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The Devex
« on: June 03, 2010, 12:22:47 am »
Xah Devex xhel xah Xor

"The Servants of the Light"

The Devex xhel xah Xor, or "(The) Servant(s) of the Light", are a race of polymorphous trans-biological beings originating from their extensively cyber-formed home planet of Xedah, meaning "Field(s of Pasture.)"

The Devex, for reasons all their own, possess a primarily isolationist stance, refraining from straying too far away from their local sphere of influence, located in the outermost reaches of Xah Xeniah xhel Xor, or "The Slumber of Light", their local name for the galaxy. In line with this, they have never overtly encountered any of the other residents of the galaxy, though they are fully aware of their existence.

Nobody save for the Devex know the true value of their name's etymology, or even if it is really their original name. Even so, one can still quickly surmise that it has something to do with their cosmological beliefs, at the very least.

Almost everything about the Devex's past, especially the origin of their race, is constantly shrouded in a thick veil of mystery. All evidence suggest that this is a deliberate act on their part. As for what reasons, only time can tell...

Main Directory

0. Basic Fact Sheet

1. Anatomy and Physiology
1.1. General Anatomy and Physiology
1.2. Anatomical Systems
1.2.1. Xah Xuku, "The Integument"
1.2.2. Xah Rinxah Xev Xetzem, "The Muscle(s) and Bone(s)"
1.2.3. Lixotah, "(System of) Control"
1.2.4. Virix, "(Blood) Vessel(s)"
1.2.5. Digestion
1.2.6. Immunity

2. History

3. Politics and Government
3.1. Basic Hierarchy
3.2. Government
3.3. Xah Vatxah, "The Howler(s)"
3.4. Xah Lirxah Ezrax, "The Basic Citizen(s)"
3.5. Xah Xuda, "The Order(s)"
3.5.1. Xah Xafas, "The Gatherer(s)"
3.5.2. Xah Vetxis, "The Molder(s)"
3.5.3. Xah Xiraq, "The Reaper(s)" Xah Xiraq, "The Reaper('s Scythe)"
3.5.4. Xah Xorem, "The Teacher(s)"
3.5.5. Xah Morxah, "The Watcher(s)"
3.5.6. Xah Xhurik, "The Linker(s)"
3.5.7. Xah Diramtaxah, "The Diviner(s)"
3.5.8. Xah Valxah, "The Blader(s)" Xah Kaxah Valxah, "The Oneblader(s)"
3.5.9. Xah Kaxinatah, "The Lancer(s)"
3.5.10. Xah Tensakefxah, "The Arbalester(s)"
3.5.11. Xah Xalakayah, "The Soldier(s)"
3.5.12. Xah Haryakorxah, "The Sniper(s)"
3.5.13. Xah Xalmaga, "The Revolver(s)"
3.5.14. Xah Ximron, "The Grenadier(s)"
3.5.15. Xah Rakxaz, "The Bombardier(s)"
3.5.16. Xah Xelnegah , "The Defender(s)"
3.5.17. Xah Xansah xhel Xor, "The Lightbearer(s)"
3.5.18. Xah Thezozoxih, "The Weaver(s)"
3.5.19. Xah Xyilkatis xhel Xalakayah, "The Fighter(s)"
3.5.20. Xah Xalsetah, "The Carrier(s)"
3.5.21. Xah Metxetheskah, "The Destroyer(s)"
3.6. Xah Nimseraxah, "The Twelve"

4. Cosmography
4.1. Tebex, "Home"
4.1.1. Basic System Sheet
4.1.2. Xoldah Xammah "Great Star"
4.1.3. Xah Xedah xhel Xolek, "The Field(s) of Pasture" Xir xhel Xor, "City of Light" Xer xhel Xor, "City of Awakening" Xidam, "(To) Measure" The Azure Moon
4.1.4. Xam xhel Xarah, "Sea of Mountain(s)"
4.1.5. Xoldah Xarah, "Great Mountain"
4.2. Xor, "Light"

5. Economics
5.1. Credit

6. Technology
6.1. Normal Technology
6.1.1. Xakat Mhonxak, "Small Machine(s)"
6.1.2. Lixotah xhel Xalom, "Control of [the] World"
6.1.3. Xarqov Kemetxhat, "Close Metal(s)"
6.1.4. Valxah, "Blade(s)"
6.1.5. Xokah Xholok, "Forceful Sand"
6.2. Xor-Based Technology

7. Culture and Society
7.1. Language
7.2. Morality
7.2.1. What Measures As A Non-Person
7.3. Ceremonies
7.3.1. Xah Xulan, "The Rite(s)"

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