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ChoiceScript and Writing for it.
« on: April 28, 2010, 04:21:48 pm »
Hey all! I have just gotten how to run (after fiddling with it for about 2 hours lol) the ChoiceScript and mess with it down. So, I am going to write and make a game to submit. I have been contemplating doing this for a while, and I guess i just will go for it. Got nothing else to lose but time.

The game is going to be set in a typical medieval world, and will follow the main character from tweens to old-age or death (depending on choices). I plan on having multiple chapters, each having choices that will effect what you can and can't do in the next. From helping your father cut wood in your youth to slaying dragons or winning battles in your future, I want it to feel pretty epic. To anyone who wants to participate, please send me an outline for a 'chapter' or experience you think would be a good edition. If you do not want to participate I understand, and I also understand if you would rather write your own game or want some sort of monetary compensation. Well, I can't do that so i mean, the most I can do is put you into the credits, thanks, scene dedications, and the 'written by' sections of the game. I just thought I would let everyone know that I am trying to get something decent/passable into the 'net and giving those who want a chance to contribute.

Oh, and if you have an outline, please PM it.

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