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CSL: Xoridane I
« on: June 02, 2010, 11:18:28 pm »
Chapter 1: The Gathering

1The sound of footsteps echoed across the hallways as an enigmatic presence traveled through the main passage.

2The figure wore a small white coat which went past its feet and dragged across the oppositely shaded floor. The clear night sky further contrasted the lone persona from its darkened surroundings as radiant moonlight pierced the lucid ceiling, showering the chamber below with an azure aura.

3Just as a sense of endlessness finally began to set, the figure had finally reached the other end of the corridor. Looking upwards, the coated entity stopped in its tracks before spreading it's four arms completely towards it's sides. There it stood, motionless and silent.

4Standing before the persona was a large featureless wall, marking the end of the figure's journey.

5Or so it seemed.

6The almost deafening lack of sound was shattered by a sudden entrance of voice from the lone enigma itself. As the being began to mutter a string of unknown words, the wall in front of it suddenly started to vibrate, filling the nearby air with an almost unbearable sense of tension.

7Just as the unearthly pressure slowly began to visibly take it's toll on the now slightly trembling figure, an immense and thunderous sound exploded from the other side of the wall. Along with a faint flash of light.

8As the glow became brighter and brighter, it consumed the entire wall, illuminating the figure as it entered the wall of light.

9With the coated presence diving fully into the ocean of light, the once majestic glow slowly began to weaken. Eventually, the entire wall of light completely dissipated, returning the passage to it's former state of moonlit darkness.

10Eleven coated figures can be seen sitting on their respective thrones, hovering over the large, cylindrical chamber. They too wore coats of the purest ivory, though now it matched perfectly with their environment, save for their shadowed faces.

11Suddenly, a large wall of light, similar to the one found in the previous chamber, sprouted from the edge of the hall, alerting the occupants of another imminent arrival.

12As the first step sprang forth from the seemingly blinding radiance, the eleven entities slowly turned towards the recently summoned entrance.

13As the door behind it returned to nothingness, a familiar figure stood amidst the many onlookers. It was the person from before.

14"Pardon for being the last to arrive.", it said to the others as it marched straight towards the only vacant seat. "There were, complications..."

15As the newcomer's throne began to part from the ground, one of the other entities, the one on the third highest throne to be exact, swiveled towards the rising seat before speaking towards it's occupant.

16"You are pardoned.", it said as it glanced at the highest throne.

17Master Xoridane...
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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
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Chapter 2: Rise and Fall

1"Let us begin.", said the topmost entity. "Number Three..."

2"Yes.", it replied. Raising it's upper-left hand, it pointed towards the center, where a large hologram promptly came into view. "So far, everything has been, rather stable."

3There was a slight pause as the being waved it's hands, revealing several charts.

4"Population.", it started. "Lirxah Ezrax, ten point fifty two percent. Xarab, fifty nine point forty percent. Vatxah, thirty point zero eight percent. Sum total, three billion three hundred twenty five million three hundred seventy four thousand two hundred forty seven."

5"Growth.", it added, waving it's hand once more, ordering the hologram to produce a new set of graphs. "Kaxah Xulan, forty nine as per current cycle. Xalos Xulan, fifty as per current cycle."

6Suddenly, the eleventh chair began to rise by a finger's width, just enough to be visibly detected.

7"Felony.", it carried on, opening out a small chart. A slight cringe can be briefly noticed on the ninth seat's occupant. "Sum total, ten as per current cycle. Rate of success, forty percent."

8With that, the ninth seat oh so slightly descended, much to it's passenger's dismay.

9"Well then.", the highest one spoke. "Number ten..."

10"Ah, yes.", it began, manipulating the hologram to reveal yet another set of information. "Energy production has finally returned to full capacity this current cycle. The distortion caused by the singularity had finally dissipated, allowing us to reopen previously locked ports."

11The speaker's throne rose significantly, surpassing the ninth highest seat.

12"Additionally...", it continued, revealing a new graph. "Synthesis has risen by zero point three percent since previous cycle, mostly in part due to the increase in available energy."

13It's seat rose again, though only slightly.

14"I see.", the highest one said. "Number two..."

15"Yes.", it answered. "Recovery operations are going smoothly as of this cycle. We were able to retrieve an average of four hundred cubes per hour."

16The seat rose slightly, just enough for the end of the figure's coat to finally surpass the third highest head.

17"Excellent!", the highest one said, delighted at the progress made. "Anyone who might wish to speak?"

18The meeting was over and everyone was making their way back to their personal offices.

19That is, except for the two highest persons. The highest requested that the other stay. There was a private matter that the highest would like to personally discuss.

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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
« Reply #2 on: June 02, 2010, 11:23:22 pm »
Chapter 3: A Difficult Promise

1The first and second were finally alone. Their seats have landed on the ground, much like those of the other's. Sitting opposite to each other, the first sat firmly on its chair while the second slightly leaned forward.

2"Xoridane.", the first began to say, in a somewhat casual tone. "I have called you here alone for a very important reason."

3"Yes?", the other inquired.

4"Well then.", the first said. "Before we go further, promise me."

5"Promise?", the second wondered.

6"Indeed. Promise me you will never tell anyone else of this until it has been resolved.", the first's tone of voice suddenly changed to that of a more serious situation. "It is, too dangerous."

7"Then I promise.", the other said after some thoughts. "I promise I will never tell this to anyone else-"

8"Good.", the first replied.

9"- but only as long as it is in the best of interest for the collective.", the second added.

10"Of course.", the first said, comfortingly. "It seems I was not mistaken in seeking your assistance."

11The first quickly scanned the room from where he stood. When he was completely certain that no one was listening in, he slightly leaned towards the second before revealing to him what he had in mind.

12"Well then, Xoridane. Let's begin."

13"WHAT?!", the second exclaimed. "H-h-how can you be sure about this?! This is, I don't even-"

14"I know!", the first cut him off, mid-sentence. "Even I am at a loss! To think that there is a chance that one of our own could possibly do such a thing!"

15The first paused for a while before regaining his composure.

16"Regardless, this is still just a hypothesis.", it said to the distraught second. "And that is where I need your assistance, Xoridane."

17"Yes.", the other replied.

18"Of all of us, you are the one he trusts the most.", the first continued. "You are the brother that he did not have. You'll be the last person he would ever think of doubting."

19"I understand...", the second agreed, reluctantly.

20"Forgive me for making you go through such hardship.", the first one said as he rose from his place. "You may now go your way, Xoridane."

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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
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Chapter 4: Doubt

1A flash of light and darkness once again as Xoridane walked out of the meeting hall and into the moonlit corridor. Glancing briefly at the darkness that surrounded him, the nimseraxah's mind began to wonder, thinking about those who were still dwelling in the endless abyss of slumber.

2How does it feel, to sleep like you?

3Slowly, his thoughts flew back to the matter at hand.

4Even in the land of the waking, the current circumstances left much to be desired. Devex society was not a perfect society, far from it. Even now, everyone was still dealing with their previous losses.

5And then this happened.

6Making his way to the other side of the hall, the councilman struggled to find reason behind the first's suspicions. Still, he could not let his emotions get in the way of a clearly defined and very reasonable objective.

7Reaching the other side of the passage, Xoridane let one of his hands glide across the door. Slowly turning to his back, his sight gazed calmly upon the neon sky, looking intently at the azure moon above.

8Forgive me, Xaron.

9Opening the door, he walked into the next hall plagued with doubt, wondering if his conscience would ever let him push himself to spying on a person he considered a genuine brother.

10Regardless, it was going to be a monumental challenge, even for one such as him. The Morxah, or "Watchers," are in charge of observing everything that goes on within, and even without, the collective, their leader, Xaron, more so.

11It would take all the skills he had in order to walk out of this mission intact, and more importantly, retaining the respect of the people around him, especially Xaron himself.


13The sun can be seen emerging from the horizon, illuminating the sky, giving it a light blue color. The moon hung firmly in it's place, decorating the day sky as it had been doing for several eons past.

14Xoridane walked along the side of the massive lake surrounding the Dalix xhel xah Nimseraxah, or "Tower of the Twelve." He just came from his office and was now headed toward the Xuda xhel Morxah's central office.

15It was time to investigate the matter regarding Xaron.

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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
« Reply #4 on: June 02, 2010, 11:28:49 pm »
Chapter 5: Suspicion

1Multiple pairs of watchers scanned Xoridane's body as he made his way through the central doorway and into the main lobby.

2As the nimseraxah walked towards the counter, a familiar voice interrupts him midway.

3"Lord Xoridane!", it said.

4As he turned to face the caller, he saw an equally familiar face.

5"Ixu?", he replied in mild surprise. "What are you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be off-world?", he extended his hand to his seldom seen acquaintance.

6"Originally, yes, but I was recently reassigned to one of the equatorial megalopolitan districts!", Ixu replied rather gleefully as he held on tight to the other's extended hand. "Of course you remember Xuyah? That's where I'll be entering office as chief watcher, of the second metropolitan district to be precise!"

7"That's rather swell!", Xoridane answered as both loosened their grip on each other's hands. "Who offered the promotion, may I ask?"

8"You'd be very surprised!", he said. "None other than Lord Xaron himself!"

9"Y-yes, that is, quite a surprise...", Xoridane said to the newly promoted watcher.

10Quite a surprise indeed...


12Xoridane sat firmly on his desk in his home at Xer xhel Xor. He had been analyzing the documents that he received from the watchers' central database. So far, nothing seemed to show any trace of suspicious activity.

13Except for, perhaps, what Ixu had previously said to him.

14The newly promoted watcher did not appear in any of the lists that should have shown him in his newly assigned office.

15Just as he tried to delve further into Xuyah's records, the nimseraxah suddenly sensed the slightest sense that something was apparently observing him.

16Closing the documents faster than a blink of an eye, he locked his records in his desk's drawer and rose from his seated posture. Looking around, he tried to sense any form of disturbance that might lead him to the culprit of his unwelcome sensation.

17But there was none.

18This did not bode well for him and any sense of security he might have had. He was absolutely sure he placed a thorough barrier around his home before opening the highly classified documents, even going as far as to lock select places up to a dozen times.

19Something just wasn't right about all of this.

20It was starting to take a toll on his mind.

21Xuyah, the land of the blood-suckers...

22What would Xaron want about that place that he secretly assigned a watcher into the region, and even go as far as to hide the secrecy of the move to the reassigned person himself?

23This doesn't make any sense...

24I have to dig even further.


26I'm going to Xuyah!

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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
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Chapter 6: Opening Move

1There was a brief flash of light as Xoridane's form slowly descended upon the marshy biome of the land of Xuyah. It has been so long since he last set foot in the region.

2Vivid memories of his past travels there raced across his mind as a mist of barely noticeable stinging sensations wrapped around his hooded frame, reminding him of the bloodthirsty creatures which gave the place its name. They were now nothing more than a nuisance, however, as the swarm of minuscule vampires tried to dig into the devex, to little effect.

3"To think I missed these things so much!", he chuckled at the thought before carrying on with his journey.

4Moments earlier...

5Within the confines of the hall of meeting, the number two nimseraxah relayed his findings to number one.

6"Is that so?", the highest asked Xoridane.

7"Yes.", he answered rather reluctantly. "There seems to be an illegal and undocumented operation regarding a transfer of duties within the watchers' on-world management..."

8There was a slight pause as a sense of befuddlement ran through the reaper's mind.

9"... and they didn't even bother to disclose the secret nature of this operation to the affected party.", he continued, placing one of his hands on what can be considered his chin.

10Silence filled the chamber for a full minute before anyone began to speak.

11"Well then...", the highest said, contemplating. "Head to Xuyah at once. I will arrange for you to meet several of my most secure contacts there.", the senior nimseraxah then produced a small set of personal information cards from one of his hands before throwing it in Xoridane's direction. "They will assist you in your investigation and may be of great use in diverting unwanted attention.", the first added as the second rose from his seat and stored the cards within his person.

12There was a silent nod before Xoridane disappeared in a sudden pillar of light.

13Back at the present...

14Xoridane scanned his surroundings as he finally reached the rendezvous point, a small clearing right beside a shallow cave deep in the wilderness. It was only a matter of time before his contacts stepped out of the shadows and revealed themselves one by one.

15There were thirty of them in total: a single revolver; two molders; two reapers; three weavers; three linkers; eight watchers; and a single soldier carrying ten howlers.

16It soon dawned upon him that this would be an exceptionally difficult task, what with so little manpower at his disposal. Still, this was as large a group as the first can muster before the group becomes too large as to be unwieldy, and worse yet, exceptionally susceptible to leakage.

17This will have to do.

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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
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Chapter 7: Rising Tensions

1Time passed as Xoridane's team scoured the region for further evidence of illegal activity. However, Xaron's own team were starting to get a whiff of their unsolicited activities.

2Just as the watchers were about to get hot on their trail, the team ran across a small parcel of interesting data that would finally lead them one step closer to solving their case.

3It has been a couple of years since the initial operation, and only now have they received but a scrap of pertinent information. Whatever Xaron was planning, he planned well ahead in advance.

4Back at the meeting hall of the nimseraxah, Xoridane stood alone before the highest member. He was about to reveal his findings regarding the investigation.

5"We we're able to get this before security became too tight to breach without excessive alarm.", Xoridane said as he levitated several datapads directly towards the first's floating throne.

6"Thank you, Master Xoridane.", the other spoke to the reaper, a sense of gratitude apparent in his tone of voice.

7"All, in the name of Xor...", Xoridane said softly, sadness present in his seemingly worn out form.

8"Forgive me.", the first replied with a tinge of regret. Yet the two of them knew that such things took great priority over sentimental matters.

9Xoridane remained silent, nodding slightly to show his agreement.

10"I will analyze these findings. Until then, be on standby.", the first added, breaking the silence as his seat descended like a feather down towards the ground. "You are dismissed.", he said standing up. He then motioned his upper-right hand in a circle above his body as a cylinder of radiance enveloped his vanishing image.

11There was a bright flash and then darkness as Xoridane stepped out of the portal. He found himself in the middle of the moonlit corridor, silently pondering his current situation.


13His thoughts were disturbed, however, when a very familiar voice appeared from right behind him.

14"Xoridane?", it said to him rather worriedly.

15"X-xaron?", was all he could say to the watcher as he approached him.

16"What are you doing here?", he seemed to wonder, raising his arms midway above his head before swiftly lowering them down.

17"Just, reminiscing...", he answered, half-honestly. True, his mind did travel back to the old days, before all of this happened. But that wasn't the only thing he was thinking about, and Xaron could clearly see it in his eyes.

18"There's something wrong.", he pointed out, much to Xoridane's dismay. "I can clearly see it in your eyes. You can't lie to me."

19"It's nothing.", Xordiane answered back. "Just some reaper stuff."

20"It's fine, you can tell me the truth.", the other smiled as he placed his hands on his shoulders reassuringly.

21Xoridane averted the watcher's gaze, knowing that Xaron's eyes could more than easily extract all the information he needed with nothing but a direct stare.

22"But in case you can't...", the other paused for a while, lightly massaging the reaper's shoulders. "Then that's fine with me too."

23Letting go, Xaron walked past the other before continuing on to the doorway.


25"One last thing.", Xaron said as his hand hovered across the door. "Be careful of the first."

26Xoridane was shocked at the other's words. Keeping it to himself, he stood silently, waiting for him to finish.

27"He has been rather 'active' as of late.", he heard Xaron's last words as the watcher pushed open the gates and went his way.

28The same goes for you, Xaron.

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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
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Chapter 8: The Apprentice

1Morning at Xer xhel Xor...

2Xoridane decided to spend some free time with a very special individual.

3His apprentice.

4Xoridane walked through the outdoor pathways that ran elevated through the heart of the reapers' central training grounds. His form was painted with a cascade of shadows coming off of the massive pillars that lined both ends of the spacious central walkway. A strong gust of wind pierced through the gaps as the master reaper's cloak flapped across the cool zest of the summer's morning breeze.

5Radiant sunlight bathed the clear blue sky with a feeling of eminence as the sound of scythes clashing and their wielders shouting echoed across the paved expanse as new and aspiring reapers left and right honed their skills amidst their superiors.

6Reaching the grounds' hub, Xoridane signaled several stationed officers as he stepped up to the conveniently placed central stand. Soon, several officers hailed everyone to stop their activities. Everyone promptly understood the message as they hovered into formation, their groups aligned neatly against the paved grounds beneath where they stood.

7"It is glad to see that everyone is doing their best!", Xoridane began with a smile. "I expect everyone to be at their best at a moment's notice! Carry on!"

8Descending to one of the squares, the master reaper waved his arms to one of the commanding officers. Calling on his unit to once again momentarily halt their training, he raised his hands to invite one of the trainees to approach him.

9"Xaros!", he called out to the young reaper-in-training. "Someone is here to see you!"

10The student slowly made his way to the two superiors as Xoridane took a step forward to pat him on the shoulder.

11"That was excellent.", Xoridane said smiling, pointing out the young one's skill with the scythe, which seemed to be entire levels above those of his peers. "Follow me.", he motioned his apprentice to follow.

12"Yes!", Xaros answered with a slight grin. "Master Xoridane!"

13"Excellent!", Xoridane praised the young one as he watched him from a nearby flight of stairs. "Let it build up gradually as you raise it up above your head!"

14Xaros did just that as he raised his scythe up into the air, a visible glow of azure energy building up around the device.

15"Now release!"

16Xaros looked intently at the metal crate several meters in front of him. With a single downward swipe, Xaros brandished his weapon against the target as a sudden burst of electromagnetic force arced towards it before neatly splitting it in half upon contact.

17"Impressive!", his mentor stood up in applause.

18"Thank you, master!"

19Xoridane stretched out his hand towards the crate, lifting it up before directing it towards a nearby receptacle. He then walked down the steps to congratulate his apprentice.

20It has only been a year since then. Yet somehow you have surpassed those who have come before you.

21I might even consider you to be on par with myself, and in such a small period of time.

22You truly are special, Xaros.

23Xaros looked at his master curiously, wondering what he might be pondering inside that head of his.

24"Master?", he asked him.

25"Nothing.", he smiled back as he landed a hand on one of the young one's shoulders. "So, who wants to spar?", he added, trying to divert the other's attention away from his thoughts.

26"Sure thing!", Xaros gladly replied.


28Why does he look... so much like us?

29Standing on opposite ends of the small, personal training ground, Xaros and Xoridane looked at each other with a different look from before. They were, for now, opponents, and it would be wise to act like so for the remainder of the sparring session.

30Calling upon his weapon, Xoridane raised his upper arms straight into the air. The leaves of the surrounding trees wrestled against the vacuum produced by the master reaper's summoning of his scythe. A bright flash of light enveloped his figure as a glowing shaft of luminescent material materialized above his presence. The wind died down as the light slowly dissipated, leaving behind a rather peculiar looking device which rested squarely on Xoridane's hands.

31Twirling it around, a distinct trail of light remained briefly in the path of the scythe's blades, which themselves were overflowing with a magnificent azure aura. Resting it in a horizontal manner, blade pointed upwards, Xoridane entered his battle stance as he waited for the other to draw his "true" weapon.

32"Xaros!", he called out. "Why don't you use that other scythe of yours?"

33Realizing his master's intentions, he dropped his standard issue scythe and produced his own scythe in a manner similar to his master's. The product of his conjuring looked exactly like Xoridane's though it only possessed a single pair of blades, unlike his master's seraphic set of sickles.

34"Well?", Xoridane playfully taunted his student. "What are you standing there for?"

35Xaros planted his foot firmly on the ground as he prepared to charge at his master. "Here I go!", he sprang toward him with all his might.

36From afar, the clashing of metal can be heard as beams of light erupted in all directions.

37A rather familiar figure stood by, witnessing the battle from a distance. "That's right, Xoridane."

38Strengthen his resolve...

39Train him to the best you can...

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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
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Chapter 9: A Certain Chain of Events

1A prone form leans against the wall of the moonlit corridor, his body tattered and his mind unconscious.

2A wall of light sprang up from the floor as the twelve exited the hall of meeting. Witnessing what lied before them, they quickly rushed to its aid.

3Xaron watched on as Xoridane and the others assessed the young stranger's condition. His eyes were fixed deeply on what the enigmatic person held in its tightly clenched hands.

4"Xaron?", Xoridane noticed his gaze.

5"A scythe...", Xaron replied.

6Approaching the mysterious figure, he motioned the others to step aside. Crouching down, he ran his hand across the familiar object before turning around and looking at the master reaper.

7"Summon your scythe, number one."

8Xoridane was greatly put aback by the latter portion of Xaron's statement, though he knew, deep down, that there was nothing inherently wrong with his statement.

9Producing his weapon, he presented it to everyone else.

10"One... Two... Three... Four... Five... And Six."

11Everyone quickly knew the implications of the two devices that stood before them.

12"How can this... Why are there more than six?!", one exclaimed.

13The others had very similar sentiments towards the matter.

14"I know.", Xaron agreed. "But first let's get this person the medical attention it-"

15But before he could continue, another cut him off, reminding him of the stranger's physical appearance.

16"Its face, number two.", it said matter-of-factly. "We can't let this get out. At least not with its current appearance."

17"You're right.", Xoridane held the person by its back. "I'll nurse this person back to health, and hopefully find out exactly what's going on." He then looked up to one of his colleagues, rather intently. "But I'm going to need your help in keeping this thing from spilling out to the public."

18"I understand.", the other replied. "I'll go and prepare a mold.", he added before leaving to do just that.

19It has only been several months since the previous number one was found dead in his residence. He and Xoridane had been secretly investigating Xaron for the past decade, uncovering multiple undocumented reassignments within the orders. They were a hair's breadth from unveiling the next layer of Xaron's plan. That is, until the master linker was killed by an unknown assailant, and at a point in time that was rather very convenient for Xaron himself.

20And now, this stranger came along.

21Xoridane can't help but wonder if these events were somehow connected in some way, perhaps orchestrated by the prime suspect, Xaron himself.

22Still, he didn't have sufficient evidence to prove his theory. He could not risk to fight, in an ill-prepared state, someone so skilled at bending the legal system to his will.

23However, there was a much deeper reason than all of this.

24He was in doubt. In doubt that someone he knew so well, or at least he thought he knew so well, could possibly conjure such a malevolent scheme.


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Re: Chronicles of the Servants of Light: Xoridane I
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Chapter 10: The Inconvenient Truth

1"Damn it!", Xoridane cursed under his breath as he raced towards the Tower of the Twelve, flying as fast as he can on his scythe.

2He had finally cracked the puzzle. It all made perfect sense to him once he was able to put the pieces together.

3If only he had not been so foolish and done so sooner.

4All across Xedah, most forms of Xor-based technologies suddenly exhibited highly erratic behavior, forcing most orders to cut back, or completely shut down their operations.

5A sense of unease, and then panic, quickly overtook most of the population as all life-sustaining infrastructure essentially ground to a halt. It was only a matter of time before things finally plunged into hell.

6Xoridane looked up at the moon which hovered in the distance. It sent shivers down his spine as he saw the azure sphere corrupted with the malevolent taint of ebony and vermilion.

7Bringing his attention back to the tower, his path was suddenly blocked by a pair of fighters.


9There was something odd about them. Their spasmodic mannerisms aside, the usual cyan hue of their cores were replaced with a sharp tinge of red.

10Jumping off of his ride and then bringing it into his hands as a weapon, a large veil of light began to well up from around his scythe.

11Gathering his strength, he materializes it in the form of an aura emanating from his weapon. And with a swift strike, he lashes at his two adversaries with a powerful roar.