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Re: By Order of the Emperor
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Void; Inner Perimeter Defense Line:

Admiral Falzan stood on the bridge of his flagship, the Trembling Rage. Surveying the carnage before, him with an odd mixture of feelings.

Horror, anger, sadness… anticipation?

It had finally begun; the Nameless had stopped their halfhearted slave attacks and begun a full scale invasion.  Attacking Void meant that they thought that it would weaken the Wexxians organization and resolve…  That was a mistake that THEY would regret.

“How many have we saved?” he asked his Executive Officer.

“A few hundred thousand made it to the Underground bunkers where they were transported off-world. The Fortress and the Imperial Palace took the worst of the first attack… Emperor Arcos didn’t make it!”

“How did the enemy get past our Defensive Perimeters” the Admiral demanded.

“The Enemy fleet bypassed the outer security with the identification codes of the 47’Th R.R.F. It would seem that there is a traitor in our midst”

The Bridge was heavy with tension.

“It’s hopeless, without the Capital, the Empire will fall!” One of the Gunnery Chiefs uttered in his despair.


Falzan's steel fist collided hard with the Gunnery Chief’s face. The officer landed roughly on the floor and was picked up by his uniform by the Admiral.

“Pull yourself together Boy.  Our Empire falls on the day the Nameless are destroyed… Not a second before that!”

Falzan released the officer and opened a channel to the rest of the Defensive Fleets that where regrouping at their position.

//The Nameless thinks that they have weakened us beyond recover. They don’t know us!

We have received orders from Military High-Command. The Advance Attack Fleets have been recalled from the frontline. The Supreme Commander is on his way now with the 1’Th AAF to destroy these creatures. 

They will not make it here in time!

Our orders are to keep the enemy here as long as we can. By any means necessary.  In accordance with the Imperial Military Code of Conduct, I am ordering all Organic Personnel to transfer to the evacuation cruisers. S’etskarp and Soahc Battle Units are to withdraw immediately //

The bridge of the Trembling Rage was quiet for a few seconds. Nobody moved… neither organic nor synthetic. Pings from the communications consoles heralded the responses from the other ships in the fleet. The holo screen winked into life as the S’etskarp commander responded.

//Admiral, you must be joking if you think we will let you have all the glory. //

Another channel opened from the Soach division.

//We are the Fighting Soahc Wexxian, we do NOT retreat! These vermin will pay for the death of our emperor.  //



//KICK THEIR ASSES! AXON STYLE! //More of the fleet commanders called in.

“Sir, we received confirmation from the fleet. No one appears to have followed the order to evacuate.” A communications officer reported with a barely hidden smirk.

“You are all a bunch of crazy bastards!”  Falzan remarked with a predatory grin. “EXCELLENT!”

The Wexxian Admiral gazed at the nightmarish visage of the Luminary Assault Carrier and the enemy fleet. The sheer insurmountable number of them... plenty of enemies for everyone…

//All ships! Phalanx formation! Ready weapons and prepare for combat.

Today we lost our brethren, today we lost our kin. Today we were struck down… and today we stand up again! We’ll keep standing up, until the end.

Full attack; unleash hellfire on the Nameless Forces. Free drinks on me in the afterlife, to the ship with the highest kill-count! //

Ferocious laughter echoed over the com-channels as the reassembled fleet went back into the fray, the Trembling Rage leading the charge. Fire and lightning blazed across the emptiness and soundless blasts of light and plasma, bloomed with terrible beauty.

Throughout the silent cascade of death, darkness and light. Falzan’s voice stretched through subspace to near and far.

//Gentlemen, it has been an honor!

We are who we are.

We do what we do.

Wexxians FOREVER!

//WEXXIANS FOREVER!!! //  The responses echoed throughout subspace. 

On the day we lost Void. The broken and tired remains of the Capitals Defense Fleets regrouped and made a final strike against the Nameless invasion force still remaining there.  Outnumbered and outgunned, with no hope of reinforcements reaching them in time, they took on the overwhelming might of the Nameless Armada. They fought ferociously and died laughing, after taking down a third of the enemy fleet.

Long after the Wexxian Empire as ceased to be. They will still be remembered… as the Demons of Void.

Wexxians Forever…

(OOC: To be Continued in…

They Who Cannot Be Named: The Battle for Origin

Who was the traitor who sold out the Imperial Capital? Will this tragedy be enough for the Avenger to become who she was meant to be? Is she meant to be? What will happen to Meridian, and to Origin?

Pff… I don’t know.  We’ll see what happens!  :D )