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Re: The Coup-The-CURRENT!-RP
« Reply #45 on: April 23, 2010, 03:42:30 pm »
"Admiral, we've got Austian forces coming out of hyperspace near our Mid Down South, 75 degrees!"

"You're right, and it looks like the religious kind... Just kill them, we've got the firepower. Start with lasers on full power. If that doesn't work, do a point eruption. If it comes down to that not being good enough, add some missiles to the mix. Those gravity warp missiles we obtained from the Core Combine should do the trick."

"Aye, sir!"

(Author's note: The Perrachi here are using many military slang terms and things of that nature. The "Mid Down South" thing is a system Perrachi use similar to the "12 o'clock, check your six" thing humans use in flight. A point eruption is when a huge number of lasers converge upon a single target at once, annihilating it. They're usually only attempted when a single ship has enough lasers, as coordinating several would be more difficult.)

Just as the Battlecruisers turned left (a deliberate action), the hundreds of high-intensity lasers located on their sides opened fire. Many Austian ships were fried, but there were a great deal many more. As searing white streams of scarlet-veiled light and heat appeared, the Austians were quick to retaliate. Khadenin contacted the Admirals.

"Yes, Commander?"

"Those Astian ships seem to be tougher than you anticipated. I suppose Auskians designed their ships to be as maneuverable as that, so try missiles as well. It will make dodging your lasers much harder. Remember to not stop until your mission of liberation is complete. Oh, and be on the lookout for any sign of the EMP cannon or any similar Photos weapon."

"Aye, Commander."

"It shall be done, Commander."

"Orders have been transmitted."

By now the PSR fighters definitely had the upper hand(or wing), but the Photos were showing no sign of retreat. Still, could they hope to match tireless machines with minds incalculably stronger than their own?

Only three shuttles remained, but they were entering Grevek's atmosphere by now. As orange flames began to cloak all of the figures, several red streaks of light converged on a shuttle and it exploded brilliantly in a shower of white-hot sparks. The entrance to the atmosphere made the fighters' calculations slightly more difficult, but it seemed inevitable that they would destroy every last shuttle. Even so, all the vessels were picking up speed and would arrive near the surface in ten to twenty minutes if landing precautions were not taken.

Orders were suddenly tachyoned to their quantum brains.

//When every shuttle is destroyed, continue entrance into the atmosphere and destroy all designated targets.//

The designated targets were government buildings, including the King's palace.
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Re: The Coup-The-CURRENT!-RP
« Reply #46 on: April 23, 2010, 06:55:03 pm »
"How many shuttles are left?" Val'ones asked the sensor operator.
"One-zero. All Makal government have been killed-when the shuttles went down." The operator said with a depressed tone.
"Damnit!" Val'ones yelled, slamming his hand down on the pannel. "Warp drives are charged, let's get the heck outta this Creator-forsaken place!" He ordered. The Photos ships jumped to warp, and emerged around their homeworld. Val'ones went to the hangar, and boarded one of the remaining shuttles, and went to the High Command building. He gave his authorization code to the guards that stopped him at the entrance to the High Council Chambers. He stepped in, and the five old Photos sat on their "thrones", waiting for him to say something.
"My councilmembers." He said, with a courteous bow. "We have encountered a horrid situation. The Perrachi Socialist Republic has made violent acts towards a peaceful empire, unprevoked. Furthermore, they attacked our fleet and did some serious damage, as well as shot down shuttles that were escorting the Makal government to the Devastator, which is in an orbital drydock for repairs. My councilmembers, this action cannot...go...unpunished! I request the authorization to initiate a full-scale Force of Arms operation against the Perrachi homeworld, Perrawiih, in retaliation." When he said this, all the councilmembers gasped. A full-scale Force of Arms operation? That had only been executed once...and the results were horrifying for the recipiant empire. However, this was not a gasp of horror.
"Given the..ah.. gravity of the circumstances, I grant authorization. Any apposed?" Said the lead councilman. No one shook their head.
"Thank you, High Ones!" Val'ones said, bowing again. "We shall begin as soon as the Devastator's damage is repaired."