Author Topic: That Which Should Not Have Been Seen-RP  (Read 1250 times)

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That Which Should Not Have Been Seen-RP
« on: March 31, 2010, 03:58:45 pm »
Over a planet, several Photos dreadnoughts were raining plasma down, all over the planet. The superheated gas incinerated large craters into the soil on contact. This was the fate of the planet Koriun, a planet fallen to the Garan Seperatist movement. Large cracks were beginning to splinter across the surface as plasma melted it's way through the crust. A hole opened up. The dreadnoughts switched to antimatter weapons. Large beams of yellow antimatter blasted away from the ships, doing unthinkable damage to the surface of the doomed planet. However, though this matter was to remain secret from all others, this rule was about to be breached. The sensor operator onboard the ship to the left rang out an alert.
"Friendly energy signature detected, entering the system!"