Author Topic: Age of Empires: The Tale of Persia  (Read 965 times)

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Age of Empires: The Tale of Persia
« on: August 18, 2010, 06:13:41 pm »
Hello there, traveller! I see you are new to these lands. This is Canaan, and this town you see before you is a colony of the mighty Persian Empire. So far, the town itself isn't very impressive... two granaries, a town center, a barracks, and a dock. But I'm sure this can be fixed. As you can see, we have about 5 colonists here besides you, and they've built a row of houses down there. I'd say we can support about... 20 people? Oh! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Darius. No relation to our great king's ancestor, of course, but my parents felt that any man named Darius was destined for greatness. My upbringing in Parsagadae would be of no great interest to you, but my position would. As of now, I am in good standing with almighty Xerxes, our leader. He made me captain of this expedition, and it is my job to open up this port as a trade city with Carthage. There is a problem, however... we have many enemies. There are the Isrealites, who were reported leaving Jerusalem about two weeks ago. Keep in mind that that city is about a two-week camel ride from here. Their warriors will be attacking any minute now, which is why your neighbors are building walls. The Turks are a constant threat, due to their utter hatred of us. However, they are economically weak right now, and as such, their troops are not well-equipped. Then, here are... the PELOPPONESE... their triemes seek to destroy our harbor and our trade with Carthage! You must help us! I need you to build a storage pit so that we can store more wood and gold. I have no maps yet, but here is what I know: the Israelites are coming from the south, which is defended by mountains. However, there is a pass which we must defend. The Turks will arrive from the north, so we need to strengthen our northern wall. The PELOPPONESE will arrive from the west, and our only defense will be a large navy. Now, almighty Xerxes is quite generous, and he will send us a shipment of Immortals, whic will arrive in 4 days. However, we need to secure a trade route to Carthage!
What will we do first?
A. Strengthen Northern Wall
B. Set up Towers and wall in mountain pass
C. Start building a navy

Who are you again and why in the world would you expect anything resembling rationality or civility in youtube comments?

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Re: Age of Empires: The Tale of Persia
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2010, 06:19:13 pm »
B And as a secuirty measure kill any donkeys and grind their jawbones to dust.