broke the silence as he stood up from his post and walked towards the rear of the main bridge. "All other units prepare for full-scale assault."

"I will personally lead the attack."

"So this was what they wanted...", Sekira clenched his nippers, his Luzonian variable armor replicating his arms movements.

"So this is the full brunt of the Nameless...", Zaelious couldn't help but despise the situation, despite the rush of alien adrenaline which almost overwhelmed his now furious system, as was common with most all Luzonians given the current predicament.

"I'm afraid ... yes.", Sekira answered reluctantly as both of them, along with Salisarius, headed for the nearest surviving Luzonian capital ship. "What we saw ... what we felt ... what we struggled against mere moments ago ... was merely..."

The Dark Before the Storm