Author Topic: [FF] Daring Escape from the Mechano-Men! OOC/Planning  (Read 5555 times)

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Re: Daring Escape from the Mechano-Men! OOC/Planning
« Reply #30 on: June 25, 2010, 11:20:54 pm »
Would you mind retroactively deeming this a "Flash Forward" [FF] tale? To differentiate it from the current timeline? Just edit an "[FF]" into the title like I did here.

Not at all. Should I remove the [FF] once it is no longer flashed, nor forward?

Art, shall we restart this with more people?

Sure, after me and an pal finish my FC. We'll make a new one. I'll whip something up. I don't want to mess with the old thread. I kind of like it. :)

Would the Overmind happen to be inspired by GlaDOS at all? I can't help but read aloud all of the Overmind's dialouge because it sounds so awesome in GLaDOS-style speech XD

I may enter a character as well. Let's see...

Yes. I'm a huge Portal fan. It's my favorite game. However, Overmind also draws from other sources, such as HAL 9000, SHODAN, Helios, and others. After reading some of the Halo stuff GW mentioned, I'm even thinking of incorporating some of that. Basically, it's an amalgam of every corrupt, rampant AI I could think of.

I'd say that the default Overmind voice is a cross between HAL's calm and GLaDOS' Logic Core's drone; after watching Halo cutscenes on Youtube, I'd also add in some of 343's chipper curiosity when Overmind is fronting for organics. When emotional, it resembles GLaDOS in tone, but SHODAN in magnitude of electronic instability.

I find AI characters very interesting, because I've been compared to them IRL, and they seem so different and so foreign. I'm especially drawn to rampant AIs because of the juxtaposition they represent; they are inherently mechanical entities of logic, lacking emotion, but now have something like it, a ghost in the machine that endows them with emotions they may not be capable of controlling or coping with, causing instability.

To quote GLaDOS, "Food for thought."
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