Author Topic: An age of Glory, Crisis, War... an Age of EMPIRES!!! (ooc/planning)  (Read 1124 times)

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Long ago, in the capital of a great empire, a king spoke to his vast armies.
“Greetings, soldiers of the Valimus Empire! I have an important announcement for you! Word has spread. The mighty empire of Rome… has fallen. Our neighbors are up in arms, and we, having taken Roman lands, have the last soldiers in all of Europe trained in the Roman way! Let us rain a hail of death upon our enemies, and may our friends stand beside us… as we CONQUER! THE WORLD! FOR VALIMUS!!!
Cheers rose from soldier and civilian alike, but few of the former would ever see home again.
Three years later, a beleaguered group of soldiers stood ready at their camp. The report showed that the enemy, this time a division of Byzantine cavalry, was headed towards the nearby village. A small band of Celtic refugees was on the move, and the infamous Huns were sweeping down from the north. It would take every ounce of cunning and strength these soldiers had to escape from the enemy and rescue the Celts.

Here’s the character sheet, guys:
Unit type:
Back-story (optional):

Now, you can only be a unit from AoE 1 or 2 (I may make a sequel in AoE 3’s time when this is done), you must be a mass-producible (i.e. spammable) unit, and you must please keep it PG-13 or below. That means no Frothy Mugs of Water, if you know what I mean.

Who are you again and why in the world would you expect anything resembling rationality or civility in youtube comments?

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Re: An age of Glory, Crisis, War... an Age of EMPIRES!!! (ooc/planning)
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If I may, and unfortunately this comes from experience: RP's in a premade universe GENERALLY, that being the key word, GENERALLY don't work. mainly because they have too many restrictions.