Author Topic: Pirate Wars of Galduzius (Prologue)  (Read 1569 times)

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Pirate Wars of Galduzius (Prologue)
« on: June 05, 2010, 10:15:00 am »
Rain covered the roadside on a night in the tundra world of Iznik. Below the shelter of a hover bus-stop, a Killer Strain Zorikanian, whose features were largely hidden underneath a light-grey cloak, floated above the bench. His words were unhearable at first, but you could tell he had been through an epic saga of sorts. Soon, the words became coherent..
"It's going to take a while- it happened decades ago."
"Oh, that. I knew it well."
"Did you know- know, that there are three kinds of pirates?
"Those who want fame."
"Those who live for the money."
"And those who can read and turn the tide of battle in mere minutes."
"Yes, those are the three."
"He was a pirate they called Solo Ship Tinxi."
"And, this is his story..."
(This is the first part of the saga, a prologue of sorts. Might make this into an RP. Next part coming soon. Also, do you get the reference in the speech?)