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The Rebooted Superpower RP
« on: August 08, 2010, 05:34:38 pm »
Somewhere else, the world was threatened.  Somewhere else, it was saved.  Somewhere else there were heroes and villains and a grand story woven from the fiber of their lives.

But that was another world, another story.  Here, none of that has happened.  None of it can.  THis is a new world, in more ways than one.  It is a world where mankind has lifted a new paradise from the seas, a new continent to send it's burgeoning population to.  It is a world where humanity has yet untapped potential.  It is a world where magic exists, and where ancient peoples had more knowledge than might be guessed.  This is a world freshly formed and still malleable, a world waiting to be shaped by skillful hands, by heroes and villains, by triumph and tragedy.

Welcome to the land that will be shaped by your will.

Welcome to the stage for your greatest adventure.

Welcome to old things, made new again.

Welcome to Obano.

Hello, heroes and villains, and welcome to the Rebooted Superpower RP!  The longest running RP in forum history is back, but without all that continuity baggage.

There is absolutely no connection to the previous Superpower RPs except the setting, no events, no characters, and certainly no history carries over.  You can walk in with only the knowledge gained from reading the above text, and you'll be no worse off than anyone else.

So, come one, come all, and let's tell a new story.


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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #1 on: August 10, 2010, 06:32:50 pm »
Arc I
A Fine Game

Dawn on Obano was much like the continent itself.  Produced suddenly, beautiful, and possessing a number of subtle hints that it was artificial.  Light bloomed across the west as the sun peeked over the central mountain range, which was carefully sculpted to gather storms riding the trade winds and send the resulting rain cascading across the land to feed a still growing ecosystem.  Indeed, there were a few wispy clouds there now, tempering the light and smoothing the sharp edges left by the still jagged new mountains.

The light struck Grayson City, glittering off of slick and, for the most part, nearly identical sky scrapers.  The interiors might differ wildly, but the exteriors had been built with relatively cheap modular components that made building an entire city in one go economically viable.  They'd only just recently started to hit capacity, leaving the city without very much sprawl and leaving the border with the budding forest sharply defined, the young trees forming a stiff line encircling the city.

It was this view that Alistair Raeside took in, as he did on most mornings, decades of excavation work having left him with a biological clock that demanded he be up at dawn.  This view was afforded by his home's location in the vast Raeside Pharmaceuticals complex, which itself was situated on a small island just offshore.  It hadn't been very hard to persuade the consortium that created Obano to let him add it to the design and keep it, especially when he was footing the bill for the addition.

Briefly, he glanced towards the sea to spot a few barges carrying a half dozen armored trucks, an important shipment destined for another facility.  But he had other things to attend to today than supervise a standard, if sensitive, delivery.  He had a busy day ahead of him.

Indeed, he suspected that many people did.
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2010, 07:01:25 pm »
Light began to pour into Blaine's dorm window.  Such is the life of those in Grayson Community College, get up at the crack of dawn, wash, go to class to learn asinine material that is touted as difficult, but Blaine had never had trouble with course material.  He was pretty smart, you see, speaking four languages and all.  He leaned up into an upright position, and looked over at his roomate Tony.  A slob and a slacker, it's no wonder he ended up on academic probation.

Blaine sighed, and got up to go wash.  He quickly showered, and got dressed quickly, and left to go to the library.

The library was one of his favorite places, being a have of knowledge, a place he felt at home in.  He browsed through some subjects, and sat down at one of the large lounge chairs to read up on people with powers that are out of the ordinary, something that fascinated him, given that he he was such a person, not that he told many people of it, least they pry and ask questions, which he hated answering. 
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #3 on: August 10, 2010, 07:37:28 pm »
Heavily restrained by a half dozen arcs of metal that molded to her body, arcs which held her fast against a great metal slab, Persephone was completely immobile on an armored transport heading towards Obano. Her mind radiated thoughts of indignation and contempt for her captors, but Persephone could do nothing to stop these scientists. Deep down, however, there was a caged animal waiting for its chance to rend these humans limb from limb, to turn their own weaponry on each other since Persephone's own body was currently immature.

The human tongue of English had come easily to Persephone, as easily as Persephone automatically knowing how to walk and move her body. Persephone was mystified how she knew all these things, despite her memory going back only to that first horrific event where she was pulled into this hellish world of vials and needles and scalpels. However, she tried to keep her feelings to herself, to play along as if she had no issue with them, "So... care to elaborate where you're taking me today, gentlemen?"

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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #4 on: August 10, 2010, 08:17:07 pm »
Glenn leaned back in his cold wood chair. He found himself in Grayson City's seedier bars, The Dodgy Style Brewery. Here, gathered people from all walks of life. From the wealthy merchant to the minimum wage fisherman, the Dodgy Style had an atmosphere of eccentricity and excitement. Traders would come and flaunt their hard earned cash to the busty waitresses, the rowdy sailors would pick fights with anything that looked like it moved. Yes, the Dodgy Style was quite the place to be on the harbor side of Grayson.

Glenn smirked as he spun his black stone on the table. Always quick to never let it stop as its spin started to wobble. He quickly looked around whilst stashing his die, for it began to bore him. Swiftly, he put it back in his pocket. Pulling out a pipe, the aged man let out a grunt as he maneuvered his duster hat for optimal smoking position. With a quick puff, he started to flip a coin of gold, hoping to draw in the suckers one by one for a quick game of chance.
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #5 on: August 10, 2010, 08:52:41 pm »
Dawn had yet to come to San Rozando, Obano's largest port. From its perch high in the sky, the full moon bathed the city's trio of meager skyscrapers in an otherworldly light as a billion twinkling eyes looked on. The rest of the city seemed to glow brownish red as the moonlight radiated off of the tan and red brick facades that dominated the area. Closer to the coast the meticulously constructed masonry gave way to cold steel structures that shimmered under a sodium vapor star scape. Down at the docks a man could look up and see nothing of the natural world. Instead he would have seen the hulking body of a terraforming platform, retooled to move cargo and capable of lifting entire ships out of the sea with absolute ease. And this was where The Deacon stood in wait. He had long ago lost any sense of the technological marvel that towered over him. Nowadays it was all about profit and payday had come early.

Two pairs of headlights cut across the cement pier, illuminating The Deacon. He stood tall, back to Obano, and looked out at the black sea through a pair of jewel-encrusted, rose-colored glasses. A black Borsalino with a red band and a white feather sat on his head of shoulder-length black hair. The rest of The Deacon's black pinstripe, zebra-lined suit was hidden beneath a flowing cloak of similar make and model. All in all, the outfit seemed to draw the eye in... or at least render the viewer unable to look away. In fact, the only part of The Deacon's getup that didn't seem to suck the light out of the air were his shiny black shoes and the intense white gloves over his hands. The Deacon idly twirled a slender black cane in his right hand as the headlights and associated sports cars drew near. A large blue jewel at the head of the cane caught the approaching light and began to shimmer wildly. With a faint whine the cars came to a stop and the doors opened. Two large men in fine suits stepped out and walked around to the trunk of one of the vehicles. They popped the door open and lifted a trembling package out. Grunting, the men dragged their prize across the pavement and threw him down behind The Deacon with a thud. The Deacon stopped twirling his cane and slammed it against the ground before spinning on his heel to examine his payment. Peering over the rim of his glasses, The Deacon let out a low sigh and shook his head at the man on the ground.

"What's this? The Deacon was expecting to be paid. The Deacon doesn't see his payment. All The Deacon sees is a dead man."

"Argh... I... mmmph... value!"

Cocking his head, The Deacon pushed the end of his cane up against the man's head and slid his gag off.

"Value? The Deacon is listening."

"M-my back pocket! I have a rare coin for you, Mr Deacon, sir! Please!! It's one of a kind! It'll cover the cost I swear it!"

The Deacon nodded and one of the musclemen checked the man's back pocket. He found the coin in its plastic sleeve and tossed it to The Deacon who caught it without taking his gaze off of the man's terrified eyes. It was a small silver coin, probably a few hundred years old. Whoever had made the coin was a true master and the craftsmanship was immaculate. The Deacon nodded and slipped the coin into his breast pocket. He motioned for the man to be picked up and untied. As soon as it was done, The Deacon put his arm around the man's shoulders and walked him over to the edge of the pier. The sun's glow was just beginning to light the sky and as they watched, The Deacon tapped the man's chest lightly with his cane.

"The Deacon appreciates your contribution. The Deacon will be sure to add your coin to his collection. Unfortunately, your debt to The Deacon is still outstanding."

Yelping loudly, the man felt The Deacon release him from his grip and step backwards. The Deacon flipped his cane up into the air and caught it like a bat, then swung it at the man's head. It moved faster than anyone could see and two loud cracks echoed around the cavernous underbelly of the terraforming rig. The first was the cane breaking the sound barrier and the second was the man's head turning to vapor. With one finger, The Deacon pushed the man's still-standing body over the edge of the pier and into the depths. Satisfied, The Deacon nodded to his two men and got into the extra car they had brought. As he drove off, the two men checked the scene for witnesses and then vanished into San Rozando.

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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #6 on: August 10, 2010, 09:15:54 pm »
Korf stared into the rising sun, but not directly, because that could ruin his vision. It was peaking over the horizon, all the more beautiful because of the landscape it was illuminating. Obano. After several days of travel on this barge he had finally arrived at his destination. Well, not quite since he still had to fulfill his duty and help unload the massive barge. That was the only reason he had been able to come to Obano in the first place. His skills as a mover had landed him a job on the barge and thus a free ticket to the new continent.

Korf turned his back on the rising sun and headed back belowdecks to meet up with the other dock workers that were preparing themselves for the offloading process. Most of the containers were nondescript but there were a few that had the label Raeside Pharmaceuticals on them meaning they probably had expensive things in them. And almost all of them were labeled FRAGILE which was a major annoyance. Not that Korf or, for that matter the dockworkers, paid much attention to that. Caution only came if there was a company executive watching the offloading process. But from the rumors that Korf had been hearing, it sounded like that would be the case.

"Korf, where the hell have you been you lousy sack of ****?" Korf had just made his way into one of the larger storage areas of the barge and already the deck manager was on his ass. "We aren't paying you to wander around the ship, that's the captain's job! Hell, if it was my decision I'd have you thrown over the side of the ship and you'd have to swim the rest of the way!" His manager was a bit of a loudmouth, which was amazing because during his entire speech he had managed to keep an unlit cigar dangling between his lips.

"Sorry, sir," was all Korf said. If he had known the man better he may have given him some back talk, but he had only been on board for a couple of days and he wasn't on good terms with anyone. With that Korf jogged over towards a large group of dock workers who were going over the unloading process.

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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #7 on: August 10, 2010, 09:36:54 pm »
Isaac stood in the doorway of his boss, Dr. Adler. The Doctors house stayed strangely clean and fresh considering how rarely he cleaned his house. Otherwise, it seemed like a stereotypical elderly home. Everything in his house smelled like a hospital and all of his furniture had plastic on it. All of the technology in his house seemed at least 20 years too old. His house was covered in tacky green shag carpet and the walls covered in purple, pink, and yellow flowers. Surprisingly, the doctor had no pets. He was said to have a pet at one point. Now it can be seen full of stuffing right next to his couch.

The good doctor was rarely seen upstairs, let alone relaxing in his living room. Though, not a surprise, he was always found doing something unexpected of him. "Go get him! What are you standing there for?!? Kick his ass!" He screamed at the TV as he took another sip from the beer in his hand. Isaac slowly made his way through the doorway and quietly shut the door behind himself. As his arm let go of the door, it slowly began to expand and break apart into multiple different sections. These sections, in moments, rearranged themselves to take the form of a cannon.

"Boom." Isaac muttered under his breath as a small burst of light shot from the cannon. The beam of light streamed from the doorway, through the kitchen, into the living room. The beam hit its mark, sending shards of glass flying everywhere and splashing a dull brown liquid all over Adler's face. "Hey, Doc."

"Isaac... how many times have I told you not to fire energy beams in my house?" The doctor glared at Isaac as he casually made his way into the living room. As Isaac walked up to the professor, the cannon on his arm broke down once again and turned back into a gauntlet.

"Sorry." He blankly stated. "Hey, what are you watching?" Isaac peered over Adler's shoulder just as one hockey player landed a clean blow in an opposing players face. "You know those men aren't supposed to get in fights, right?"

"Why not? It's far more entertaining than watching a disk slide back and forth on the ice..." Both of them stand silently for a moment before Adler cleared his throat. "Anyways, I better get back to work." The doctor began to shuffle across the floor and slowly step into an elevator.

Isaac ran for the elevator and slid through just as the doors closed behind him. "What are you working on anyways... I've never seen what you do."

The elevator dings and the doors open. Just as they open, Adler begins to shuffle across the floor once again. "And you never will, now leave me alone!"

Isaac stopped for a minute as he slowly walked out of the elevator. His crushed pride was quickly lifted up by his incredible stubbornness as he ran after the doctor. "No, I want to see what you do. I won't touch anything you don't tell me to." He quickly swung in front of the Doctor and clasped his hands together. "Trust me."

Dr. Adler glanced up at Isaac, nodded slowly, and continued to shuffle past him. "Fine, come with me." The lab was almost the complete opposite of the main section of his house. The lab was gigantic, at least four times bigger than his house, and home to countless contraptions ranged from weaponry to experiments. The floor and the walls have a glossy, silver shine and look rather bland. "What I need you to do is grab that green test tube on the rack. Be very careful, I have been working on that experiment for weeks now." The old man shuffled toward a table and began to work with two more ingredients.

Isaac grabbed the test tube and began to walk toward Adler. "Alright, here we go.  This is your one chance. Don't screw it up." He carefully watched the liquid as he walked toward the Doctor. Just as he arrived at the table, his foot caught on a metal panel. Almost in slow motion, the Doctor turned around and watched as his experiment tumbled to the ground and spread itself across the floor. "Oops..."

Adler's face instantly became bright red as he looked Isaac in the eyes. "I'm going to close my eyes and count to three. What I want you to do is make your way out of my lab and take a vacation for the day. If you're not out of my lab in three seconds, you'll be little more than a pile of dust on my floor. Is that understood?" Isaac quietly nodded as Adler turned around.

"1, 2, 3." Adler looked around and noticed that Isaac was gone. "Phew..." He wiped his forehead with a handkerchief. "Glad I didn't give him anything important to touch."
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #8 on: August 11, 2010, 12:27:04 am »
As the light started pouring into the normally dark alley, Dyno opened his eyes. He quickly leaped from his half-formed cocoon and set about ripping it apart. He didn't like leaving any traces from his stay, plus an animal might get caught in it and he didn't want to have that in his conscience. So he stretched his arms over his head and pulled on the slightly sticky strands that had been formed by a mixture of his slime and urine. He didn't like wallowing on his own urine, and he especially didn't like secreting it from his skin to form the cocoons, but he had long ago realized that these cocoons were pretty much the only way he could feel comfortable enough to fall asleep. Not to mention the fact that he hadn't even had a bed to sleep on for many years.

He chose to wander around this part of the gray city since it offered him the most opportunity to blend in. His slimy skin shined as much as the greasy faces of those around him and his scales matched their dirt scabs. And he had seen people so ugly as to give his deformity a run for its money. Still, most people were too grossed out to hire him even for menial jobs, and those very few who did weren't long to fire him once they noticed his more disgusting habits. Because of this, he has occasionally had to steal food by hiding it inside his tumors, much to his chagrin.

With his cocoon now completely dissolved into a puddle of urine, he set out toward the shore, focusing on the growth of a couple of extra pieces of long, sharp bone to spear some fish for breakfast. He could feel the elongated tumors start popping out from inside his body as he strode.

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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #9 on: August 11, 2010, 04:35:52 am »
A soft and mellow stare was evident in Dash's eyes as he calmly looked across the long oaken desk and into the waking sky. His form sank deeper into his leather-covered seat while his arms arched upwards and a fitting sigh of relief eased from his genial voice.

Today was the first year of his official registration into the continent's list of government-recognized civilian operatives. It was quite the important matter to him, the day which marked the beginning of his publicly broadcast crime-fighting career. Even if it had begun merely as a marketing stunt at the side of his employing company, he quickly grew to love the act of bringing felons to justice.

There were plans for celebration later that day, mostly to commemorate their subsidiary's salvation by the son of the chief executive. But for now there was work, and that was always to come first. An important meeting was scheduled for this morning, and soon enough the chairs were already starting to fill in.

Outside the board's office which conflicted with the still dark morning, the streets of Aaliyah City were already coming to life. The heart of the conglomerate's operations in Obano, it housed the hubs of most of its subordinate companies. A pastoral theme would likely define its outskirts as the equally aesthetic and functionally-planned city sported vast stretches of continuously thriving greenery.

This landscape perfectly defined the mood which Dash held at that very certain moment. A well developed path with no shortage of future opportunities. It was, for now, a very swell day.

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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #10 on: August 11, 2010, 05:11:39 am »
"We're having great success with the new advertising campaign Sir Godwin." said the smartly dressed aide as she followed her employer through the dawn-lit glass-sided corridors of the Throne Building in Obano's capital.

"I know my dear." said the man, curtly "I believe I pay for you to tell me things I don't know. You may pick up your severance from payroll when office hours start."

The aide stopped dead in her stride and went deathly pale. The fast moving collection of people with Lawson at its head quickly left her behind as the ring-binder slowly slipped from her hands.
Unlike his primary business rival, Lawson had adopted a sleep schedule that left him active mostly at night. He had many nocturnal duties to attend to, and at this stage his staff could take care of anything that came up of a morning.

"I believe we can call that experiment a failure" said Lawson, once they were well out of sight of his catatonic ex-employee. "Employing my personal aides from outside the brotherhood is a waste of everybody's time."

There was an obligatory titter of sycophantic laughter, then, sensing their master was impatient the aides began shuffling through notes they had prepared on clipboards and palmtop computers.

"Raeside Pharmaceuticals is making some sort of important delivery today. One of the drivers on the convoy is an initiate in Grayson City Lodge and he gave us a tip-off that they were transporting something quite out of the ordinary. Heavy security, materials of a sensitive nature..."

"That's enough for now thank you. Dispatch a task force from Grayson lodge at the soonest convenience to intercept Mister Raeside's little convoy and see to it that our driver receives a promotion."

He didn't have to specify what the promotion was in, the informant in Grayson city would find almost his entire life promoted as a result of his little service. Better job, nice new apartment, silver level health plan, and best of all another level of prestige in the Brotherhood.

"Now that's in order," said Lawson "Send a message to Raeside reminding him we have one of our little games scheduled for this afternoon."

He stepped into a large elevator, his aides did not follow him. There was a soft tone as the lift recognised its occupant and automatically began the ascent to the penthouse complex at the very pinnacle of the Throne Tower.


"I understand your were expecting a different journalist Mr Faber"

"Yes. But its obvious enough why they sent you instead." said Art, pushing his edgy glasses a little higher on his face and running a hand through his brown hair. "I believe you're currently the only man on duty at the Bugle today. The Bugle is a broadsheet and rather respectable publication so it wouldn't be worth the risk of this story turning into the usual tabloid smut."

Art grinned and jerked his thumb to indicate a display behind him of framed newspaper and magazine covers. Without exception they showed him arm in arm or staggering out of a nightclub with some bright young thing.

"Actually Ms Driver is off sick." said the journalist "I'm Matt Gemini, call me Matt if you like."

Art grimaced inwardly at overlooking the possibility of illness keeping them from sending Ms Driver, but smiled outwardly at the thought her illness probably had something to do with the many drinks he had shared with her the previous night at a string of exclusive nightclubs... her and a gaggle of other hangers on. He rubbed his temples a little and then nodded.

"Ok Gemini, lets get on with this shall we, no time for idle prognostication!"

"Very well. First Mr Faber.."

"Its short for Atemidoris, it means gift from Artemis. Artemis was the ancient Greek goddess of the hunt, known to the Romans and Diana. Yes I did get teased at school, yes I do find it appropriate given my vocation. Will that be everything, I'm sure you can find your way out..."

"I was rather hoping to ask a few more questions than that sir" said the journalist, grumpily.

"Oh, if you must."

"What do you have to say to the family of Ben Schwartz, who if you recall died as a result of your actions a month ago."

"Oh lord, really this again? Look, as I rightly said at the inquest, he was wearing an unstable reactor on his back which he had cobbled together from materials he had stolen from shop class and bought online. It was not my actions which triggered the explosion, I do not support the notion that it was some cheap cartoon animated by software in Calcutta which drove him to style himself as a supervillain and try to blow up my car in broad daylight. The very fact he managed to build that powered armour in his parent's garage raises serious questions, and I'd once again like to restate that perhaps his parents should spend less time casting around for people and things to blame and more time keeping an eye on Ben's siblings."

"I see. One last question if you please, how do your respond to allegations that you are more motivated by a lust for glory than a desire to actually help your fellow man?"

"I respond by ending this interview. I think even your rag's editors should be able to appreciate that one. I have better things to do with my time Gemini, good moring."
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #11 on: August 11, 2010, 07:31:53 am »
Out over the vast western jungles of Obano, the sun was just beginning to show itself over the peaks of the central mountain range, their jagged peaks casting long shadows over the terrain.  Through the swirling morning mist and still silence, a faint sound could be heard approaching.


A shimmering circle materialized just above the tree canopies, hanging motionless in the air as birds roosting nearby took to the skies in response to the sudden intrusion.  An instant later Nathan Stills flew through, arms whirling through the air before another portal materialized before him, propelling him furthur down his route.

It was another early morning for Nathan, but it didn't bother him at all.  Despite it having been a few months, he still marveled as the natural beauty of Obano as he leapt across the island.  While he had come to Obano in the interests of doing his part to ensure its safety, vigiliantism didn't pay the bills.  He had managed to find a great side job for a courier company which he found himself well suited to.  Not only did it give him the chance to explore Obano and get the lay of the land, but also the oppertunity to practise and refine his portals.  He had been working on improving the range he could project the holes in space across open air, and was noticibly improving.  Still, it was a few hours to get from one end of the island to the other, even when using previously placed return sigils when within range.

At the moment, he found himself enroute to the company's headquaters back in Grayson City after running a delivery out to San Rozando the night before.  So far he had yet to get much use out of his registration as a civilian operative for the government, his badge currently sitting in the messenger bag that hung behind him as he zipped across the continent.  But he was alright with that.  He was certain he'd get into the action sooner or later.
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
« Reply #12 on: August 11, 2010, 11:08:28 am »
The early morning sun glittered off the waters of Grayson City's port. It wasn't the largest in Obano, but it was more than large enough to make itself a major center for incoming and outgoing magical artifacts. Though, like all other trade across the island, every item was catalogued, marked, registered, and recorded, the business was still rather shady. An obsidian amulet was written down as such, omitting any supernatural properties it may or may not have. Hand-offs, the majority of the time, were done unofficially and face to face, often with middlemen involved. When dealing with items of such power, no one wanted to have their name listed as the current owner, for fear of both their fellow mage and the government looking to acquire it.

It was on this sort of undercover errand that Kalar found himself, for once with something actually tucked away in the sack slung over his left shoulder. Quietly, doing his best not to draw attention, either normally or by the very act of trying not to be noticed, he walked towards the meeting place. He was still new at the job, but Amir, his boss, for lack of a better term, was confident that nothing would go wrong that he couldn't handle.

With some nervousness, he approached the designated meeting spot. The dock he stood on was virtually empty, save for a sailboat moored on either side. He checked the small watch on his right wrist; a good ten minutes late, but still no sign of the other party. He began to fidget, habitually running his fingers over the hilt of his short sword, tucked secretively away in its sheath under his clothes. Its concealment and use were one of the few things he remembered clearly how to do.

Finally, three men appeared at the far side of the dock, walking slowly and casually towards him. Two stopped some distance away, behind the sailboats, while the final one walked the last few meters to Kalar. The two couriers nodded to each other, each near-simultaneously drawing their respective goods from their bags. On Kalar's side was a small sheet of paper, covered in intricate runes and encased in a thin glass case, to be traded for what looked to be nothing more than a branch-like hunk of grainy, sandstone-like rock. He had little idea what either item did, but was certain both were imbued with some sort of magical energy. They nodded again, exchanged as planned, and the three newcomers let Kalar pass as they climbed aboard one of the sailboats. He didn't look back, and didn't know whether they actually sailed off. All he knew was that Amir was going to either be delighted or enraged that he was cheated out of a deal...
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
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The San Rozando night and early morning life was never a dull one with ships and planes arriving and leaving at all hours, many of them on legitimate business, but others much less so. This morning was no exception, and with a tip off about a large shipment of contraband that was coming in, Sandra and a unit of police officers were on sight awaiting the ship's arrival. As the ship came in and the ramp extended from the dock to the deck, Sandra and the officers stormed onto the ship. The surprised gang members on the deck were quickly dispatched and Sandra made her way into the ship. Easily fighting her way to the cargo hold, she slowly entered amongst the large collection of crates and containers. As she reached the center of the room, several men with heavy weapons stepped out from behind the containers and opened fire. Acting quickly, she concentrated her energy around herself to slow the incoming bullets enough for her to act. Gracefully jumping into the air and back flipping over the gang members' heads, she landed behind one and grabbed him by the collar. Dragging him along to deter the rest from firing again, she ran to each of the others in turn, knocking them out with a quick strike to the neck. After the last one was knocked out, she pulled up the one she was holding and looked him in the eye.

"I'm afraid this is the end of your little smuggling operation, Amazing it lasted this long!" she said at him.

Before the man could respond, the police entered the room and she quickly knocked him out, leaving him to the officers along with the others.

After the ship had all of its crew escorted off and the cargo was starting to be unloaded, the press had arrived on the scene to report on the story. The day's news in San Rozando would be highlighted by video of General Amazing and the chief of police exchanging thanks and detailed information on the thwarting of the smuggling operation.
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Re: The Rebooted Superpower RP
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It was the last sound heard from the criminal Baal had been chasing for a while. A thief and a rapist, his fate had been decided for him. After the lethal blow to Mr.Evil's temple, Baal changed his concrete fists back to their original, fleshy form. He couldn't be seen with stone fists now could he? Before leaving back towards the crowded streets of Grayson City, he threw one last look at the thug, blood still trickling out of his caved-in skull, and marched out of the deserted alley. At the same time he took of the stained, brown hood that covered his face and quickly disappeared in the crowd.

Another bad guy punished, he reckoned that deserved a drink.
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