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CSL: Xoridane II
« on: June 02, 2010, 11:57:13 pm »
Chapter 1: A Bolt from the Black

1A massive shockwave roared across the dark moonlit corridor as the outside gates, damaged from the commotion, crumbled inwards to reveal a furious Xoridane wielding his signature weapon and flanked from behind by a sea of broken bodies.

2The master's robe, stained gray with splashes of blood, lay tattered upon his body, rendered completely beyond recognition. The form beneath, however, was almost completely intact, as if he hadn't fought against wave upon wave of armed opposition as he made his way up the now battle-worn tower.

3"XARON!", he yelled unto the seemingly blank chamber as his skin slowly absorbed the white robe in order to repair his injuries.

4Silence was the room's only reply to a raging Xoridane. It would appear as if the traitor had already left, off to some other location in order to proceed with the next phase of his master plan.

5Disappointed, he walked to the other side of the passage, hoping to find another, hopefully living, presence within the chamber of meeting. As he made his way through piles of debris, he continued to distance himself from the passage's deteriorating walls, taking care not to get hit by stray fragments.

6Soon, the nimseraxah will find out that he isn't as alone as he originally thought he was.

7And that falling rocks weren't the only things that he should have been watching for.

8A tiny glint made itself apparent to Xoridane just moments after he had faced his back towards it. Without a moment to spare, a large bolt straight from the black shot towards the now sprinting devex.

9The nearly three feet-long projectile tore through his right shoulder as it ravaged the veins and arteries within. Soon, the floor was sparkling with his blood as he magnetically closed his outer wound and slowly pushed himself up.

10He would have to regain his posture soon or the assailant would finish cocking his weapon and aim for another strike.

11"Arbalester?!", the reaper said under his breath as he faced the source of the missile, bringing his scythe between the two of them to parry any further attempts at him.

12"I never thought I'd see the day...", a voice boasted, coming from the same exact location as the bolt originated. "... that I'll have to use TWO bolts, instead of just ONE."

13"Show yourself!", Xoridane ordered the unknown attacker.

14The assassin obliged, emerging from the shadows, revealing a form belonging to that of a nimseraxah.

15"Greetings...", it said with a rather sinister smile. "... Master Xoridane."

16"Xherkubet?!", the reaper's knees trembled slightly as he saw the enemy's true, natural appearance. "B-but how?!"

17Setting his feet firmly on the ground, he looks down and resumes winding his half-cocked weapon, a massive scoped arbalest which was almost as large as himself. Three-quarters through readying the device, he stares back at Xoridane and begins to speak.

18"I'm pretty sure that, judging by the situation...", he looks across the corridor and up into the red-tinted moon above before setting his sights back on the master reaper. "... you already know all too well the answer to your question!"

19"You...", Xoridane held back his cursing as he tightened his grip on his scythe, which was now glowing brighter than ever.

20"A forest of knowledge, or a bolt of lightning?", his opponent mused as he finished readying his weapon. "Who could possibly come out of this alive?"

21The bleeding began to stop externally as the reaper continued to press onto his wound. Inside, however, was a completely different matter. It would take several minutes for his body to restore the blood back into his system. Until then, he couldn't afford to receive another blow from his adversary, lest he risk losing his strength, and with it, his life.

22"Well, Xoridane?", he prompted the nimseraxah as he raised his weapon and prepared for the next strike.

23"Let's dance..."
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